Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Text Message, A Ringtone and a Beloved T-Shirt

I got this text message from my oldest granddaughter the other day. How sweet is this kid? I told Randey we've got to work on scheduling us a trip to Florida soon to visit with her. I've kept her message just so I can look at it throughout the day. It makes me smile everytime I see it.
Here's something that falls under the "Almost Twilight Zone" sister got a Vu phone just like mine, but was having trouble assigning certain ringtones to certain contacts in her address book after she'd downloaded them. I hadn't downloaded any ringtones myself (because I'd been too lazy to sit through the process!), but decided I'd try to do one just to see if I could figure out how and let her know. As it turns out, my youngest son Jacob figured out how to do it, not me. But whatever...once he taught me what to do, I immediately started downloading ringtones for those few people who actually call me (it's a small number...most everyone knows how much I hate talking on the phone. Or maybe nobody really wants to call me. LOL). When I called my sister to coach her through the process, I asked her what ringtone had she picked for my number. She said she'd chosen this little song called "Shoop". I busted out laughing. I had chosen the exact same song for HER number on my phone. And I'd never even heard it before yesterday. Randey and the boys told me that my sister and I were just freaky, bizarre and more than a little disturbing. Even Sherri and I had to marvel at the coincidence, though...both of us - living 750 miles apart from one another - picking the same song for each other's ringtones. Crazy.
Finally, I just had to post this. I was thinking about my old Johnny Bench worshipping days and finally went and dug out my beloved JB t-shirt that I got back in 1975. Check it out! The darn thing fits me (kind of)! I mean, yeah, it's a little wonky and all because I wore it probably 3 times a week for months on end when I was in the 7th and 8th grade (notice how the neck and arm trim has faded to pink - it started out RED!), but theoretically speaking, I could wear it again if I so chose to. And, of course, if I didn't want to be seen in public with Randey because he informed me that it was no longer a viable fashion statement and would be best worn within the privacy of our home and he most certainly would not be seen in public with me wearing it. Hmphf! Spoilsport. It's Johnny Bench, though. Who wouldn't want to be seen in public standing next to such a fabulous shirt! lolOkay, that's all I've got for now. My thoughts have been scattered all over the place these past couple of weeks. My very best friend in the whole wide world has moved here from Florida and I've just been so excited about it that I can't seem to sit down and form any coherent posts. It's like my insides are operating on hyperdrive! I know I'll chill out sooner or later and will be able to make some sense one of these days soon. Hope so anyway!


  1. Wow! Being able to wear a t-shirt that you wore when you were 12!! WW calls that a NSV (Non-scale victory). Way to go, Kari : ) I saw him play in the early 70s when I visited family in NYC. Mets vs. Reds at Shea Stadium. That is something I'll NEVER forget.

    I love that you two chose the same ring-tones! Great minds. . .

  2. I am officially jealous. Love the shirt!

  3. Hi Miss Skinny Minnie!
    What a sweet text!!!
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Sweet message!
    You look like you are losing more weight... and the back of your hair is CUTE!
    Okay... have a fun Friday!

  5. You worked hard to earn the right to wear that shirt from the 7th or 8th grade! I can still wear mine, too, on my arm.

    Wonderful message from your grandgirlie. She sounds like a peach of a girl.

    I don't think that it's one bit weird that you and your sis are on the same's really kind of cool!

  6. That shirt looks pretty darn good on you! Wasn't Johnny Bench and a bunch of old Reds on Ellen a few weeks ago to surprise George Clooney? I thought I read something about that. Johnny was one of the best catchers that ever played baseball and no one can disagree with that. LOL I don't know the song Shoop, who sings it? But it's funny you two think alike. Sisters are funny like that. Anyway hope you are doing well, I see that Karolee found you on facebook too, I was glad to find a way to keep in touch with her. Have a good weekend!

  7. What a sweet message from Maddy Moose. I definitely think you should make a trip to Florida to see her...and me. wink, wink!

    You look mah-velous darlin'!


    love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  9. ok you tiny little thing, I'm not sure how long I can continue liking you if you can still fit in a shirt you had as an adolescent!

  10. Get out of town!?!?!!! That so super cool Kari!! If that's not a good reason to join WW, then I don't know what is.
    That cracked me up that ya'll used the same ringer...LOL

  11. you are so tiny i love it and how cool you still have it

  12. Love the message from Maddy, SWEET! Now you can't say your arms look fat in this shirt now can you?

  13. you should be super happy thin girl

  14. Dang...keep going and you will disappear!! Congrats on being a skinny minnie!

    Now, why no posts since February 7th?? I am quite the worrier ya everything okay? Just busy??

    Thinking about you...



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