Thursday, August 9, 2007


Nah....I'm not talking politics. Geez. Think I'm lookin' to start a war here in Blogland? I'm talking about my pole (located on the left side of my blog). I'm just wondering what season is the most "popular". Right now, my money's on Autumn or Winter...but I think your votes may be somewhat influenced by the fact that it's about 343 degrees outside this week (in the states, anyway!). So get out there (and by out there, I mean "move your mouse pointer a little bit to the left and click on one of the 4 choices"!) and vote for your favorite season!

Failure to do so will result in harsh comments being left on your blogs. Okay, so that's an empty threat since there's no way to tell who voted and who didn't but I trust you'll let your conscience be your guide.

P.S. This is your conscience calling. Vote. Now. Thank you.


  1. Hi
    Ive voted for Autumn. I love the changing leaves and picking blackberries. Looking forward to Christmas!! Ive been thinking about Christmas this year more than ever.Its Sophie Honeys post about Forn and Mason. If you are ever in London you really must visit what an experience Hope you cool down soon summer is in UK this week

  2. I voted!! ;)

    I went with Autumn, although I don't know what that season ;) j/k

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog....YES! I know it's shocking how WELL I keep my love for Dino under wraps...I keep secrets almost as well!! The kid in me I suppose...yes...I did see where you dropped my daughters blog...she probably hasn't even checked a while...b/c of the whole house thing. Did I tell you they agreed upon a price w/the sellers? it looks like those 2 little love birds just bought themselves a nest!! I'll keep you updated...who knows if she will ever respond...she's always in a good luck w/that...but I must say...I agree...she takes beautiful pictures...and the one you especially liked w/the dog...that's Ella her in-laws new lab puppy...and the my daughters husband...he loves dogs...they have a black lab...that is their baby! She is such a "hoot" total snob...but loves to play with other dogs...just a snob when she knows you want her to pay attention to you...she actaully does the whole snubbing the nose thing...a doggie sounding "hmph" and a slow turn away of the head...I swear sometimes that dog is human!!

    Thanks again...for stopping the way...I voted for Autumn...Fall...whatever it's could have something to do w/the 2500 degree temp...but actually it has ALWAYS been my favorite time of year...for so many reasons...I can't list...for fear your eyes would give out before I finished!!


    by the way...your aunt stopped by...gotta love her...she's almost as nutty as we are...she's a fun one!!

  4. Hi Kari,thanks for stopping by,I'm an Autumn girl...........
    Love your hair,mine used to be long but not such a gorgeous colour.

  5. Wow! Thanks so much Kari! What a sweet award to have!
    For a minute there, looking at your last post, I thought you were having autumn there already! I also love that time of year but I had to pick summeer because it`s so short here and after autumn comes our dreaded winter. Thanks a whole bunch agian for choosing me :)


  6. I wrote to quick yesterday and hey leaving a 'book' is good. Lots to say. I meant GoF is my favorite movie and HBP my favorite book cause of the Dumbledore stuff. Fall is my favorite season too. Living in the Northeast it's just gorgeous here.
    You made a good point about making a copy of my blog. Thought I'd do that with the ABC thing but really should do more. SLice of life and all. Good idea! My hubby doesn't like his picture taken and I have to sneak them in. But you know there's not many pics of his dad so guess he gets it there.


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