Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Marriage 101...sign me up!

This is a picture of my Aunt Sandi and Uncle Wally. They've been married for...what? something like 38 years, around in there. Can you imagine? In this day and age?
They're both wonderful people, truly. But it takes more than being wonderful to have a great, long lasting marriage. I know plenty of wonderful people who just couldn't make a marriage work. What makes them different? How have they done it? What on earth is their secret? I have a theory about it. I think they must actually LIKE each other. Yeah, I think these two people don't just love each other, they even like to spend time with one another. I think they're partners, in every way. I think they are like yin and yang for one another. They balance each other out and keep each other whole. I think that's what makes it work for them. 'Course, that's only a theory. I could be wrong. But I'm going with it and I'm holding them up as my role model for marriage. When Randey and I have our moments when I'm snarling at him and he's clinching his jaw at me, I'm gonna let it ride. I'm gonna let it ride because getting thru the bad times as well as the good times is the only way I'm going to get to where my Aunt Sandi and Uncle Wally are. And where they are looks like a great place to be.


  1. We love you, too
    Uncle Wally and Aunt Sandi

  2. Hope I look as good when I celebrate 38 years together. (What was she? A child bride?) And it's lovely to have a role model for a marriage.

  3. This is a special treat for me, I looooove your aunt Sandie, it's nice to place a face to all her hilarious, insightful and inspiring blogs.


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