Monday, July 20, 2009

Starbucks with Our Hippie (Grand) Child

Maddy's such a free spirit. Check out the pretty colored hair pieces she's been wearing every day: (I used the red-eye removal function and it made her eye color look sort of gauzy...don't know why). She gets such a kick out of putting those colored extensions in her hair...she says her mom won't let her go out in public wearing stuff like this when she's with her. lol I'm pretty sure her dad's not too crazy at the notion either. But seeing as how we're the grandparents, we think she's perfectly lovely in everything she wears. In fact, we kind of think it's cool that she's such a free-spirit.
Randey decided to treat us to Starbucks the other night. Here he is with Moose, sporting the t-shirt she brought him from Florida:
And here's Moose with me:
Maddy decided that she wanted to be the photographer next so she snapped a few pictures of us. Here's one:
Then she told us to act goofy for a picture. So we did.
The things you'll do to entertain your grandchild, eh?


  1. I love her hair! I am so ready for a grandkid but I know its not time for THEM. Maddy's adorable!

  2. What?! No prior photo approval contract? LOL! Love to see you having fun with Maddy.

  3. You are awesome grandparents! Not only are you keeping her entertained, you are giving her self confidence and memories that she will never forget.

    Kari, I am so sorry I haven't been keeping up and I was not around to give you my condolences. You have had it rough to say the least. I know the pain will never go away, but I hope that it is starting to fade a bit.

    Oh and you will be happy to know that I just got a Christmas in July e-mail from Garnet Hill, so you are not the only one. I, however, have to dread the October birthdays and then I can get excited about Christmas. =)


  4. OMG!!!
    you look so different! better! younger and yes healthy!

  5. Her hair looks great Kari! She looks like she knows how to have fun and so do her grandparents. Have a great time with her.

  6. the only shot I can see is the cute one of you being goofy I will get a hold of you soon --my life is a bit crazy w/ my mom and 2 sisters in and out of hosp I sure hope your dad is going to have a speedy recovery


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