Friday, August 31, 2007

Christmas Movie Poll Results, Back Saver Chair and OU Football!

The results are in! It's a Wonderful Life is our number one, clear-cut winner of the Favorite Christmas movie poll! There were 59 votes (love that!) and of the 59 who voted, 21 of us voted for the story of George Bailey. That is a great movie so it receiving so many votes wasn't a huge shock. White Christmas came in second, with Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story tying for third. I thank every one who participated in this poll - it was fun to get up every morning and check the results. Now, what shall we "poll" about next....stay tuned!
See this chair?? It's my new back saver. I hope. I've been really struggling with staying on the computer for too long. My old chair was killing my back. I'd sit down and read a few blogs and post a comment or two and then I'd have to get up and walk around or go get the heating pad and stretch out flat. So, yesterday evening, Randey and I went to Office Max in search of a new desk chair. And we found this baby. Isn't it gorgeous? Okay, so maybe not. But here's what's so great about it: it's a massage chair. Yessir. It has an upper back massager and a lower back massager. See that little green thing there on the side? That's the remote control. (Although, come to think of it, why do they call it a remote when it's not like you would need it if you were sitting across the room? Things that make you go "hmmmmmm"). Anywho...I am diggin' it. (The chair, not so much the remote). Well, except that it massages so well that my head is kind of rattling right now. Oh wait a comes with a speed adjuster. Ahhhhh, much better. And finally, look below! It's that time of year! And here's a shout out to my friend Charlotte! BOOMER SOONERS!!! WOO-HOO! Here's to a GREAT season for the Oklahoma Sooners! And just as soon as the temperatures drop, I will be dressing in all this OU finery to show my support for my team (which might lead to me getting my brains beat in, considering I live in Texas right now, but I'm willing to chance it!).


  1. Hook'em horns.... LOL ;) HEHE

    That chair looks AWESOME! I want one!!!

    (btw, I updated... lol.... specially just for you. ;) )

  2. You're gonna love that chair...the only problem I have had with mine is how to fit it in the bed so I can sleep in it...oh, and your package should arrive Thursday, it took off from the UPS store this a.m. Hope you love it all...even packed in a couple of newspapers for you read at leisure in your new chair...
    Aunt Sandi
    Oh yeah, and GO SOONERS (I really don't care much for the SC Gamecocks, so hope if they play em, they win...but if they play Clemson Tigers, sorry...GRRRRRReat Tigers!!!!!!!

  3. Need me a chair like that 'un...
    My pastor is from Oklahoma...he might like that pile of stuff there...and today is his birthday...

  4. I.Am.Officially.Deeply.Envious.
    You would never get me out of that! I've always fancied one of those, and a Craftmatic adjustable bed (or whatever they're called)
    Can't we make it compulsary for all Bloggers to have one to avoid Repetitive Strain Injury?

  5. Matt's excited about the OU game tomorrow. I'm not much of a football fan :o)... but love going to Victoria's to eat which is right beside the OU campus... does that count?

  6. I love that chair. My hubby's been promising me a new chair for my office also. He keeps saying maybe by Christmas. My chair in there is so old and it hurts to sit on it. Lucky you!!

  7. Kari...
    You know I just love that chair...especially since I found that it massages as you type and oh my!! Hubbin has trouble enough as it is NOW trying to get me to come in the kitchen and cook (after all that would entail me leaving my computer for an hour or so...geez) Just think if I had one of those remote controlled thing I know you're going to tell me it heats up, too...oh man...if it does...I'm going to Office Max tomorrow...just a thought IF hubbin did get me one of those chairs...I could roll back and forth from the study to the kitchen...that way I guess I could cook for him and never have to leave my vibrating, massaging...heat projecting...BLOG-A-LICOUS chair among ALL chairs!!

    Oh...and another thing we have in common besides Dino and loving remote control chairs...I'm a HUGE SOONER fan! Yep lived in Texas all my life...and I just love the Sooners...could have something to do with the fact my daughter-in-law and son both went there...we went to a few games with them on was always fun!! Yep I even route for them when they play in the Red River Shoot OUt!! My husband used to tell our son...once you cross the Red River going're on your own...bud...but now he's probably one of OU's biggest fans!! You know we helped finance the team for 4 years!!

    Loved your story on the spider...I typed a wonderful story...on the comment...and Mr. Blogger ate it...sorry coot!!



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