Monday, March 16, 2009


My oldest son said I had to blog something - anything - so here I go. I'm in Florida, it's 7:00 in the morning and I'm getting ready to start my day. My sister and I are going to Pensacola this morning, then on to Foley, Alabama (to the outlet stores) this afternoon. We plan on finishing up the day with the family and a few friends at McGuire's Irish Pub - my very favorite restaurant in the whole wide world. It's sounding like a pretty good day to me. Just wish it wasn't thundering outside. Good ol' sunny Florida. It rains here more than anywhere else on the planet, I think. lol Anyway, I've got lots more pictures that I will post for you Nick, just as soon as I get some time to get it that done. In the meantime, here's a picture of me and your delightful, wonderful and totally charming oldest daughter - she's the BEST part of this trip for us!


  1. So there you are! I could kiss Nick, but I wouldn't want to scare him.

    I'm glad that you are in Florida with your darling grandgirlie and I hope that you have a fantastic time. Those showers never last for long, right?

    Come back and do it again soon...blogging that is!

  2. Yay! You're still here! You've been missed.

    I just gave you an award - come over and claim it!

  3. Heavens to Betsy, I thought you had fallen off a cliff or something! Glad that you are still around and having a nice visit, LOL.

  4. Wow, I am so glad you are alive.

    hey, I had to go private on my blog. Can't remember if I told you or not and if I sent you an invite to be a reader. If not, email me at to be a reader!

  5. Thank God for Nick...I was planning on calling you today and ask what was up with you! Haven't heard a peep out of you in ages!!!
    love ya loads
    Aunt Sandi

  6. i know it rains every day there doesn't it? i hope you have fun:)

  7. First...enjoy your FL time, just wish you were closer to Central FL & we could chat! are looking your kids and take care of you...


  8. Oh! I wish I was in FL!
    Hope you're having a blast!
    Good to hear something from you. Tell your son thanks for nudging you :).

  9. Hey there you are! Good to see you back and so glad you are having fun with your family! Enjoy your time!

  10. I had really been worried you silly girl you. I kept checking in and still no Kari! I am so happy you are in FL having such a grand time with your sweeties!
    We lived in Pensacola twice during our military years. I know McGuire's well! Say hey to P'cpla for me too okay?

    Take care and have a wonderful rest of your trip!


  11. I've been lurking, (not always real brave out here), but I have to say....McGuires?????? My favorite place in Pensacola...well...there is the NAS and all......but McGuire's? What fun!!

  12. Nick will be happy that you followed up on his request. :)

  13. I'm 4 hours away where are you ??sandy


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