Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rose Cakes

I've discovered a new hobby lately...cake decorating. It's so much fun to do! The hardest part is teaching myself NOT to eat the product! lol These are pictures of my "rose cakes". The first one I did was for my son's wedding.
 Then I did this one.
Next I branched out and decided to start making my own homemade buttercream (I'd been using store bought buttercream from Sam's up to this point).
Then I decided to try adding something different so I made this one and put cherry pie filling in the middle and on top.

Heaven help me not to get as big as a house with this new hobby! Buttercream ranks right up there with chocolate in my book - HARD NOT TO EAT!! :)


  1. Kari! Is it really you? Oh my. I am so excited to see a post, but I'm trying not to look at these gorgeous cakes and the mere mention of buttercream...dear heavens...hurrying on. Anway, I've been away from blogging quite a bit in the past month so missed this post. It's been nearly a month...what's new?

  2. Wait a minute...your son's wedding? Which one? There's got to be more to the story than that!

  3. Kari....

    Don't know how else to get to you, but wanted to wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Cassie :)

  4. WOW! that's gorgeous! and yeah, where's the wedding story????


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