Monday, October 6, 2008

In the famous words of a Batman foe...

riddle me this: why are politics such a touchy subject? Why do so many of us not want to talk about the presidential race? Isn't this subject one of paramount importance to us? Don't you dare say "no". Don't you dare say it doesn't matter who's in office "because it won't affect me". Who we elect does matter and it does affect every single one of us. For those of you who feel that who you vote for is a personal decision, I get that. I know that there's a reason we go into a booth all alone and pull those levers or punch those chads or fill in those circles in total privacy. It's to protect us voters from intimidation and/or attempts to influence our votes. I actually like that aspect of the voting booth. Here's what I don't get, though. Why are so many of us afraid to discuss our political choices with even our own friends? Why are we so afraid to express any political disagreements we may have with one another? Even more importantly, why is it so difficult to explain to one another why we like a certain candidate? I ask because, well...I honestly don't get Barack Obama's appeal. I just don't. As far as I can see, he has very questionable associations in his political past, his main accomplishments in his adult life are that he's written two autobiographies (one of which was inspired by a sermon given by Rev. Jeremiah Wright - a man I do not hesitate to call a racist) and he's campaigned for the office of president the majority of the time he's been a senator. How does that even begin to qualify him for the office of President of the United States of America? I know that some of you out there do support him, though. And I'd like to know why. Not so I can disrespect your choice and certainly not so that I can mock you, but mainly because you may possess information that I do not have and I'd like to know it. I need facts. I need to hear from people like me who have differing views. I need to learn all I can so that I can make an informed decision.
Have you ever been on a debate team? Do you know what the beauty of real debate is? It's getting to hear the position from "the other side". To bring that even closer to home...have you ever disagreed with your spouse on an issue regarding one of your children? Randey and I sure have. He's more "soft" and I'm more "hard line". I tend to speak in absolutes while Randey's full of "second chances". Normally, we manage to work it out without a lot of discussion. However, occasionally, we have some major disagreements about certain issues. We work it out like this: one of us will make an actual list (on paper) that details exactly what we think should happen. Then the other one takes that list and, item by item, either agrees or disagrees and if we disagree, we offer an alternative solution or we state what our position is. The list goes back to the other person and so on until we're able to reach an agreement between us that we both can live with. The amazing thing about this method? I've had to realize on more than one occasion that I had become too hard nosed about something and wasn't considering all the ramifications of an action I was proposing. The same thing has happened with Randey. He's been able to see the "other side" of an issue that he hadn't previously considered. Learning what Randey's stances were and how he came to those stances has helped me understand the "bigger picture". I believe the same could be said of him. That's what debate is for.
I want to hear from you Obama supporters. I want to know why you believe he'll be the better president. I want to hear the "other side". I wish I could depend on the media for this, but I can't. CNN and MSNBC are so far in the tank for Obama that I question everything I see and hear from them. FOX is so far in the tank for McCain that I question them, too. In fact, Steve Doocy from Fox and Friends could be called the "Chris Matthews of the Right". The other networks are no better. Maybe not as obvious, but still pretty much uninformative on the issues I want to hear about. I was watching ABC this morning and they were talking about a hard hitting story on what caused this banking crisis and who was responsible. What did their "investigation" uncover? That the head of Lehman Brothers made $500 million while his company was knowingly making bad loans. Well, duh. Thanks a lot. I wanted to hear more about who in Washington should be held responsible. Why? Because those are the people we elect to look out for us. I didn't elect the head of Lehman Brothers. And after researching for myself and learning about the outrageous bonuses and salaries paid to these CEOs, I kind of figured out for myself that most of them are crooks. I think law enforcement should be investigating those guys. I think the media should be investigating our politicians. And I mean investigating - not digging for dirt, not joining in on the feeding frenzy of the pundits and not trying to sway public opinion one way or the other. Remember when Sarah Palin was first announced as McCain's running mate? Man, the media just ate her and her family alive. Some of it, I agreed with. I do want to know her background, her record, her stances...I want to know what her constituents think of her. The rest of it? Not so much. It wasn't necessary for me to know that she colors her hair, I didn't need to see where she got her hair done, I didn't need to see that picture of her wearing the beauty queen crown every single day, week after week, when I clicked on a story from I also want to hear about Obama's ties to Ayers, his ties to Jeremiah Wright, his ties to Acorn. I want to hear how and why he came to be in Chicago. How he financed his education at both Columbia and Harvard and how he and his wife (who were supposedly saddled with extensive debt from student loans that reportedly paid for their educations) could afford to spend several months in Bali while he wrote his first autobiography. Who can do that? How could they be swimming in debt and yet afford a 3 month trip to Indonesia? Yes, it matters! If his entire political career has been financed by others, I want to know who financed it. What was their stake in this? And if he paid for it himself, how? I'm not sure why the press isn't reporting on this. Heck, Palin made a comment about Obama "palling around with terrorists" and she's being slammed every which way for it. CNN flat out said her claim was false.'s not. Look up the Chicago Annenberg Challenge online. I did. My research on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge certainly tended to indicate a more extensive relationship between Obama and Ayers than Obama has previously indicated. Obama's response, when asked about Ayers during the 2008 Democratic Primary presidential primaries, was this:
"This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who's a professor of English in Chicago who I know and who I have not received some official endorsement from. He's not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis."

Okay. But not only did Obama and Ayers have multiple contacts in connection with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, they also served on the the Woods Fund of Chicago together for years, and Ayers hosted a meet-and-greet at his house to introduce Obama to his neighbors during Obama's first Illinois state Senate campaign in 1995. By the way, for those of you who don't know who Ayers is, think on this: Ayers describes himself this way:
"I am a radical, Leftist, small 'c' communist ..."

In 1969 he co-founded the violent radical left organization Weather Underground which was active during the 1960s and 1970s. Does it matter that Obama had this much contact with someone like William Ayers. Yeah, it does. It certainly matters a heck of a lot more than where Sarah Palin gets her hair done. I think it's unfortunate for us that the media has chosen to believe they are, by and large, a part of the political process rather than the reporters of it.

I'm asking all of you Obama supporters to please tell me what I'm missing about him. What do you see in him? I'm open to listen. If you don't feel comfortable doing that in a comment, please e-mail me at grannyskywalker (at) yahoo (dot) com. I want to hear your views. Let me be honest, though, and tell you I might use your comments in a future post. I will not, however, use your name if you expressly request that I do not. I'm not wanting to put anyone on the hot seat, but rather I'm wanting to start a dialogue. I want to listen, I want to understand. I want to learn all I can before I cast my vote this November.


  1. I'm not an Obama supporter for many of the same reasons as you, but I'm also also not a McCain supporter for many of those reasons too.

  2. Hi Girlfriend!

    Remember me? Life has been sooooo C-R-A-Z-Y lately...but a good kind of crazy, so I can't complain even though it has kept me from visiting. But...I'm home now...for a week or so anyway.

    I've had fun reading all your posts I've missed. I love love love your Fall tree!!!! And I'm with you about this dang hot weather. I'm so ready for cool weather and being able to wear my Fall and Winter clothing. I agree with you about the press and Obama too. I get pretty fed up watching the news! Congrats on keeping up with your healthy eating. You go girl!


  3. Please urge undecided and not Mc Cain supporters to think of what he's given for this country at least~~~versus nothing..

  4. I had the "opportunity" to answer a phone survey over the political candidates this weekend. Very loaded questions if you ask me.
    I don't talk about politics because I don't see much difference between the candidates.
    I say that like this:
    McCain, who historically has done his own thing as a Republican senator, is beholden to the Republican party. They are the ruling party of the last 8 years. They are not likely to change significantly. It would take some serious convincing for me to believe that he would do anything different. The parties control all the people who go into the cabinet and other positions, not the candidates. He can talk about maverick and independence all he wants. He will have to tow the Republican line to remain in favor with Congress and the forces that will have brought him to power. And what he says before he's elected, doesn't mean it will happen when he's elected.
    Obama is inexperienced. I think he is truly beholden to some people (who did he have to sell his soul to) to gain so much momentum and importance in such a short time? I'm afraid of who will be in power if Obama is president. All I can say is that he is in a different party than the current ruling party. Something is bound to change. However, I don't want a socialist, welfare state. But candidates talk a lot, and what he says before he's elected, doesn't mean it will happen when he's elected.
    So I am truly undecided. I wish "None of the Above" was a choice. I am a moderate who's tired of the way things have been. I'm pretty fiscally conservative. I am for less government. These might be traits of a Republican you could say. I am more Libertarian in my view of how much government there should be. I think other candidates might fit my views better. But voting for anyone other than the "big 2" is throwing your vote away. Such are the consequences of a 2 party system where the candidates are not directly elected.
    That's how I feel. Most of the time I feel my vote is horribly insignificant when I walk into my local polling place. It's hard to feel significant when you can see 12 other people in line who are canceling your vote.
    I will vote this year, but I may not have made up my mind until Novemeber. The chance that McCain could be a "Maverick" keeps him in the standing in my book. The likelihood that Obama will be different than the last 8 years keeps him high in my book.
    Experience accounts for very little because the 2 men will do very little on their own if they are president. they will sorround themselves with very experienced people who the parties owe or who owe the parties.

  5. Hi :) Wanted to drop you a line to see how you are doing? I see your in the same Political boat as I. Anchor's away my friend... November is around the corner.

    I LOVE your tree! But gosh I bet you cant wait for November 1st arrive so we can decorate for our favorite holiday of all huh (:

  6. I get so much political news shoved down my throat at home I don't really blog about it... Matt watches it 24/7 and calls me many times a day to check the polls on I honestly don't like either. I am afraid that McCain is too cranky and will be just for more big business. I originally thought Obama might be the "antichrist"... but although I'm not a big fan I am ready for some changes. I am not sure about Palin because she just seems to inexperienced. I want to like her, and do like her. I would enjoy blogging with her or visiting I'm sure, but president? Not sure. I realize McCain did serve, but am worried he is too out of touch with average people. I think he has a nice family and has done a lot of good things... so I don't "hate" anyone. I just am not really on board for anyone either. Matt likes Obama. Most Christians don't like Obama which has caused him some conflict with Christian friends. They say the reason is because he is not anti-abortion. The republicans have been in control for eight years and haven't changed those laws so I don't think it's happening, it's just put on the table to get the conservatives riled up.... I am a registered republican though.

    I don't know if any of that made any sense :)... guess this blonde will stay away from politics!

    When are we going to lunch?

  7. Hi,

    I honestly don't know I came to you lol but WOW, sure glad I did. You and I agree on so many points. I am for McCain all the way, Obama just plain scares the heck out of me, we DON'T know him, all we get are his NOTIONS, we like you say, know Palin colors her hair etc..but we don't even know Obama's grades @ Columbia and Harvard what his thesis was on never mind Acorn, Ayers etc we know NOTHING everything is a secret. Yet so many are going to VOTE just for change YIKES not good. Let's face it nothing moves quickly in Washington, neither one is going to go in and FIX a thing. But I for one want to elect someone that dosen't feel he has to hide his past.

    Scary times ahead.

    Great post

  8. You know the first time I saw Barack Obama was at the Democratic National Convention 4 years ago. I was watching along with many other Democrats hoping that John Kerry would be able to bring our country back on track. This young upstart from Illinois took the stage and I was in awe. This man could be the first black American to be President of the United States. He got it, he really got what America is SUPPOSED to be about. Not red states and blue states but United States. To tell the truth I didn't expect that he'd be the Democratic candidate this quickly. I'd hoped Hillary would be with Obama as her running mate. Unfortunately many people are still too concerned with the sex lives of others and not focused on the real issues like health care and the economy. So Obama it is and there's no question for me that he's the better candidate than McCain. Why, I agree with his platform mostly. I can't vote for someone because of something they did 30 some odd years ago. I have to vote for the here and now and the future. I don't want to see the RIGHT to choose taken away from women. I don't want to see the health care plan that McCain has put in place. I don't want to see "drill baby drill" Sarah Palin in the White House.

  9. Well, as you probably know I WAS on the debating team...because I'll argue with a wall...I can't bring myself to be a fan of Obama for the very reasons you have stated here. And they're all facts. How do I know that? Because you set them here in concrete and you are probably the most "get it right" woman or man that I know! Great post!
    Aunt Sandi

  10. I so thank-you for these post as they can get one to thiking and asking questions. Please keep posting this is helpful..m..

  11. Well now, I've been sitting on the sidelines here watching to see if there would be anyone who would take you up on your challenge. It's been interesting.

    You've done your homework, still the surface has only begun to be scratched. Sometimes the truth is ugly and in B. Obama's case, it's downright despicable. How anyone would want to vote for a man whose first meetings about running for office took place in the living room of a domestic terrorist such as W. Ayers is beyond me.

    Yup, I don't always demand enough of my president, but one thing I do expect is that he will be a patriot. Barack Obama definitely does NOT fit that criterion.

  12. Well, you know where I stand.

    And your O. supporter readers have not convinced me otherwise.

    Thank you for your well thought out and documented post. {I usually only find such, on the Net. But not in 'Pretty Blog Land.'} Maybe 'cause others here, are dedicated to soft, warm and cozy... As I am, in 'Smilnsigh.'

    And I never find a place for quiet discussion, except here in your comments. So, I don't "go there," on 'Smilnsigh,' Thank you for "going there."

    Courage, Kari

    Miss Mari-Nanci

  13. Yep, back again.

    To add a link.

    A very interesting link.

    Ask you to read this, and not be petrified...

    Miss Mari-Nanci

  14. Ooops... forgot to make it a link, a la blogger.

    Read this.

  15. I'm going to check out M-N's link.

    Thanks for posting this, Kari. I think you might know where I stand, not sure if I emailed you about it, so maybe you don't. Lots on my mind (health-home-etc) the past few weeks.

    Anyway...I am so happy you have opened this post for dialog and I will be watching to see what happens.

  16. I kind of "un-bit" my tongue on my blog as well.

    As for the person who commented on the abortion laws not being "changed" yet... That will only be done by a Supreme Court vote and Supreme Court Judges sit on their benches until they die ...and are replaced by the President (approved by the House and Senate) it take a very long time for changes to occur and is really important to me which party is at the helm...especially since I am an adopted child, aka a previously unwated product of an irresponsible sex act between 2 people. THANK GOD - my natural Mother did not flush her sin away by flushing my life down the drain!

    And as for the person who does not want to see Abortion laws go away - how about just changing them to NOT include 3rd trimester "partial birth" abortions (MURDER) which is still completely legal.

    Even as right winged as I am, I would not take away the right of a raped woman to get a D&C afterwards. Even as right winged as I am, I would not take away the right of parents to choose for a pregnant child under the age of 15. Even as right winged as I am - I would not take away the choice of a woman whose life is truly threatened by the pregnancy.

    Every Pro-life person I know agrees with the above statements I just typed out! We can be a better country, a better people and make better choices!

  17. I can't say I am a blue blood Obama supporter but I can tell you that I like his economic policy. I like the idea of the rich being taxed more than me. 1/3 of my income was taken in taxes last year and that is with a detail itemized list. My friend, who makes over 250,000 says she paid over 25% in taxes. THAT TICKS ME OFF! We have the same accountant so its not that.

    I like that people who are getting more in the world to pay more. Those of us with less, getting charged less. Look at what has happened to the "rich" who got all the tax breaks???

    I am ready for No Child Left Behind to be OVER. I know it might not be very soon, but I think that McCain will keep it going and I cannot bear that. You should see how schools have changed these past 8 years. It is so scary and so different. Look at my post about the 1980s grade card. Our kindergarten grade card now lists 200 skills we expect kg students to have before first grade... and kg isn't required in Missouri!!

    You are danged right I want change. Look at the mess we are in. A war, economic crises, housing market to shams, our retirement funds gone. Who was in charge during all of this? Who didn't see it coming? I am so mad at so many things right now.

    I hung out with some shady characters during my youth. I was at several rallies for women's rights and hung out with people who were put in jail over and over for standing up and standing loud. How does who you associate with as a youngster define who you are today? All it did for me was to teach me the tricks of the trade, so when those little ones come to the office for being "mischevious" they have nothing on me! Couldn't the same be said with Obama? He hung around with the "wrong" people and so now he knows the tricks of the very ones we are fighting?

    Ok, believe it or not, I have NOT decided on who to vote for. I really like McCain. There are traits that I really admire. Will those transfer into a belief he would make the best president? I don't know.

    Ok.... take me on sweet girl! You know I love ya, so bring it on!


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