Friday, October 9, 2009

This woman is THIRD in line to the presidency. Am I the only one freaked out about this?

Like many in Washington (make that most in Washington) Nancy Pelosi is guided almost exclusively by the party line, which in her case, is the Democratic party line. Doesn't matter what she's talking about, doesn't matter the import or the consequences, I promise you ol' Nance will tout the Democratic dogma with her last gasping breath. Bet on it. This woman disturbs me on so many levels. Her single-minded determination to put party above country frightens me to my core. Most politicians irritate the hell out of me with their rhetoric and party line BS, but Nancy takes it to a whole new level. If she disturbs you, too, I'd like to hear about it. I get e-mails here and there from people who seem to enjoy my "political" posts, but hardly any actual comments on those posts. My husband tells me to keep writing them, though, because he knows I'm passionate about politics and this is a subject I spend a lot of time researching. We were talking about it tonight and I told him that I felt the political stuff was a big turn-off for those who read my blog and, if that was the case, it was a waste of time to post them. I mean, geez. If I just wanted to rant and rave, I can do that in the comfort of my living room chair and save myself some heavy typing, right? So if these posts are something you're interested in, please let me know. I'm equally as interested in your views, if you'd care to share them. I think we probably learn more from discourse than we do from agreement so I wouldn't at all mind hearing your opposing views. Of course, I also welcome hearing from like-minded people, too. It's always good to find out that you have things in common with others! At any rate, here's some of my favorite soundbites from Nancy Pelosi. I hope you'll take the time to listen to them (they're all fairly short) and let me know what you think!

For those of you who don't know, Van Jones was hired by the Obama White House as the "Green Czar" (a job title that sounds so wonderfully benign but truly isn't). Jones was an avowed Marxist and even declared himself a real live Communist back in the day. He also was a person who signed the "9-11 Truth" petition - a petition that claimed there was evidence that the United States government may have been either responsible for or knowingly complicit in the September 11 attacks. He's also positively famous for making racist comments such as this: "it’s just very, very hard for white people to hear the pain of the subjugated people in this country." Jones apparently values a so-called minority's pain much more than your average white guy's. Anywho, not only does Obama's Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett think the world of Mr. Jones and his methods, so does Nancy Pelosi. Boggles the mind. (Jones resigned amid controversy on Labor Day weekend.)

Hear that people? She's got no problem raising taxes. Ever. Because that's just what we need, higher taxes. How else are we going to pay for the ginormous, bloated, inept and corrupt welfare state that our country is fast becoming?

It's just plain "un-American" to roust illegal immigrants. You know, I have no desire to make anyone suffer needlessly. Really I don't. But somebody really ought to clarify the word "illegal" to me because I am obviously misinterpreting it. I mean I read an article the other day about illegal immigrants buying houses here in America (with the help of that fine organization ACORN and our tax dollars!) so it must not be too illegal to be "illegal", right? And a town in Texas got itself in mega-hot water a couple of years ago when it passed a law making it illegal to rent a home to an illegal alien. And now law enforcement in the country has been forbidden to question a person to determine their immigration status. So what exactly does it mean to be "illegal" in this country? I'd ask Nancy, but she's too busy preaching to her base to take the time to answer me.

Wow. Once again, Nance is pointing out us "un-American" folk. And here I thought we were making her proud with our willingness to be "disruptors". Guess she's gotten grumpier in her older years, eh?

No pork, Nancy??? Really? What do you call some of these (keep scrolling. The best ones are on the bottom!):

$1 billion for Amtrak, which hasn’t earned a profit in four decades.

$2 billion to help subsidize child care.

$400 million for research into global warming.

$2.4 billion for projects to demonstrate how carbon greenhouse gas can be safely removed from the atmosphere.

$650 million for coupons to help consumers convert their TV sets from analog to digital, part of the digital TV conversion.

$600 million to buy a new fleet of cars for federal employees and government departments.

$75 million to fund programs to help people quit smoking.

$21 million to re-sod the National Mall, which suffered heavy use during the Inauguration.

$2.25 billion for national parks. This item has sparked calls for an investigation, because the chief lobbyist of the National Parks Association is the son of Rep. David R. Obey, D-Wisc. The $2,25 billion is about equal to the National Park Service’s entire annual budget. The Washington Times reports it is a threefold increase over what was originally proposed for parks in the stimulus bill. Obey is chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.

$335 million for treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

$50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts.

$4.19 billion to stave off foreclosures via the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. The bill allows nonprofits to compete with cities and states for $3.44 billion of the money, which means a substantial amount of it will be captured by ACORN, the controversial activist group currently under federal investigation for vote fraud. Another $750 million would be exclusively reserved for nonprofits such as ACORN – meaning cities and states are barred from receiving that money. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., charges the money could appear to be a “payoff” for the partisan political activities community groups in the last election cycle.

$44 million to renovate the headquarters building of the Agriculture Department.

$800 million to clean up Superfund sites.

$32 billion for a "smart" electricity grid to minimize waste.

$87 billion of Medicaid funds, to aid states.

$53.4 billion for science facilities, high speed Internet, and miscellaneous energy and environmental programs.

$13 billion to repair and weatherize public housing, help the homeless, repair foreclosed homes.

$20 billion for quicker depreciation and write-offs for equipment.

$10.3 billion for tax credits to help families defray the cost of college tuition.

$20 billion over five years for an expanded food stamp program.

Most of those seem to be either "welfare programs" or "green programs". Yippee. Those'll help the economy...or, more likely, not. But this next list is the REAL pork. Check some of these out:

$1.8 million for “Swine Odor and Manure Management Research." (Yo, Researchers! Pig poop stinks. Period. Now send me my $1.8 okay? I got bills to pay)

$200,000 for "Tattoo Removal Violence Prevention Outreach Program" to get rid of gang tattoos. (And paying for tattoo removal is the government's job WHY???)

$75,000 for the "Totally Teen Zone" that encourages teenagers to play Wii and X-Box, listen to a DJ, and eat at a snack booth. (Wow. I had no idea I had started a government program here in my own house. I'm bitterly ashamed. No more X-Box or Wii for Randey and the boys!!)

$473,000 National Council of LaRaza. (This is a private, non-profit and non-partisan organization focused on reducing poverty and discrimination, and improving opportunities, for Hispanic Americans. Oh. Guess that makes it just another welfare program, basically.)

$400,000 "to combat bullying." (Let's see...tie the teacher's and administrator's hands to discipline a bully in school and then throw money at them to fix the problem instead. Classic welfare tactic.)

$50,000 for midnight basketball through the "At the Park After Dark" program in Los Angeles. (Really? Midnight Basketball?)

$5.8 Million for the "Ted Kennedy Institute for the Senate... for the planning and design of a building and an endowment." (Ah. Another monument to a politician. Now that's sure to kick start the economy!)

$1.762 Million for "Honey Bee lab" research. (I can't even imagine why anyone thought this was so worthy. Really.)

$215,000 for PhD’s to learn to write press releases. It funds a program at “Stony Brook University to teach scientists how to communicate with press." (I'm sorry, but if you have a PhD and can't figure out how to write a lousy press release, I don't think this program is going to help. I don't think anything will. Turn in your diploma and step to the back of the line, please.)

$1.5 Million for the scandal-ridden Alaska Sea Life Center to study seals. (Those wily seals...I'm sure they bear watching!)

$250,000 for Maine Lobster research. (Ummmm. Okay. Are they trying to determine Maine citizenship for these lobsters or what?)

$2 million for "the promotion of astronomy in Hawaii." (Well, hello! Star gazing is BIG over there. It's like "puff, puff, pass, Dude. Did you see that shooting star? Cowabunga, Dude!)

Senator Reid earmark to make “Nevada eligible for the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund." (Must be all that Pacific shoreline there in Nevada, eh?)

$4.4 million for "Center for Grape Genetics" & "Center for Advanced Viticulture and Tree Crop Research" (It's important to know about grape DNA. Many a crime could be solved in we could only determine where that last glass of wine came from....)

$657,000 for "Brown Tree Snake Management in Guam" (Obviously a top notch program. Managing the tree snakes. Or is the brown snakes in trees? Or is it the trees that are called "brown tree snake"? Whatever. It's important. That's all you need to know.)

$480,000 for "Urban Horticulture" (Another one of them, thar green programs. It's the future of Amerika, I tell ya!)

$1.75 million for "Mammoth Springs National Fish Hatchery, complete visitor center." (It's not so much that we need to hatch some leetle fishes. No, no, no. We need to visit the leetle fishes and do so in relative comfort. Therefore, a complete visitor center is obviously in order here!)

Republican leaders say the stimulus package will add 32 new government programs at a cost of $136 billion. They object that many of the programs, once established, are likely to continue indefinitely (as most "social" programs tend to do). Media outlets are reporting the cost of the package at $819 billion. However, the Congressional Budget Office calculated that the interest on the debt generated by the bill’s spending will cost another $347.1 billion, making the total cost approximately $1.17 trillion. Thank goodness Nancy held off on padding this package with pork, eh?


  1. I can't watch video's (on dial up) but I don't like her, so there! :)

  2. I can't stand her! I appreciate your posts. I don't get many visitors when I post political things but frankly I do not care. I don't write to please, I write for me. You bet if I link to a party about some pretty decorating I get hits BUT is that really important? I mean I love pretty as much as the next person but I love my country and if it keeps going downhill none of us will have money to create pretty. Oh and uh, Nancy Pelosi is NOT pretty! Our country is making some very pivotol decisions right now. It is time for everyone to take a break from Pretty and focus on our grandchildrens' future.
    PS I do a lot of ranting on facebook now-my friends are probably tired of it-but this change is going to impact us all and so far it is not good.

  3. I don't know, is it just me or does ole Nance look more and more witchlike as the videos progress? And I am not talking a Wicca witch, but the real deal evil witch! Nope, don't care for Nancy...never have...can't see me changing my mind,, if you ever see me agreeing with her, come check on me...I've either been kidnapped or brain washed and may need intervention!
    love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  4. I love your post....keep on keepin on! And Nancy Pelosi, please......she probably scares me more than King Obama!!!!

  5. Oh I love your posts...pls keep venting here :) It's nice to know that I am not the only one....after all I live in MA The land of Kennedy, Kerry & Frank...oh my!!! I think people are afraid to voice their opinions....we were taught to keep our politics quiet...can't do that anymore not with what is going on....we have to speak up or else, these are scary people we are dealing with...

    Notice how quiet Michele has been...makes me wonder about her...I think she is just as if not more radical than hubby !!

    We now know the Nobel Prize is a joke...come on Jimmy Carter, I waited in those gas lines...I bought my first house with those HIGh interest rates !!! He was the worst !!! And now Obama and his GANG !!!But I really feel the tide you??

    Nancy I hear the words come out of her mouth and my jaw drops !!!

    Love your blog....
    Kathy :)

  6. Nancy has worried me for a long time.

  7. Now that I know she is third in line (how is it that I didn't know such a thing??) I am truly scared now.

    I have to admit (sheepishly) that I am not NEARLY as well informed about stuff as you are so therefore I cannot comment intelligently about some of the issues you are passionate about. But let me say, you are quite educational which I think is very important. Is that a role you can accept? If so, KEEP WRITING. I learn a lot from you!

  8. No, you are DEFINITELY NOT the only one freaked out by Nancy possibly leading this country.


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