Friday, November 7, 2008

Life's Most Embarrassing Moment and There's an Elephant in the Room (believe it or not, these are two totally unrelated subjects)

Kat, from over at Just a BeachKat, has challenged us to speak of our most embarrassing moment in life. Well, list is long and varied so it's hard to pinpoint one. Unsurprisingly, most of my such moments have occurred because I tend to speak as I'm thinking. Some times, a person really should just wait a moment and let their thoughts fully percolate before they express them. Here's a case in point:
About 7 1/2 years ago, Randey and I were looking to buy a house. We hired a realtor who came up with a list of homes for us to view. In one such house, we were walking through the place, checking out the amenities, when Randey spied the microwave oven. It was placed in a low cabinet, maybe 18 inches off the floor. Randey remarked how cool that would be for the kids - they could use the microwave without our help. He said it would sure be "convenient". I took one look at it and said, "For who? A midget?" Then I turned around and...yeah, you guessed it, the homeowner, a midget, was standing in the doorway. Who could have known? Nothing else in that house gave a clue that the owner was a little dude. I was so embarrassed, I couldn't wait to get back in the car. That house could have been the house of my dreams, and I never would have stepped foot in it again. (Luckily, it was over-priced for our budget anyway so that wasn't an issue. For once, having a lower budget came in handy!) The moral of this story: Think and look before you speak, Kari. Think and look!!
That may not be my most embarrassing moment in life, but it's got to be in the top 5.
Now I have to address a comment left here by Jeanne. Jeanne, an Obama supporter, had this to say about my post-election post:
"Sen. McCain was much more gracious than you all are. This election galvanized the people of this country who till this point felt they had no voice. It would be for the good of ALL for everyone to unite and truly make these the United States of America."

I actually have two things to say about this. The first being that I think Jeanne may have totally and completely misunderstood my aversion to Obama. I wasn't opposed to him because he was a Democrat. I wasn't opposed to him because he has a funny name. And I wasn't opposed to him based solely on the fact that I wanted John McCain to win. I was opposed to him because I think he's a believer in Socialism, which is one step away from communism, which is the exact opposite of everything our country has ever stood for. I don't want my government to "spread the wealth". I want me and my fellow countrymen to earn our own wealth. And while that's one of the biggest issues I have with Barack Obama, it's just the tip of the iceberg. If his "world view" didn't scare the t-total hell out of me, I probably could rest a little easier with the thought of him leading our country. But be "gracious" about him being president, knowing all I've seen and heard from him? No. Not without seeing how he does. I don't give blind allegiance to any human being on this planet, regardless of their "position". You know, I was "gracious" when Texas whupped Oklahoma's butt in college football this year. I was "gracious" when the waiter walked up to our table and promptly tumped a full to-go container of hot spaghetti in my lap. I was "gracious" when my sister and I spotted the same beautiful red jar in an antique market and I backed off because I knew she wanted it more than I did. But be "gracious" when I think a socialist has been put in charge of our government and our military? No. I don't think so. But as I said in that post-election post, I will continue to pray that I am wrong about the man. I will keep an open mind. I will learn all I can about any given subject or decision he makes without jumping to conclusions. I will try to look at things from every angle possible. To do any less, would be remiss of me.
As to the part about "This election galvanized the people of this country who till this point felt they had no voice." I think that's pure bull-hockey. Let me just say here, publicly, what many people are saying quietly amongst themselves...Obama was elected in large part because he's black. (I can say this, you see, because I've already been called a racist, based on my opposition and questions regarding Obama.) Those "galvanized" people of which you speak weren't galvanized because of Obama's greatness or his demeanor or even his high-falutin' speeches. They were "galvanized" because he's a black man. All of those people had a "voice" before, they just didn't use it. Why? Because they didn't care before now. If these people felt disenfranchised, certainly in the last 30 years, it was as much their own fault as anyone else's. I get how exciting and thrilling it must have been for the black community to see a black man elected president. After Sarah Palin was nominated, I let my mind wander to the future possibilities. I thought to myself "Wow! If McCain wins, in four years, this country could probably have 2 women at the top of the presidential tickets. Hillary Clinton for the Dems and Sarah Palin for the Republicans.". And yeah, I felt exhilarated at the thought. A woman president. Woo-hoo! It was a "We've come a long way, baby!" moment. But had Hillary received the Democratic nomination this year instead of Obama and if McCain had selected a man for his VP, I still would have voted for McCain. As much as I would have liked to see a woman shatter that glass ceiling, I wouldn't have voted for Hillary Clinton because she and I don't have enough in common with our political views. Just by virtue of the fact that she's a woman would not have been enough to win my vote. Many people voted for Obama because of his skin color and for no other reason. I saw interview after interview of people supporting Obama with absolutely no clue as to what he stood for. That does not sit well with me. Now I'm not saying that everyone voted for Obama because he's black. I know of people who voted for Obama because they loved his "rhetorical ability" (that's a quote from Colin Powell). I know of people who voted for Obama because they just plain, ol' hated George W. Bush. And I know of people who voted for Obama because they believed in all his promises. But far too many people voted for Obama because of his skin color. Those people who just now "found their voice" should be asking themselves why a person's skin color "galvanized" them into action and why being American with the right to vote wasn't enough to "galvanize" them in the past.
Okay, people, now you can bring on the charges that I'm a racist. I know it's coming. I'm "white", therefore, in this country with all it's political correctness, I'm not allowed to state the obvious or state any sort of view on race, for that matter. I regret that I will be viewed as a racist by anyone. I have long held the belief that none of us is black or white or yellow or red....but rather, we are all just different shades of brown. That naivete' has been stripped away, however. I've come to realize that the "melting pot" reputation of our country isn't as true as I had been taught. It's obvious that our country suffers from great racial division and, as a "white" person, I'm not supposed to talk about it. Anybody ever heard that saying "There's an elephant in the room"? It means there's something very obvious sitting right in front of us but nobody will acknowledge it. How do we progress if we are afraid to talk openly with each other? I've stated a viewpoint and I fully expect to be skewered for it. Isn't political correctness grand?

P.S. It is with a heavy heart that I click on the "publish" button. I know I will have cast the dye that will cause so many to think ill of me. I can hear the gasps now. I guess I'm just tired of dancing around this subject. I hate racism. I hate that every person in this country, heck - in this world, doesn't believe that we truly are just different shades of brown. I have never, ever understood why skin color is so important. Why does it matter? If more of us, of every shade of brown, dismissed skin color as being a "defining characteristic", wouldn't the issue of racism become a thing of the past? Isn't it incumbent upon all of us to work towards that ideal? As long as it's okay for any segment of society to define itself by skin color, racism will never go away. And until we face up to and talk about how and why people focus on skin color with such fervor, we'll never be able to get past it.


  1. I agree that the majority of the black votes he gathered were purely due to his being 1/2 black. But I also believe that just as many whites voted for McCain for the same reason. Both reasons were wrong and that's so sad, but candidates will continue to be chosen in this way as long as so many in our country remain uneducated.

    I'd love for you to visit my blog to read my Wednesday entry.

  2. Wow, Kari, you've just been added to the list of "The bravest people I know"!

    Here's an anecdote for you: My daughter has a Facebook account. Tuesday night she noticed that one of her Facebook 'Friends' had a message for everyone to see:

    "...All you McCain supporters can report to the cotton fields tomorrow morning."

    And they say it isn't about race. This was left by a young (20-something) woman. My daughter deleted this 'friend' from her Facebook account.

    The whole thing just discourages me.

  3. Not gaspin'. Not a bit!!!

    Come on over. It's friendly territory. No Sheeple or Kool-aid allowed!

    But hushhhhhh-up, ya hear?!? -grin- I'm just a little ol' Phoenix. Burnin' and Risin'.

    'The Phoenix'

  4. Personally, I think he bought the election...bought it with foreign monies, outright lies, and by defaming the character of honest men and women.

    If more of us were willing to discuss the elephant in the room more issues could be resolved. Good job for starting the dialogue.

    By the way, I, too, have now officially been called a racist and toxic waste. Ahhhh, that's a "great" feeling. Sigh.

  5. I'm not gasping either because what you say is .....well, it's just true! And people know it and people don't want to say it out loud but it's true! I agree with you 100%. I'm not a racist....and I'm not dumb is what it is!

  6. I agree that you should be added to the list of one of the bravest in the blogging world. But you just had the courage to say what we have all been thinking. I too am not a racist but for goodness sake I am tired of seeing all the black people on TV acting like they are. If they call us racist..then what is it they are calling themselves Just turn it around and they are acting the same way....keep up the good blogging

  7. i traveled over from Vee's blog. You were able to organize my thoughts and express them perfectly. i am baffled by the hate from all those with different thoughts. pure hate. what's that all about? this new pres has created a whole new level of class unrest. i voted on my basic values and love for america. before i went to bed tues night i emailed to all my address book 'bye bye miss american pie, drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry. and them good 'ole boys were drinkin whiskey and rye singin' this will be the day that i die, this will be the day that i die.'

  8. First off I am going to have to do this embarrassing moment thing because I have one that still makes me cringe....LOL But yours is a funny one.........
    And I seem to remember a post that you did not that long ago(surprise that my menopause brain actually remembers :-) that was about the topic of race and you made your views very clear. You should put a link back to that because it had to be before this political stuff heated up. Anyway, I hope you have a good weekend Kari!

  9. Kari, have you seen this?!?!?!?!

    Pres. elect makes sick joke, at expense of Nancy Regan... a frail and ailing old white woman. :-(

    Classy, hu???????????? :-(

    The link to the Press Conference is in the entry. I'd not post it, without a link.


  10. Kari, first for the record I have not misunderstood your aversion to Obama. Reading your posts it's quite clear you have a set of values and beliefs you truly believe he doesn't share. Fine, in this melting pot called the United States who could be expected to agree/approve of every person. I think in your research you've stumbled upon sites that spin his positon a certain way and run with it. Again, whatever we each see things our own way. Neither was my comment suggesting you should give blind allegiance to him. President Elect Obama won the election fair and square. He didn't buy it as Vee suggests, that was done a couple elections ago. I've been reading the comments others have left hear as well as visiting their blogs and reading their posts and I'm frankly appalled that 'christians' could speak with such venom about any person. Not very God-like, but then my GOd is a loving, compassionate God not a vengeful God. Doesn't the bible say to love thy neighbor as thyself. What happened to he who is without sin cast the first stone? I'm sure my comments will raise the hackles of these folks and good I'm glad because to me a person's worth is based on treating others with respect and dignity. Not the size of his bank account, what college he attended, where he works, what church he attends and how much he tithes. This country does still have a long way to go because racism is alive and festering in all parts of this country. I'm a middle class white bread woman and I voted for President Elect Obama because he was the candidate I studied who would best answer the challenges and issues I saw this country needing for myself and future generations. I've voted in every election since I became of an age to vote and my candidate didn't always win. Many times and in particular the last eight years I didn't feel my voice was heard in the White House. I certainly didn't feel John McCain heard it. I'm sure many other citizens voting in this election felt the same way and that was what my comment there meant. But that's a problem in this country isn't it, only hearing what you want to hear? To reiterate, I din't 'totally and completely' misunderstand your aversion Kari and I don't think you're a racist, we just don't see some things the same way. This is a very pivotal time in our country's history. Not because we have an African American in the White House, but because we as a nation are faced with challenges and problems that will impact not just on us now but on future generations. We all need to hold ourselves accountable to making this a better place for those future generations. As Sen. McCain said "it's time to bridge our differences and come together".

  11. I agree, 100%, with everything you just said. I wish I could put my thoughts into words as well as you always do on this subject. And, I also agree with Vee - he bought the election with money and lies...that scares me.

    On a lighter note, your embarrassing story was priceless. Seriously, I laughed out loud!

  12. Oh Kari! You gave me a REAL belly laugh. I'm not kidding! Funny, funny stuff. I wish you had a picture of your face when you turned around and saw the midget that you could post. So funny!

    Now...let me try to be serious. Bravo brave girl! You are RIGHT ON THE MONEY with this post!! I loved your P.S. too.


  13. Bravo Kari, for giving voice to what we are all thinking. I agree with your point of view 100%. I will keep praying that the right choice was made as it remains to be seen. Thanks for sharing. xxoo

  14. Girl, YOU CAN WRITE! Your passionate voice is echoing in my head!

    I agree with everything you said. It is the elephant in the room. I am praying for Obama because I know he will need strength to accomplish what is important to the nation. I am glad to read about your open mind. That is an important piece right now.

    Your embarrassing moment... too funny. I had to grab my belly because it hurts to laugh right now...

  15. Jaenne you are so right woman!! Kari you are a smartass conservative who can't see the light of day!!

  16. I find it interewsting that he's quickly apologizing to Nancy Reagen but his lipstick on a pig remark about Sarah Palin was just vile and where was that big apology??

  17. A studnent at our local high school stood up and defiantly said to the teacher Nov 5 "I don't have to work anymore. I got a black president." and my friend wanted to say but of course could not " ok we'll split your zero with the girl sitting next to you and see how her parents like that."But of course he would have lost his job..

  18. You know, Sue, being the "smartass conservative" that I am, I'm sorely tempted to tell you to take your "dumbass liberal self" and go follow the nearest herd of sheep off a cliff, but it's obvious you're headed in that direction anyway, without any help from me, so I'll just let it go.


  19. I came over here from Beachkat's blog because I wanted to find out what you did that was so embarrassing. Yes, that would have been a very very embarrassing moment.

    I'm glad I came here because I want to tell you that I agree with you on the political thing. I feel exactly the same way that you do about it. It's hard to believe that most of the people who voted for Obama had no idea what he stood for and didn't care. He just swept them off their feet.

    I couldn't help but think when reading Jeanne's comments about God not being a vengeful God. I agree he isn't vengeful, however, the Bible does say "Vengence is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord." God is certainly a loving God but that doesn't mean that "anything goes."

    Thank you for your bravery.


  20. I think that Christians should have a voice about their beliefs and participate in the democratic process. It is sad that when we do, we are criticized for being unChristian. Who makes up these silly rules?

    Best wishes to you for being so brave. I couldn't believe the hateful and judgmental trashy comments I had to delete on my blog just because I posted a picture of a flag at half-mast. Golly, what industrial strength flame-thrower would have been used on me by the bullies if I had wrote something!?

  21. Hi! An English voice here! We had all the election and post election stuff about 'first Black President' over here, too. Pardon me? Does it really matter that he is black? Surely he should be judged on the content of his character and not the colour of his skin? I like the fact that you are brave enough (or sassy enough) to say what you think and I also value the freedom implicit in a country that lets you say it (while not necessarily agreeing with you). You are entitled to your opinion, and wouldn't the world be boring if we all thought the same. I also agree with the comments that said that Senator McCain was gracious in defeat, so much so that I wonder if the campaigns were properly issue based and not negative whether he wouldn't have done better?

  22. Funny how all the disgusting and vile comments are coming from Obama supporters...makes me down right sick to my stomach.Did you notice how we Conservatives can keep our cool and be good sports while discussing our opinions...I see the same liberals surfing Blogland leaving hateful comments on our if winning wasn't enough...LOL!!

    I loved your post...I came over here from Vee's.

  23. Thank you, it's as though you were reading my thoughts....

  24. You're a woman of your convictions...why should you back down now and go back on everything you ever said? That would be HYPOCRITICAL. Hey, the only good thing I can see about this whole thing is how good it will be to have children in the White House and hope that their daddy thinks twice before sitting down to break bread with terrorists. Good for you sweetie...I respect your right to say how you feel, knowing that you have a son out there fighting for your right to say it.
    love ya
    Still your Aunt Sandi

  25. I have had a few black people admit to me that they do not agree with Obama's policies, in particular abortion, yet they voted for him based on his race. They wanted a black president so badly that they sacrificed innocent children's lives. So sad. I also recall seeing interviews done by I believe college students. They switched the platforms around attributing McCain's views to Obama and vice versa and then went and interviewed the "man on the street." Despite them linking Obama to pro-life, etc of McCain, they said they agreed with Obama's policies. One said that they were pro-life and no way could they vote for McCain because he was pro-choice. IT was funny but oh so sad to see people voting and not even knowing what they were voting for except for the name OBAMA.

  26. Hooray Obama! God be by your side always! I know you will do great things for this country.

  27. And guess what? We who voted for Obama are not sheep following sheep to the nearest cliff. We follow a man who has great vision for the future of this country. He's like a breath of fresh air! God Bless him in all of his endevors.

  28. Hi Kari,

    Where are you? I had no idea all of this was going on in your comments. Are you just busy putting up Christmas decorations? Hope you are doing well. Take care........

  29. Kari, you are a brave woman opening your blog up for people to come in here and tell you off just because they don't agree with you. You know what I was thinkin? Our country hasn't come as far as people seem to think because instead of saying, "we have a new president", they're saying "we have a black president". When we start acknowledging people by their actions and not their color, then I will think that the US has FINALLY really become a melting pot.


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