Friday, September 7, 2007

Autumn Blogs

There are a lot of us who are really getting into the Autumn mode of thinking. I've seen it on so many blogs and I love every, single bit of it! Autumn can't get here soon enough for me. I've read 2 blogs in particular that I would like to recommend for Autumnal Reading. (And yeah, "Autumnal" is a word. I just looked it up to be sure. Tell me you're proud of me Tauna - I know you're thinking it!lol)
Speaking of Tauna, her's is one of the blogs I am referring to. Read her post of yesterday (September 6th). It's breath-takingly beautiful. And there's not a picture in sight (not on that particular post anyway). You know it's amazing writing when a person can make you see and feel what she's saying. And while reading this post, I saw the leaves and the colors. I felt Autumn reaching out to me. I felt all those wonderful, warm, moments that I want to relive every Autumn of every year. I was able to retrieve some long ago memories that brought me to a peaceful place in my heart with just the thought of what it was like way back when, during my Autumns growing up in Oklahoma. Powerful writing, I'm telling you. Please go and read it. You'll start baking pumpkin pies before you can stop yourself!
Another blog I feel is worth mentioning is Julie's over at Equus Villa. If you're looking for some visuals of Autumn, this is the blog for you. I'm not kidding. I could stare at the pictures she posts for hours. But then Randey and the kids might start up talk of measuring me for a spiffy little straight jacket so I try to limit my gazing to a minute here, a minute there. You understand. Okay, so here's 2 Autumn blogs I'm recommending to all of you. Does anyone have any to recommend to me? I love seeing, hearing, reading about Autumn. Please share if you know of a blog that might make us all fall in love with the coming season. Get it? Come on! You got it. Fall in love? Oh you people. You're acting like my kids. Rolling your eyes at my lame little play on words. Shame on you. It's basically "picking on the insane". You should be embarrassed. I'm embarrassed for you and ashamed of you, even if you're not. I bet you were all school yard bullies, too, weren't you? Well. Go sit in a corner and just think of how bad you should feel about making fun of me, the Menopause Madness Meltdown Maven.

P.S. You guys didn't fall for that last little bit, did you? ha,ha,ha,ha,ha Okay. Sorry. I'm done.

Oops, guess I wasn't done, after all! Just one more thing...Sue at Rabbit Run Cottage also has put up a wonderful Autumn post yesterday! Be sure to check it out, too!


  1. Thanks! I am going to check out Tauna's blog right now!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I will definately read those...thanks for recommending them.

    In my side bar I hi-lite posts that touch me or make me laugh...I posted one today done by Susie Q at Rabbit Run Cottage...she painted an "Autumnal" picture with words...

  3. Thanks you dear blogger Is it any wonder why I love ya? Sheesh..
    Now I must go check out those others...I LOVE Autumn. LOVE it...I love it. Did I mention that I love Fall?


  4. Okay, you are making me think about Fall. So far the only thing I been into that even hints of Fall is Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. But some of the Fall decorating items are so cute so maybe I'll get some and give in to it. :-)


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