Wednesday, January 14, 2009

About the Weight Watchers Thing...

As many of you know, I started with Weight Watchers back in May of 2008. When I started, I weighed 205.2 pounds and was wearing size 18 clothes. Yowza, right? I never really thought WW would work and, in fact, told myself that I would stick with it, come hell or high water, for 4 months before I quit, just so I could say that I had "tried everything" to lose weight. I was pretty convinced that it would be a very unproductive 4 months. I was wrong. Almost immediately, the weight started coming off. A pound or two a week, but it was coming off. After the first month, I thought I would be perfectly thrilled if I could just get to maybe 165 pounds again. I wasn't sure if I could do it, but it didn't seem completely unattainable. Well heck...things kept working, I kept losing and before I knew it, I was at 165 pounds. Who'd a thunk?? At that point, I really started to pay attention. I got on the Weight Watchers website and looked up the "healthy weight" parameters for my height and my age. I think it told me I should be between 144 and 150, depending on whether I counted my height as 5'4" or 5'5" (technically, I'm 5'4 1/2"). So I put my goal at 140 (always looking to over-achieve, you know). Well, the closer I got to that, the harder it seemed to be. Not one to make myself suffer unnecessarily (all thoughts about over-achieving notwithstanding), I changed my goal to 144. Eh, what was 4 pounds, right? Okay, so I continued to plug along and then the holidays hit...Halloween, Thanksgiving, blah, blah, blah. Suddenly, 144 just wasn't going to work anymore. I panicked. I got down to 148.8 and that seemed to be as far down as my body wanted to go. Bummer. For over three weeks, I stayed within 2 ounces of that weight. I just couldn't seem to get below it. Finally, in frustration, I told my team leader at WW that I had had enough. I was declaring myself done. And actually, I was pretty happy with being right at 149. I was wearing size 8 jeans, size medium shirts...I was smaller than I'd been since Randey and I had gotten married. I thought I was okay saying enough is enough. My team leader, however, seemed shocked and more than a little bit dismayed by my decision. After discussing it with her, I actually felt like I had failed at something! What the heck? I know she didn't mean to make me feel that way, but from the reaction she had, I couldn't help but feel like I had given up on something, that I had failed.'s been more than 4 weeks now and while I've gotten down another pound, I'm still maintaining between 147 and 149. Maybe I could have worked harder and longer and lost a few more pounds. Maybe I should have done that, I don't know. I still feel like I've kind of failed at something and I'm not really sure why that is because I also know that I've succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. I, Kari Hayes, lost 57 pounds! Woo-hoo!!! So I didn't lose 65 pounds, like I had hoped to do at one point. So I didn't get down to a size 4 (like Marie Osmond says she did using NutriSystem). Big deal. Right? Right???? Am I happy with my size and weight now? Yes, a part of me is. Am I wondering if I didn't sell myself short because of some extra holiday eating? Yeah, I guess maybe I am. Does wondering that make me want to turn to a box of Godiva and drown my fears and uncertainties in its chocolate-y depths? Uhhhhhh, no. I'm a practitioner in the ways of the Weight Watcher! I don't feel the need to solve my problems with food anymore. I'd rather surf the net or walk the block! And I'd rather be sitting here wondering if my size 8 butt could get smaller than sitting here believing that my size 18 butt can't. Regardless of any small measure of angst I'm feeling today about my size, I can guarantee you that it's nothing compared to the heartache I felt about it before I joined Weight Watchers. It was good to do something about it. It was good to learn that I could.
For anyone thinking or wondering if they can actually do something about their weight, I urge you to try...I obviously recommend WW, but I know it's not the only thing out there that works. It's just the thing that works for me and it's given me a whole new outlook on life. Give yourself a chance to feel better about yourself, too, if that's what you need. I got the nerve and the urge to check out a Weight Watchers meeting thanks in no small part to a fellow blogger (you know who you are!) who first shared her WW experience with me. If I can pass that along to anybody else out there, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm always happy to talk about the difficulties and the joys of weight loss!! My absolute only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. Remember, there's no better time than NOW to get started!


  1. Kari, what a great post. Congratulations on such great success after (or along with) all the hard work of losing weight. I've done WW most of my adult life and found that I could lose weight with very little effort in my 20s, 30s and even early 40s. BUT, I hit that magic number (it's different for everyone) of 45 and you could hear every pound screaming and kicking as I tried to pull them away from my body - yet again with WW. I'm still doing it. I looked at my best friend at last week's meeting and said I think this has become a hobby for me. I need to get extra serious and attain the goal (again) this year. So that's what I'm doing.

    Ok, I said all that because I think you should pick the highest allowable goal and then if you want to lose more (look out, Marie!), go for it. Get your lifetime status with WW at the highest goal. Just my advice. Good luck with whatever you decide. You're my new WW hero. Seriously, you should send this post to WW!

  2. Hi Kari,

    This is such a great post and congrats on your weight loss. I am willing to bet that your cholesterol is down also which is an added benefit. Now my leader told me I was striving for too low of a final number, she thought because of my age and stuff that I would have a hard time getting that low. I came close to the low number(within 5 pounds)but did a higher number for goal. But you are right about getting your lifetime status at the highest goal and then keep trying to get down a few more if you need to. I will get my head back into this because I know it works. I am so happy for you, I can tell how excited and happy you are! Congrats!

  3. Needless to say, we're all proud of your accomplishments, Kari. I know what hard work it is reprogramming one's life. Does WW do any better with the psychological stuff or is it all about the eating plan? It does help to know why one overeats or chooses unhealthful food. Dr. Phil and I are on round three. :D John's doing great. Me? Not as great as he.

  4. glad I checked in today. An amazing urge has now crept in to take charge of my weight. I am about 60 lbs overweight myself...and I am a 16 or 18 (depending on the jerk who made the clothing!!) I just need to do it....and you made great progress in such short time!! So are you still doing WW? Is it every week? I am going to check this out locally....because of you!

    Thanks for such an honest post....

  5. Good for you Kari! We watched you melt before our eyes! My mom lost a about that much weight on ww years ago (maybe 15 years) and has kept it off. She's a lifetime member and goes in to weigh occasionally, but I can't remember her pre-thin. She always thinks about what she eats and when she rewards herself she makes up for it later. Discipline is her middle name.
    I think you can make this your goal weight and always adjust it if you find yourself losing more weight or maybe further out from the holidays... but in my opinion you look fabulous, and I've seen you in PERSON :P. Twice!

  6. You go girl! I'm so proud of you! Seriously!


  7. Kari, I am so proud of you! And, what an inspiring post. My friend and I have been tinkering with the idea of joining WW. I would love to lose 40 lbs. but I swear, that just seems totally impossible for me to accomplish. Maybe I'm too lazy or maybe I'm just too chicken. But, this whole weight issue of mine has been at the root of a lot of problems for me this past year (high cholesterol, depression, lack of self-esteem...)I think I just feel like it will be too hard to "diet" when I have a family to cook for (and kids who love to snack). I know that's a lame excuse. So, now you've inspired me to look into WW again. Again, way to go. You look fantastic!

  8. This is a cool, inspirational post. I weigh more than you did starting and I have already lost 40 pounds but I have probably another 40 to go. It seems so far! I might go and check out WW since I know a lot of people who have been successful doing it. Thanks for the push! (in the right direction!)

  9. Congratulations Kari!!!

    I've done wt watchers and it taught me lots. Also congrats on the size 8. I am 5ft 2 inches..the only time I was ever a size 8 was when I weighed 108 lbs, back in the divorce wars. I don't think that will/can happen again, for me.

  10. Congratulations Kari!
    That is AWESOME!!!

  11. I'm so proud of you honey...I've worried about you since the post about the rude kid who told you you were fat and you were so hurt...I'm just so proud of your willpower and your determination and do I think you've failed? HELL NO! Just keep on plugging baby girl!
    Aunt Sandi


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