Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sugar Cookie Minis

This is what I've been up to the past year. Well, not these cookies specifically, but rather cookies in general. lol I discovered this obsession with making sugar cookies, which is so funny because, up until last December, I've never been able to so much as bake a sugar cookie, much less decorate one. It's thanks to my former daughter-in-law that I've been able to enjoy this new hobby, though. While visiting our oldest granddaughter shortly before Christmas last year, I was lamenting the fact that I've never been capable of making my own cookies at Christmas, even though sugar cookies are my absolute favorite treat around the holidays. My d-i-l told me she could show me how to do it and, despite my doubts, she did! A few simple tips and I was on my way. These are some minis I made this year to take to my boys in Texas and to some family members in Oklahoma. I put a quarter in one of the pictures to indicate actual size. I'm gearing up to make some moustache cookies to take to my favorite tattoo shop out in Texas, too. I'm getting the rest of my grandchildren's names added to my leg while we're out there for the holidays and I've decided to sweeten my artist up a bit. Maybe I'll get an even better deal than he normally gives me. LOL (You don't hear many grannys making plans quite like that, eh? ha) 


  1. Kari~ I am glad to see you are back in the blog world! I will try to get by when I can.
    Love those tiny cookie bites, and the wedding cakes are beautiful. If you ever need a custom cake topper... I'm the girl :-)
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Sandi, I must hear more about these cake toppers! Got a link showing me your stuff? I don't do cakes(not nearly good enough for those!!), but I know someone who does. I'd love to see what you're making. Let me know. :)
      Merry Christmas!


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