Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obama Plans to Talk to My Child...

***This is the response I received from my son's school superintendent regarding this issue. I must say, I'm relieved.
"The ***** (school district name redacted) ISD will not be showing the address on the 8th. Our technology will not allow for the video-streaming. We are going to put the address on the *ISD website so that parents can show their children the address if they would like. Please let us know if you have further questions."
Okay. Enough's enough. Have any of you heard about Obama's proposed "address" to all public school children that is to take place September 8th? Anyone? Probably not. Why? Because it's not been talked about much. The media has suddenly become deaf and dumb when it comes to one of Obama's little speeches. Usually, they're waiting around with bated breath...all aflutter of what the "Great One" will mutter next. Now, when he plans to address school children all across America, from grades K thru 12, the media doesn't seem to find it newsworthy. I checked CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, CBS, Google News, Yahoo News, The New York Times, USA Today, The Drudge Report and The Huffington Post. Only 2 of those news sources mentioned this story. Only 2! Want to guess which two? Yep, that's right...FOX News and The Drudge Report. Why is that? Does the rest of the media really expect us to believe that the President of the United States giving an official address to each and every public school child in grades K thru 12th is not newsworthy? Pul-leazz! These are the same people who think the style of shorts Michelle Obama wears is actually a headline event! Of course this speech is newsworthy! It's never happened before! Yes, you read that right. Never in the history of our country has the President of the United States specifically addressed our school children through our public school system. Never. Ever. Has it happened. Until now. So I ask you again...why isn't every news outlet featuring a story on this? I'd truly love to know the answer to that question.
Now, as to the speech itself, I've got a few questions regarding it, too. Questions such as; What is the point? What does Obama hope to accomplish? Why has Obama scheduled this speech to my children without my express permission? What exactly does this speech entail? Is an advance copy available? Is every school forced to air this speech, whether it wants to or not? Are students going to be given the option of not listening to it? Are parents going to be given the option of denying their child permission to listen to it? My understanding is that this speech is supposed to be a message from Obama to our children regarding "personal responsibility". I don't know about the rest of you, but I am fairly choking on the irony of a politician, any politician, talking to my kids about "personal responsibility". I think Obama's time would be better spent talking to himself and his fellow politicians on this particular subject. I think they need this speech more than my kid does.
I've written a letter to the superintendent of my son's school district asking these aforementioned questions. I eagerly await her reply. I'm extremely upset over this proposed speech because I simply think it smacks more of "indoctrination" than education. This politician has no business putting forth his ideas and plans to our children. He should put those ideas and plans forth to us, their parents. Unless, of course, the government has decided to take over the role of parenting. Hmmm. Maybe that's the whole point, eh? Go here to read the letter from the Secretary of Education to all schools in the United States.


  1. Great. Just what the poor kids need is further indoctrination as if they don't get enough of it.

    Nope, hadn't heard about this. Yet again, your blog is providing me with breaking news.

    This makes me wonder if the man has any scruples at all. Nope. Strike that. I am not wondering.

  2. Stand by for more brainwashing! The is absolutely NO NEED for him to do this address. Parents should either keep their children out of school that day or else attend the class session to see what garbage he is going to try to fill their minds.

    The Democratic Party is already offering to give college credits to college students in exchange for political volunteer projects! So I bet that PrezBO has some type of "service" request in mind for young students too!

  3. I read about this on Drudge and was imagining what I would do if I had children in school. I want to show respect for the office but Obama has not acted very presidential. He still remains the candidate, very political and not uniting at all. I think I would keep my child home rather than risk what might be said. I am curious as to what he plans to accomplish. Does he want kids going home and convincing parents to go along with the healthcare. Bet he won't tell them that on the financial course he has set this country on it is predicted that our children's generation will have a 30% decrease in their standard of living.

  4. I'm so glad that I don't have children in school. But I do have grandchildren and I'm not happy at all about this planned speech. He has no right speaking directly to children at a time and place where the parents probably cannot be in attendance.

    I do not like the man or his policies and politics.

  5. Our fifth grade is watching it and I have invited parents to come and watch it with us. We are sticking to the lesson plan provided to us by the Dept of Ed. I am intrigued by the President speaking to the students, but I hope he sticks to the lesson plan himself. We have told parents that any child who doesn't want to watch, or whose parents do not want them to watch will be able to continue their studies in another room. Glad to see your post!!

  6. Kari, good for you for being so proactive!!! I homeschool but I would want to know what the highest ranked official in the nation has to say to MY kids during a time I would normally not be present. This couldn't be broadcast into homes with parents in attendance? And why is it so hush-hush? I'd like to know a LOT more.

  7. In 1991, President George H.W. Bush addressed the nation’s students, urging them to study hard, avoid drugs and turn in troublemakers. In his speech, he told students to ignore peers “who think it’s not cool to be smart.”

    And Democrats responded then by criticizing him for spending Department of Education money on a broadcast they claimed was political advertising used to counter claims that he was ignoring domestic issues.


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