Friday, January 16, 2009

Wonder if my insurance covers "fetish therapy"?

I finished the last of my Christmas returns yesterday. I only had 4 things that needed to be returned, it just took me this long to get around to finishing them. The last thing was a pair of jeans for Jacob. He needed to exchange them for a different size. So after I bribed the boys with lunch at Olive Garden yesterday afternoon (they had early release time from school), we headed on over to JC Penney to do the big exchange. Well 'lo and behold, Penney's was having a sale. A fairly good sale, too. Not only did Jake get his jeans exchanged, but he also came out of there with 2 more t-shirts. Kaleb also got a pair of jeans. They both probably would have gotten more, but they kind of ran out of "Mom time" and decided they were done. Teenagers. I swear. But anywho, since we were in separate cars, they went their way and I went...well, I kept shopping. You know, my dearly beloved told me once that he thought I had a shoe fetish. I told him he was crazy. Turns out, he was most probably right. I didn't start out in the shoe section at Penney's. I just sort of ended up there. (And found two totally awesome sweaters along the way!). The shoes, though. Well. What can I say? I saw these first:
Lovely brown. I needed them. I'm not sure why I needed them, since I do already have, oh I don't know, at least 4 other pairs of brown heels. But that's not really the point, now is it? The point is, these shoes called to me. And when I answered them (because I always try to answer shoes when they call to me - it is the polite thing to do!), I found that they were on sale for under TWENTY DOLLARS. Hel-looooo! Like I could turn my back on that, right? So I scooped them up, held them to my bosom and declared them mine. And that's when my eyes saw these:Yeah. The exact same shoe, only in black! How many times have you been in your closet, looking for the perfect pair of shoes to wear and have picked up one pair only to wish you had them in a different color? Happens all the time, right? I can't tell you the times I've wished I had this one particular pair of shoes in black instead of brown (and I even bought the black first and then returned them and bought the brown at a later date - don't ask - it was a weird time for me). But with this pair of shoes, I have an opportunity to avoid the agony of wrong color purchase - I can just purchase them in both colors 'cause the price is so outrageously good. So that's what I did. I brought both pairs home with me and I love them so. Aren't they fan-tabulous?
Well. The good times weren't over yet. After I left JC Penney, I decided to mosey on down to Belk to see what I could see. Again, I didn't start out in the shoe section. But that's where I ended up. Check these out:
Gasp! Aren't they just WOW! I mean really. WOW! And they were on sale, too. I think they were about $22 bucks. To tell you the truth, I don't really remember what they cost - I was in the throes of boot euphoria and once I saw the 70% off sign, I just shut my eyes and swooned. All this ecstatic emotion over these three pairs of shoes has led me to the realization that Randey may have been onto something when he called my love of shoes a "fetish". Well, that and the fact that I actually bought THREE FLIPPIN' PAIRS OF SHOES FOR NO PARTICULAR REASON IN ONE DAY! The good news? Calling it a "fetish" means it's, technically speaking, a "mental disorder" and therefore, I'm not responsible. Right? Yes. Yes indeed. That is right.
In other news, when I downloaded the pictures of my beautiful new shoes, I found these pictures from Christmas on my camera as well. This one is Maddy, my oldest granddaughter, sitting in Starbucks. Doesn't she look like a proper young lady here? She's such a great kid.
These next two pictures are of Nick, Kaleb and Jacob at Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City.
Now check out Nick's face once he realized I had my camera out. lol
And this is a favorite. You knew it would happen one day: cash is no longer any good. Read this sign:
Reckon I can write 'em a check for a gift card? Or maybe I can use a stolen credit card and just buy a whole bunch of 'em and shop 'til I drop. Guess anything's possible. All I know is, they don't want no stinkin' CASH anymore. Yer money ain't no good here, folks! Kind of scary, isn't it?
That's about it for today! Hope everyone is having a wonderful FRIDAY!!


  1. Ok, I was going along good and feeling fine, someone else has a shoe fetish and I am not alone in the world feeling... then I read that they can't accept cash for a purchase. How can that be? Doesn't money even carry a demand that it be acceptable for all purchases? I cannot believe that.

  2. I love the shoes! I can't wear heels with Dom - we're the same height and he hates it if I'm taller than he is. But if I could wear heels, those are just the kind I would want!

    I love red sneakers. They're not that easy to find, so when I find a pair, I usually buy 2 or 3 - just in case!

  3. Hi Kari, A gal can never have too many shoes! You found nice bargains. I still try to wear good lookin shoes like those, not old lady boy sometimes my feet hurt!

    Take care, DebraK

  4. LOVE those boots! I do the same thing! If I find something I really like, I will buy it in several colors!

    The boys look thrilled! LOL! But, they are all so handsome! And little Miss Maddy is adorable! She looks so prim and proper! LOL!

    I cannot believe that sign! It's just crazy!

  5. Granny,

    Loved all the photos of your family and those shoes are great. I need a couple pair of flats like that. I can no longer wear heels because of my back problems and sure to miss those fancy shoes. The boots are awesome. I bought myself a new pair of boots this year and I actually have two pair for the first time in my life. It feels kind of luxurious. I usually only have one pair of boots, one pair of tennis shoes and a pair of dress shoes and of course, slippers. I would love a pair of those boots and the price is definitely right.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the photo and story about Grandma. She was a wonderful lady. I can take a photo of the table that is a little scarred because it is almost 100 years old, but not with the 11 leaves. My kitchen is far too small for that. I have put in two leaves at Christmas before, but that makes the kitchen very crowded. I wish I had a room to put that table up with all 11 leaves that are stored in my computer room closet. The table is oak, plain but a beautful memory of Grandma. Glad you have the bench from your Granny's kitchen.

    Take care, my friend. So nice to be in touch again. Enjoy the boots and shoes.


  6. How strange is that? Not accepting cash? Weird!

    You did a beautiful job shopping. Your footwear choices are inspired and it would practically be a crime not to purchase them at that price. I do wonder how much our goods cost if the stores can now sell them for these prices. (I bought two coats for the grands at JC Penney last week...three dollars apiece. Unbelievable!)

  7. One of the important life lessons I've learned so far is if you find shoes you like, they fit, and (gasp) they're on sale - the universe is telling you they must belong to you immediately! The planets must have aligned or something!!! Good for you, Kari : )

  8. First of all, I've never heard of a store not taking cash - what's up with that? That IS scary.

    Next, good for you, buying three pair of shoes. They are very nice. Shoes are definitely something I would splurge on for myself if I could.

    And, last, you do realize by using the word fetish in your post, you'll probably attract some new visitors to your blog, LOL! People search for the craziest things on the internet. I get tons of weird searches showing up on my site because of the word 'Lads' that is in my blog title.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. no cash? That's freaky. Will they take gold bouillon, I try to carry bars with me just in case the paper stuff isn't accepted.
    I think your shoe fetish is a legitimate ailment and I don't think it's healthy to go cold turkey therapy, so three pairs of shoes in one day was probably the right thing to do.

  10. Okay, I feel a tad bit better. My "fetish" must not be quite as bad as yours since I only bought 2 pair this week. LOL Hey, at least we'll look good if we ever decide to go to therapy, right?


  11. I love your shoes Kari! I have a thing for flip flops but I can't wear any of them right now. LOL I have lots of other shoes to wear but it seems I wear the same pair everyday. I'm really in the mood for a leopard print pair of shoes lately. Wonder what that is all about? LOL

  12. OK, I totally skipped the serious post above when I read that this one was about SHOES.

    Great shoes!!

    Love the photos of your kiddos too.

    Aunt Sandi


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