Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday's "Finding a Weigh Out of Fat"

I have a question for you guys for this week's post. We've talked about favorite snacks, favorite recipes, favorite tips, etc., but I have an issue that's been bugging me a bit. What do you guys do when you find yourself out and about, away from home, during lunch? What do you eat? I mean, where do you go to find a good, low point (for WW) or low calorie/low fat lunch? Do you bring a lunch with you and if so, what's in that lunch? Do you stop at certain restaurants and get something and if so, what do you get? I know it's important to not skip meals, but sometimes, when I'm running around during the day and find myself getting hungry around lunchtime, I'm at a loss as to where to go or what to get. Any tips? What do you guys do?


  1. Hello dear Kari,

    I am soooo behind with visiting...UGH! Never seems to be enough hours in a day anymore. I've just caught up with your latest posts and I'm SO sorry I missed your birthday!!!! I didn't realize it was on the 12th! I've written it down in my little birthday book so I won't forget. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    How wonderful that you got to meet a blogging friend...isn't it exciting to meet face to face:-) YOU, my dear friend, are much too hard on yourself...your arms do NOT look girnormous in the pictures! lol Speaking of which, I was gone shopping last night for some clothes and trying on some shirts and pants...NOT a pretty sight! lol

    OMIGOSH, I'm just loving your Autumn tree, what a fabulous idea! It's gorgeous!!!

    As for the question you're asking in your post today....when I'm out and about during lunch time, and I'm trying to watch my weight (HA!) I'll usually head to Subway and get a Veggie Wrap or a big tossed salad. Most of the time, though, it's a hamburger and onion rings...SIGH! lol xoxo

  2. It depends... if I'm having lunch with someone and want to enjoy it, I do! And then don't eat much supper to try to help make up for it... but if I'm running around or am just grabbing something to eat while moving I will get a kid's meal. They are pretty low in points. At chick fila you can get the chicken sandwich on a wheat bun and it's about 8 points (i think i need to double check that) but that and a drink is lunch... or at a burger place, just a junior burger is usually 7 points... so is a junior at arbys. I think sticking to the kid's portions is almost safe.

  3. If I'm out and about and trying to be good, I eat at Wendy's or Applebee's. Applebee's because, as you know, they offer those yummy meals from the reduced calorie meal and Wendy's because I can eat Dr. Phil approved things there.

  4. reduced calorie Menu not meal...but then, you knew what I meant. ;>

  5. I usually end up eating whatever I want, but I try to cut the portions in half. Or, I end up not eating much for dinner. Maybe, just some vegetables or something to make up for the extra points at lunch.

    I do like going to St. Louis Bread Company (Panera) because their chicken noodle soup is low points. Usually, the broth based soups aren't too bad.

    I did buy one of the "Dining Out Companion" books from WW because I like to flip through to see how many points things are at some of the local restaurants.

    Hope that helps you a little bit?

  6. I like Subway or Panera. Wendy's Chili is pretty good and easy to fit if you count points. Panera bean soup is really good. I like the mexican salad from McDonald's. Or if I'm at a Mom & Pop restaurant I go for a turkey on whole wheat, skip the mayo and get a good mustard, layer on the tomatoes, lettuce, etc. Oh, tell them to leave the chips off :~)

  7. I try to order something a wrap with the dressing on the side etc....or I'll eat what I want and control myself later in the day..(sometimes)
    A great website and book I've come across is it has amazing ideas and recipes....check it out! they give you weight watchers points too which is so hard to figure out sometimes!

  8. Hi Kari,

    I usually end up at Subway. I think their turkey sub without cheese is only 5 points and the veggies are free points and I just get mustard on my sandwich(thank goodness I don't like mayo much). Also Applebee's has some nice options on their WW menu but they took off my favorite one. And I also get the grilled talipia when we go to Red Lobster and just get double veggies instead of rice or a potato. I have found most restaurants are willing to cook something without all the fat for you. Oh and I also take along my little bottle of the one calorie spray salad dressing in my purse for a salad. I get alot of comments for bringing it with me from but hey it works and keeps me within my points. Hope that this has helped. I didn't do any of this on vacation and it will show when I weigh in this afternoon. I am not a happy camper today. LOL

  9. That is where your diet bars come in handy. Keep them in your purse and make sure you use the ones that go with whatever program you are on. When I do the high protein diet - I always have almonds with me..or an Atkins bar.

  10. You know now that the government is making everyone put calorie and nutriant values on everything, you'd think it'd be easier wouldn't you? I guess the best thing is to go to a restaurant that has a really great salad bar, and take a bottle of your special weight watchers salad dressing with you on the off chance they don't have anything you can dose all those veggies with...I wish you luck
    Aunt Sandi

  11. I always try to eat subway because it's the healthiest place here. I used to get oil and vinegar but now I only get vinegar because the oil was adding too much extra fat and calories. It taste just as good. Also I only get wheat bread and turkey or chicken, they are the healthiest options I believe. It's always hard to find something healthy when out for me too. I guess a salad is always safe, but I am not always in the mood for that. Nick lost another 3 pounds so he's pretty happy. I on the other hand am still sitting at the same weight. I wish it would stop raining here so I could get my nightly walk going. Oh and good job on losing more weight last week. And you were worried, you are doing so great!!! Love ya!

  12. So Subway is a staple.

    If you are trying to ramp up the protein I have eaten pintos and cheese at Taco Bell. High in fat, but the portion is small, it is filling, and it is high in protein and fiber.

    Zaxby's has an AWESOME grilled chicken salad, and Chic Filet has a good grilled chicken sandwich on a wheat bun.

    Girl, I can TALK some food.


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