Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hey, anybody out there?

Finally recovering from what seems to be my "annual near death experience of a head cold caught while visiting Oklahoma". My house is a mess, though, and I'm so far behind on everything else that it feels like I'm first (I love that analogy...think on it a minute and it'll make sense to you. lol).
Hope to get caught up soon and go check out your blogs to see how your Christmases went. Ours was the best ever...just couldn't have been much better, it was so good. I took, literally, hundreds of pictures. I promise not to post them all, but hope to post at least some of them soon.
Hope your new year is starting out GREAT!!


  1. I've missed you Kari! I love the header picture!

    Our Christmas was nice and quiet - just the way I like it. Both of my daughters had a "little bit" too much vino, but it made them friendly toward each other!

    I left you an award a couple of days ago - come over to claim it.

  2. Sorry you got the annual cold... I think we get really worn out and are really in a weakened state about this time... colds just rush in! Can't wait to hear more about your holiday!

  3. Ayuh, I'm still out here...

    You and nearly everyone else caught that first cold of the season over the holidays. Hope that you are on the mend.

    Has everyone sailed for home or are you still entertaining company? It must've been wild. I can only imagine...

    Post those photos, I want to see'em.

  4. Hey, there you are! I was starting to worry about ya. Glad you had a great Christmas. I caught that nasty cold too and am just starting to feel better. Hope you are on the mend and I LOVE your new header. Welcome back Kari! Bring the pictures on, I love seeing pics.

  5. Thankfully I haven't been sick, but I am still trying to catch up!
    Glad you are feeling better. Can't wait to see pictures - post as many as you want!

  6. So sorry that was along sickness, maybe flu? I am glad you are better and your year is off to a positive start That is awesome.

  7. We've been sick too. Not fun! Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas!

  8. I fought the cold and the cold won...but then that's the way it goes. Had a great Christmas, glad you did too.
    Aunt Sandi

  9. Well's about damn time for you to get back to blogging! I've missed you!


  10. you are looking thinner and I love the header !!Sandy

  11. Kari...I have been checking in every day and I am much relieved to see you back among the living!!

    I am sorry you have been under the weather...we all had that awful bug but everyone seems much improved! Just take your time getting the house in order. We are finishing up ours...Christmas is down and Bill is re-arranging the torage room as I type!
    I am sad you won't be living near us but maybe you can come visit someday soon! Oh we will tear up the local antiquing places and shops and have such fun...

    Happy new Year to you all..


  12. Happy New Year! Hope the cold packs its bags and leaves you soon, LOL. Looking forward to your pictures and your funny ramblings!

  13. Yea!!! Kari's back---I have soooo missed you. Thought you got caught in the Oklahoma Triangle. Ok, so there's no such thing, but there COULD be!!


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