Friday, June 29, 2007

The Punishment has been Determined!

I knew it. I just knew it. I knew that if I kept griping about the rain, I'd be punished. I griped all last year about the drought and the heat. It felt like we had 100 degree plus temps every day last summer. And the ground was so dry, it was cracking - HUGE cracks formed in the backyard, the earth was actually pulling away from the curbs, the grass crackled when you walked on it. Then came this spring. We got some rain. Cool. Then we got a little more rain. Even cooler. Then we got even more rain. Well, aren't we the lucky ones! We had a water bill one month last year that was over $150. Not this year. No, sir-ree. We don't have to water. We got rain. Lots of rain. Wait a minute. Did I ask for rain? Did I ask for this much rain? Was I crazy? Is the rain ever going to stop? Should we go see "Evan Almighty" and brush up on our ark building skills? Ah to heck with that. I'm just going to issue inner tubes to everybody. Anybody comes to visit, we'll be the family tied together with rope, floating down Main Street. Oh look - there I go again. Griping about the rain, making snide remarks, just begging to have more punishment heaped upon my little pointed head. You'd think I'd learn. Only yesterday, I was shown the error of my ways. Our computer, our poor innocent, happy-go-lucky computer, suffered for my folly. After a particularly vitriolic diatribe about the never ending rain we've had, the electricity started flickering a little. I griped louder. It flickered more. I cursed the rain. Then the rain cursed me. And it cursed me better than I cursed it. It caused rapid and repeated little power outages that resulted in my computer screaming in agony before slipping into a silent and tragic coma. Jeez. When the rain decides to curse you back, it doesn't fool around. So anywho, I worried, I mourned, I pouted, I screamed, I generally showed my butt like you wouldn't believe. Not so much because of what the rain did. After all, I knew I had brought that upon us with my big fat mouth. No, I acted ugly because, after the last time the computer crashed, Mr. Randey was going to make it a priority to start a back-up routine so that we wouldn't lose anymore information. That was last November. Guess what? No back-up. Still. However, this beautiful fine and soggy morning, a computer guru that Randey knows was able to resuscitate our computer with little or no loss of info. Only took him three hours, too. I can't wait for Randey to bring the little feller home (the computer, not the guru). We're having to use Kaleb's computer right now and it's just not the same. We're changed people now. Randey's going to start doing the back-ups and he's going to show the rest of us how to do it, too. And me? I'm going to work really, really hard on NOT griping about all this wonderful wet weather. And if I catch myself slipping up - I'm going to work really, really hard on getting my computer unplugged before I say something I'll come to regret!

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