Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It's time for THE CHANGE...and for once, I'm not talking menopause.

It's only the middle of summer, isn't it? I'm sitting here at my computer, staring out the window, wishing like crazy I was looking at all the pretty colored leaves drifting down from the trees. (I was going to say "wishing I was looking at a view like this picture" but that would mean I've thrown my computer out the window and am posting to my blog while laying flat on my back). Instead, I'm watching the grass fry, the plants wilt and some little old lady stealing bricks out of my neighbors backyard. Hmm. I think that's my neighbors mother, actually. I hope so anyway. I don't know that I've heard stories of any elderly brick thieves in the neighborhood so I think I'll hold off on that call to 911. Besides, any old woman that can tote that many bricks at once could probably whup point getting her all riled up, is there? Anywho, back to the topic at hand...fall. Or Autumn. Or That Blessed Season That Follows Summer. Whatever name you give it, it's the time of year that signals the beginning of the holidays. Well, that's what it means to me, anyway. The weather gets cooler, the leaves start turning colors, the days get just a little shorter. You start hearing of the Oklahoma Sooners victories on ESPN every Saturday evening. (Had to throw that in there for my fellow Okie's. All you Ohio people, I'm sorry. We'll always have Johnny Bench in common, though, right?) Can't you just smell the pumpkin pies baking? Okay, so if you were in my house during the fall, chances are you'd be smelling scented candles designed to smell like I've been baking my little heart out instead of the real thing, but lets not start splitting hairs now. Oh. I. Am. So. Ready. For. Fall. Anybody else feel this way?


  1. Hi Kari,thanks for reading my blog,yes I love Autumn too just love that crisp morning air,loved your blog,what a hoot !!!!!
    Best Wishes Kat =^..^=

  2. Thanks for stopping by!:) I'm one of those Ohians. and I can't wait fall is one of my fav times for all the reasons you listed. After 3 sons I looove HS football but it is too hot in Tx, but i have been here 24 years so I must like it,

  3. You are preaching to the choir! I am looking forward to fall for the sheer coolness of it...I am so sick of this hit 110 today here, and that's some kind of record. I feel sorry for the cats outside, so am planning on freezing them some water tonight to float in their water bowls...Sick of summer? I am always sick of summer. Winter and Spring, now that I can handle!!!

  4. I was just talking about this earlier today. I'm ready for some cool weather for sure. Just a little nip in the air would be heaven. Love the photo you posted.


  5. NO!
    Every season, I hold on for dear life, not wanting it to go away.
    Except Winter, that is~ my admiration for Johnny Bench does not mask my dislike of Ohio Winters.
    I won't want Fall to come until all the leaves have started turning and the kids have gone back to school, and THEN, I'll start having romantic feelings of Autumn.

  6. Please pop over to my blog - I have a little surprise for you there!

  7. Kari, I love the new photo of you on your blog, you look very Autumnal!! I definitely think you should visit the U.K.!! You would be in heaven looking at the Christmas window displays in Fortnums, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Libertys... I'm just teasing you now!!!!

  8. Dear Mrs Kari, you have been awarded for being so NICE in my blog! Go and pick up your award!!!

    LOL ;-)

  9. Hi, thanks for stopping by. Girl we have a lot in common! I was just checking that feature out a little myself. I'm a big fan of Harlan Coben(love the Myron Boliter books the best) and I'm a big Harry Potter and Star Wars fan. I'm reading Deadly Hollows right now and I think my favorite is GoF because wow Dumbledore!

  10. Kari, thanks for stopping by my blog! That was super cool! :)

    With me being down in Southest Texas, I don't really know what Fall/Autum is. :( One day it's HOT as all get out, and over night the leaves turn to ash...LOL...and fall to the ground. The next day it's freezing cold. So, what is Spring and Fall?? LOL ;)

    Those 2 seasons are my favorite, Spring and Fall. Because those days are so short for us.

    BTW, OMG, that store is the BEST!!! She's getting all new stuff and I can't wait to go check it out! ;)

  11. Ooooh, me too. Forget the fact that I have to water my yard EVERY night! And I also agree on the scented candle bit. I broke out my Yankee Candle "Autumn Wreath" last night just for fun, nevermind it's 102 outside (I'm convinced it is the best candle smell in the world). Thanks for finding me, I'm enjoying your blog as well.


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