Monday, August 18, 2008

Tropic Thunder, My Baby's Movin' on Up, More Art, Maddy's Masterpiece and a Plea for Recipes!

It's been a hectic weekend. I'm on another one of my "gotta get organized" kicks so naturally, everything in the house is a total mess. lol What I wouldn't give for more storage in this house!! Geez. Seems like I'm constantly shifting stuff from one pile to another and not making any progress whatsoever. But that's a whole other story. I'd just as soon not think about it right now so I'll move along, okay? :)
Randey and I saw Tropic Thunder Friday evening. It was offensive on so many levels, it was stupid, it was gross, it was sometimes over-the-top bizarre...and man, did we love it! I haven't laughed so hard in a theater since we saw Blades of Glory. Robert Downey, Jr. is pure genius. I'm normally not too impressed with anyone who makes their living in Hollywood, but this guy is an exception. I loved him in Ironman, I loved him in Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang and I totally and completely adored him in this movie. Nobody plays a character better and nobody pokes fun at himself better, either. Genius, I tell you, genius. Another stand out performance in this movie was that of Tom Cruise. Yeah, I know. I stopped diggin' Tom Cruise right about the time he kicked Nicole to the curb and started couch jumping over Katie. But his performance in this movie almost made me like him again. Almost. (He played a great role, but afterwards, well - he's still Tom Cruise - couch-pounding maniac.) If you can enjoy a whole lot of un-politically correct humor, this movie is for you. If you're easily offended, skip it. And there you have it. Another movie review from me. Woo-hoo! lol
Check out Jacob, my baby. He was headed to a job interview so he broke down and dressed in something other than a t-shirt and plaid shorts. It worked for him, too. He got the job and has gone from working fast food to working in retail sales. He's already planning on how to spend the big bucks he'll be making. lol
Remember our fetish for cheap art? Well, check this out:
It's a watercolor painting of an actual windmill. It's the Berney Arms Mill in Norfolk, U.K. It actually has a sticker on the back with the name of the artist and the artist's contact information. I googled the name of the mill and found several webpages with information regarding the origin and the current use of the mill. I think it's a beautiful little watercolor and, at $3 (sorry, Kat, I can't help myself - I have to tell how little we paid! lol), an absolute steal.
When Maddy Moose (our oldest granddaughter) was visiting earlier this month, she and I went to Granbury and painted ceramics together. As you can see, Maddy's granny (moi) has not found her calling when it comes to painting these things. Who knew the brush strokes would show up so much??? Here's the front of my piece:
And here's the back:
Now here's Maddy's. This kid is so creative and so free-spirited, it was a given that I would love her piece. Here's the front of hers:
And here's the back:
I am kicking my own butt for not having her do two pieces so that I could keep one. What was I thinking??? Well, now I know better. Next time around, Moose will be painting something for herself and something for her granny. lol
One more thing. I haven't received many recipes yet for the "Finding a Weigh Out of Fat" post coming up this Wednesday. You only have a day or two to get those to me!! If you have one, please e-mail me with it ASAP (or type it into a comment). Come on, guys! Share what you've got and help the rest of us out! If we're going to lose weight together, we need to do it all together. Including helping each other out in the kitchen (metaphorically, anyway. You'll have to find your own helpers to do the dishes. lol).


  1. I love the art, Maddy sure has the artistic touch. Granny does too!

    Hope your week is a super duper one!

  2. Hi Kari,

    Good for your young man getting a new job. He looks very nice in his dress shirt. Your pottery looks great, I can't wait until my Maddie is big enough to do this with Grams. They are both so pretty. Gosh weds. is kind of coming up fast so let me look over my recipes and email you one. Do you have the one from weight watchers for the turkey burger on an english muffin? They gave it out in one of the classes. If not I'll send it to you. I think it's 5 points and it is good. I'm trying real hard to get this weight off. I think I kind of forgot this is a lifetime thing and not just getting down to my goal and start eating like I did before. But my leader is going through the same thing as me so I get lots of positive encouragement from her. How's it going for you this week? Let me know about the turkey burger.

  3. Hi,

    I just dropped in from Cheryl Wray's blog. I was intrigued that you mentioned the cousin's getaway. I think that is so cool. I wish I could do that with my cousins. I am the oldest and the young ones are still paying for college, etc. so we don't see much of each other.

    I loved your post. We so agree on Robert Downey, Jr. and Tom Cruise. You are definitely my kind of gal.

    Have a great week.

    ~hippo hugs~

  4. You are one totally funny girl. I loved what you had to say about the movie, and the guys. And yeah, no matter how good an actor ol Tom is, he's always gonna be a nut in my book anyway.

    I'd love to give you recipes, but

    l. I don't cook unless someone begs me to.

    2. I'm eating everything in sight since I quit smoking.

    3. I'm on a non-existent low sodium, so there you go. blah.

    I'll watch for the recipes though since I'm now officially overweight. :(

  5. I like both pieces but you're right Maddy's is pretty special. Fun for you to go together. Those Olympics are really messing with my sleep schedule. But they only happen every two years(I'm as rabid about the winter games) so what the heck.

  6. Oh and I know I was forgetting something when I clicked. Congrats to your young man on his new job!

  7. He looks so nice, did he get the job?

  8. Your son looks so handsome! Who wouldn't hire him?!

    Love the ceramics, too.

  9. I guess you can count me among those easily offended :) I admit I haven't seen the movie, but that scene between Stiller and Downey Jr talking about why Stiller didn't win an Oscar playing Simple Jack? That scene offends me. In particular Downey Jr's character saying "you went full r*tard. You never go full r*tard" offends me. That phrase is already on shirts being sold online, kids will probably be wearing it in school, and I dread the day Kayla will have to see something like that.

    I've heard Stiller's response that it wasn't meant to offend, it was a satire poking fun of Hollywood and other actors etc, and taken in the context of the movie it's supposed to be funny. Regardless of what the context is, and that it was supposed to be funny, it just isn't - at least not for me. Ditto with the scene between Stiller and his agent talking about Stiller's plan to adopt. His agent saying "at least you get to chose your son" and then showing a picture of him with his son who appears to have a disability. Anyway, just my opinion coming from a different point of view of why it offends me :) Hope you don't mind my long comment in response!

    Good luck to Jacob in his new job - he looks spiffy!

  10. WOW! It's funny how things work sometimes. Brat Girl and I just went and painted ceramics yesterday! Now, we just have to wait for them to fire everything. I made a "popcorn" bowl. LOL! We'll see how that turns out!

  11. Just dropped in to say Hey!
    I love the ceramics you painted...what a treasured keepsake Maddie's will become.

    Good for your son getting out of fast food! My g'son just did the same & now he's a waiter at a nice restaurant. I'd never want to wait tables again!

    Thanks for the movie review, Hugs, DebraK

  12. Go Jacob! Now, how handsome is he??
    Danny worked at a Birger King in Illinois for a year so I know that Jacob is ready to MOVE on!! : )

    Love the pottery pieces. I bet that was such fun. Miss Moose will have memories of that day forever.
    We had a place like that here but it has closed. There is one a little farther away but it might be a great place to drive to for a little day thingee soon.

    Love the art and I say, be proud of what you paid!! : ) Any idiot can pay hundreds for art but it takes an eye to grab something pretty for that price! I am serious!

    More soon...hope all is well.


  13. I love Robert Downey (Jr) I could watch Heart and Souls over and over and over...come to think of it, I have watched it over and over and over...I think your art piece is wonderful! I wouldn't call it cheap...I would call it a steal, too! I have a water color I got while we lived in England that I just love...I'll have to post a pic of it...and your own art work is very nice...why do you cut yourself down! Maddy's is lovely of course...but so is yours! Now, as to this recipe thingy...I have a recipe for what I call "Lunch Snack" peel and cube 2 sweet potatoes and 2 granny smith steam the sweet potatoes for about 7 minutes, then put in the granny smith apples and steam (with the sweet taters) for about another 7 to 10 minutes or until they both mash easily...mash together and butter, no sugar...just a wonderful lunch filling lunch snack! I do this about twice a week for Uncle Wally and'll love it I hope!
    love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  14. $3.00??????? Seriously?

    You go girl!



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