Saturday, December 5, 2009

There's Snow Business Like Snow Business :)

This is what we woke up to this past Wednesday. LOVED IT!!! It was all gone by around 11:00, but I sure liked seeing it while it was here.
And this is my new favorite t-shirt. Okay, so I really only own 2 others t-shirts, but still - this one is my very favorite of the three!
Every person in America should be thankful that they, too, can say the message on this shirt. I know, I know. Roe v. Wade was 10 years after my birth so, technically, I personally did not actually "survive" it, but you get the meaning, right? I purchased this shirt because I've been getting very, very concerned with what our "leaders" are doing in Washington with this bloated, ridiculous and totally inefficient "healthcare bill" they seem to be wasting all their time on. (Don't get me wrong! I believe we need healthcare reform in this country but that is not what they're trying to accomplish in Washington with this behemoth!). There is a very real danger that OUR tax dollars will be going to fund abortions!! That's against everything I believe in! My own government is trying to make me complicit in murder. I won't stand for it, I tell you! If they pass this bill with this abortion funding in place, I fully intend to search high and low to find a decent attorney to help me file a lawsuit. I will sue the government of the United States of America for attempting to coerce me into a heinous, repugnant and morally reprehensible criminal act. I don't believe in abortion and I will not fund even one. Period. I would rather my tax dollars went towards teaching girls and women the power of their own feminism and teaching boys and men the power of being true men versus mere sperm donors.
Whew. Better stop before I get myself way too riled up right now. I've got sweet Christmas stuff to do. I can't be spending all my time on top of my soapbox. :) But, should any of you want to own the latest in anti-abortion, pro-life fashionwear, click here to get yourself one!


  1. Just when I was about to ask "who are you and what did you do with my niece?" up you pop! I knew my Politically Active girl was out there somewhere!!
    And that package will get to you eventually...lord I am slow!
    Aunt Sandi

  2. I didn't know this or think of it like that and so you can make it a class action law suit and I'll join you. I am sure you will have others ready to join you.

  3. Count me in girlfriend! Love the t-shirt. Oh, how I miss snow. The only white ground cover I'll see this winter will be our beautiful sugar white sand at the beach.


  4. I like your new tshirt! You are just the bold lady to wear it. I know you love this time of year - have a wonderful Christmas season!

  5. I decorated the kitchen for Christmas Monday and thought about you and your Christmas wonderland :)... to me it's very Christmas-y...


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