Monday, June 18, 2007

Is your phone the boss of you?

I catch way too much flak for not answering my phone. Way too much. Why do people think it's wrong for me to not want to answer my phone sometimes? Why am I considered anti-social if I don't snatch up my phone every time it rings? What's wrong with the caller leaving a message? Don't get me wrong...I like keeping in touch with people, really I do. But I have never really liked talking on the phone. I can remember getting a phone call way back when I was about 13 years old and telling my sister, who had answered the phone, to tell the person calling that I would call them back because I didn't want to talk right then. My mother got so ticked at me. She made me call the person back immediately because she said I was rude to not take the call. Why is that? I'm still mystified! Why are you supposed to be available and ready to talk to someone every time they pick up a phone and dial your number? Why is my time so unimportant that I'm supposed to drop everything and talk whenever my phone rings? Back in the day (back before even MY day, to be honest), people only called when it was important. Now they call with this; "Hey, I'm bored. What are you doing?". I feel like saying "well, jeez, I guess now I'm entertaining you." I know, I know...that's being snarky. But whatever happened to calling because you had something to say? I've had people call me every single freakin' day for...nothin', other than boredom. Now, again, don't get me wrong! I've done the same thing myself. I've called people 4 and 5 times a week just because I wanted someone to talk to. My point is, I've always been ready to not talk in case the person is busy or doesn't answer or just isn't in the mood to talk. I'm okay with that. I understand that my boredom doesn't take precedence over someone else's plans. I think it's great that communication is so easy these days. I just don't get why communication being easy means that communication is an obligation. For anybody out there reading this, please know that you are under no obligation to talk to me if I call. If I'm calling for something specific and you don't answer, I'll leave a message if I can. If I'm calling just to talk and you don't answer, I'll try again later. Either way, I won't take offense because you didn't drop that garden spade or put down that book or stop eating dinner or basically quit whatever it is you happen to be involved with just to talk to little ol' me. Just please call me back, when you get the chance. But don't be offended if I don't grab that phone right away! Like you, I might be busy or I might be wrapped up in something. Or maybe I'm simply exercising my right to not be a slave to my phone.
May we all embrace the concept of PHONE FREEDOM!
(And still remain happy with each other)

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  1. Hey phone nazy- you could of cut it shorter. I really got the point. :) You didn't bother to say that you really enjoy to talk just not on the phone. It is a family thing i believe. I don't like to talk on the phone either. I really get ticked when people get upset because I don't answer my house or my cell. I do have a life outside of the phone.

    Preach on sister, preach on!

    love, shine


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