Friday, July 6, 2007

Decorating Sacrifices I Have to Make for Randey :)

I don't know if you can tell what they are, but see those colorful things on top of that shelf above the 3 mirrors (top picture)? Those are "classic cars". More specifically, they are Jim Beam collectible decanters shaped like '57 Chevys and Corvettes. These are not mine. Don't get confused and think I love them. These cars belong to my husband. They were a gift to him from my father. I love my father, don't get me wrong. I think he's a great guy. But I sure wish he wouldn't have given these things to my husband. Randey loves them, of course. Heck yeah, these are just the most wonderful things going, as far as he's concerned. I so don't get it. I really don't. All I know is, it was a big sacrifice for Dad to give them up and it was a huge thrill for Randey to receive them. So. There you have it. Since both parties involved seem to put so much stock in these things, I feel somewhat obligated to incorporate them into my decor. Which is not as easy as you might think. They used to have a home on the bookshelves, but I had to evict them from those digs. Too many books, not enough space. Here's our solution. Randey and I put this shelf up this morning, after which he spent an inordinate amount of time getting his cars placed "just so". I won't even get into how precisely he placed the miniature chocks he made to go in front of the tires (wouldn't want those puppies rolling off - especially since they're still full of Jim Beam Whiskey. Eeewwww!). You know, it's not that I'm against liquor (although whiskey would be among the bottom choices on my gotta-have-a-drink-of-this list). That's not why I don't like them. It's because these decanters are shaped like cars. It feels so...I don't know, like maybe something you'd see in a pre-teen boys room (certainly sans the whiskey, of course). The trains, however. Now that's a different story. I like the trains (see second picture). Each piece of each train is also a Jim Beam Whiskey decanter. I think they look great - way up high on the wall - one going one direction, the other going the opposite. I just think they're gorgeous. These were another gift from my dad. He gave one train to me, the other to my sister. She never did pick hers up so when we moved, her train moved with us. We'll have to get it to her one of these days. But not until we move from this house. There's nothing else I could put on a shelf that high up (I think the ceiling in the living room is 12 feet) so the train has to stay for now. But look at the trains. Now look at the cars. Come on. You can see what I'm talking about, right? The cars are...ehhh...a little "cheesy". But the trains. Now that's fine decorating! :)


  1. Hi & thanks for visiting my blog! I'm new to all this but really enjoying it - it is a "small world" isn't it?
    I see you used the same template as me - great minds & all that!

    You'll have to get that sewing machine out now & set it up in your lovely scapbooking room.

    I know what you mean about boys & their curls - my son had the most beautiful blonde ringlets when he was a baby too, but now that he's a teenager he doesn't want any curls so has his hair cut short - boohoo!

  2. You shelves look like mine, FULL!!! LOL


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