Saturday, February 6, 2010

How To Make Divorce Taste Good (*smirk*)

I've got a big week ahead of me - won't say too much here until I've got actual pictures to show. Suffice it to say, I have two major events I'm really, really, really looking forward to. (And, lest I start a terrible rumor of break-up, let me say right now that my big week has nothing to do with the title of this post!! My big week is good and happy news, all the way around, I promise!) In the meantime, let me continue along my current vein of unpolitical correctness, this time with "Ways to Make Your Divorce Funny". Again...none of this pertains to Randey and me but I received these pictures in an e-mail a while back and they totally cracked me up. The dissolution of a marriage is a bad thing (barring any abuse, of course), but it's good if you can laugh about it at some point, right? So should you ever find yourself in the unenviable position of facing a divorce, why don't you order one of these cakes and celebrate your new-found foray into the World of Uncoupledom. Or whatever you want to call it. This first one is my favorite. LOL

Notice the location of the wedding ring in this next one:
This is such a cliche'. She gets the nice stuff, he gets the garbage. (Like it's the woman's fault she got a better lawyer! Sheesh.)
This little bride seem a tad harsh, eh?
And talk about splitting up! These guys mean business! But the cake looks like it tastes so good....
Remember people! A little laughter can make even a divorce somewhat easier to bear. And cake just helps everything look better. Right? (Kind of sad how obvious it is that I'll make any excuse to eat cake sound better than it is, huh? LOL)
Okay, moving on...can't wait to share my big, fun news with you guys! Hope to do that within a week.


  1. But you just had to tell us about it lest you burst, right? Now you've got all of your readers dying with curiosity. You know how we are! Funny pictures. My favorite is the third...not that it's like that...usually the other way around.

  2. Yep, number three was the other way around for me...but I look at it this way, my kids had their college paid for and I eventually got Mr J. Pretty much winners, in my book.

  3. Cake definitely makes everything a little better. I loved the first one with the groom dragging part of the cake icing with him - that was clever!

    I'm so glad you have happy things working in your life!!!!

  4. hahaha - now, those are funny but darn it, I want cake!!

    Have fun on your adventures, Kari. :)

  5. LOL,I needed that belly laugh! I hope I never have to order a cake like that! Those do look yummy. I am eager to hear about your week!

  6. Hi Kari! I can even laugh at these so I must be getting better. Hahaha....Can't wait to hear all about your week! Have fun!!

  7. You bad girl...keeping us guessing about your week!

    And the cakes! Oh.My.Word! Too funny....especially love the first one.

    So jealous you got to meet Sandy. I sure I hope I get to one day.


  8. The quote of the day is PERFECT and TRUE> Thank you!


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