Friday, November 28, 2008

A New Face to Love

Meet Skye, age 3.She is my daughter's boyfriend's little girl. Her father only found out about her right around a year ago maybe. He missed out on 2 years of this little girl's life because he didn't even know she existed. How sad it that? Even worse, since he wasn't aware of her existence, he didn't know the circumstances of her living conditions. This baby has been through some turmoil. I'm not sure what her mother's issues are, but it's my understanding she had fallen on hard times and that perhaps drugs played a huge part in her losing custody of little Skye and her siblings. My daughter's boyfriend was given custody of Skye a couple of months ago and I have to tell you, she's stolen our hearts. She is such a precious little smart and so funny. Here she is yesterday, Thanksgiving, after Randey showed her the fun of sticking olives over her fingertips:

Here she is with Randey. Look at that smile!
Here she is posing in front of the trees. She knows all the details of the Christmas decorations...what makes noise, what sings, what dances, what lights up. Every time she comes over, she plays with the remote controlled Grinch car, the spinning snowman Susan just gave me, Yule Burner (the talking log) and the bubble blowing Santa. Thank goodness she got bored quickly with the giant Grinch (listening to him too often can make even me crazy. lol).
And here she is, sitting on my lap as I sang the Twelve Days of Christmas to her. She was getting just about sick and tired of all the picture taking and the interruptions at this point. Isn't she just adorable, though?
My heart aches at the thought of all the turmoil she's been through in her short little life. I just want to hold her close and make sure that nothing and nobody ever hurts her again. She's just the sweetest little thing.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great one...Skye was our main source of entertainment, but we also went and saw the new Vince Vaughn movie "Four Christmases". There was kind of a freaky scene early on in the movie (couple's role-playing, but that's all I'll say about it), but it was pretty good anyway. I laughed my brains out during the scenes at his Dad's house...the "brothers" were hilarious. I also, for the first time ever, ever, ever, cooked a wonderful dinner with NO disasters. Everything came out great. You have no idea what a feat that is for me. And by the way, I tried my friend Susan's WW friendly pumpkin pie recipe and it was FANTASTIC!!! No kidding - it was the best pumpkin pie I've ever tasted. I'll share the recipe with you guys soon.
In other news - BIG NEWS - we will be meeting our youngest granddaughter for the very first time right around 6:00 this evening. Jodie and Kara are flying in from Okinawa today. YAY!!!!! They'll be staying here for a couple of days before continuing on to Florida to visit her family and friends (but they'll be back here for a couple of weeks before and during Christmas!). I'll post plenty of pictures over the next few days and weeks. Kara is a real beauty - can't wait to get my hands on her. (I hope she likes me. lol)
Now get out and start shopping, people! Let's work all those calories from yesterday off and keep our economy going at the same time!!!! LOL


  1. Kari, Skye is adorable. How much fun she must have had at your Christmas Wonderland. Every kid's dream! And I get how much she added to everyone else's day. Thank God she's out of her previous environment.

    We're thinking of making "Four Christmases" our family movie outing this year. We pick a movie and all 5 of us clear our schedules and go. My kids are all in their 20s so I'm guessing they'll just be a little embarrassed (because Mom and Dad are with them) by the scene you hinted at?

    I want to see that pie recipe. I make the WW crustless pumpkin pie. My husband loves it. But if you've got a good one, I want it, lol.

    Can't wait to see the pics of your newest granddaughter! Of course, she'll like you!


    PS love the first photo (Christmas elf). That is exactly the one we had growing up. So funny : )

  2. Skye is so cute! I love her hair!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day, with more to come. Be sure to take and post tons of pictures of that new baby!

    BTW, look at that weight loss ticker! You're almost there - I'm really proud of you. Great job!

  3. I noticed the weight loss ticker, too! WOW! And don't forget to post the WW pumpkin pie recipe.

    Skye is beautiful... she has a little elf face and is just adorable. I am happy that you are going to meet your littlest one... what a fab weekend for you!

  4. Skye is so cute she even looks like Desirae I think!! So as you were tyoing this morning I was already in line to shop!! I hope you Thanksgiving was great and I am very Thankful to have You and Randey for my Aunt and Uncle!!

    Love you

  5. She is adorable! How wonderful that everything has worked out from what sounds like a rough situation.

    Yay for meeting your little grand. We'll all be delighted to see the new pics for I'm sure that she is some grown up these days! Have a blast!

  6. To say she is precious would be a huge understatment!!!! You are so lucky :) Blessed I mean :)
    I love your trees and the Grinch!

  7. She is just adorable! I can see she's stolen both your and Randey's heart already. I'm glad your Thanksgiving was a good one. Yes...please share the recipe. Boy, there's excitement all around you. Enjoy every second.

    Hugs sweet friend!

  8. Skye is beautiful, Jodie! What a precious angel...and you're finally going to get to see Kara! How wonderful is that! Glad your Thanksgiving was wonderful...and that your dinner came out "boffo"...
    hugs and love
    Aunt Sandi

  9. You have a LOT of lap! A great space with no tummy in the way.

    Kari Honey, you look REALLY good. I am so proud of you.

    AND, yes, she is a doll! You blog looks great - love the elf on your header. I have my grandmothers elves that look like that.

    Be blessed.

  10. What a precious child! I hope she becomes a permanent part of your loving family! I really enjoyed reading your blog this autumn--hope you'll check out C and I's new blog:


  11. Skye the reason for the holiday , and I'm gald you had a lovely holiday memory, a lot to reflect on in coming years, me, too..Sandy

  12. She is so beautiful!!!! Lucky you to get to meet her and have her in your life!

  13. She is so beautiful!!!! Lucky you to get to meet her and have her in your life!


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