Saturday, June 7, 2008

Where For Art Thou, Winter?

As most of you know, I'm a lover of colder weather. I miss the cold. I really miss the cold. The heat we've been having here is almost torture for me. (Yeah, yeah, I'm a bit of a drama queen. So what.) But this is what I'm yearning for...
Snow, snow, glorious snow. What do I have? Heat, heat, heart-stopping heat. Geez. I gotta move further north....

P.S. Joan, stop shaking your head at me! I know it's a bit soon to be talking about snow. Well, for you, it's a bit soon. For me? It's never too soon!! lol


  1. Hi Kari! I'm right there with ya girlie! I'm okay with a little heat but after it starts to get wickedly hot I'm over it and ready for winter! I guess the older I get the crankier I am......
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Yep, it was 90 here the other day and believe me that is way to early! All we've had are Thunderstorms, Floods and Tornadoes, since it quit snowing and now it's 90 already!aarrgghh...

    I imagine the farmers are enjoying the the wheat and hay will dry out enough to combine/cut and bale. But it would dry out just as well at 75 or 80! Don'cha think?

    We've now split three of those delicious DP's...heaven!
    Hope your Saturday is mighty fine.

  3. That hot, eh? Oh dear. Well I always have that danged snowbank that you can visit. ;>

  4. The hot summer has only just begun. It's the first week of June! We haven't even felt the worst of it.

  5. We have been in the 90's here for the last few days! And they are calling for them for the rest of the week! We have also been getting tons of rain, flooding, tornadoes, and all kinds of fun weather. It seems that we go straight from Winter to Summer and then Summer to Winter. No Spring or Fall anymore.

    I don't miss the cold though! NOPE! Don't want it either! LOL!

  6. How about a happy medium.50 degrees all year round????

    I hope that you are having a great day today.That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  7. Well you just may get some snow when you get to Cook CIty!! Can't wait to see you!!

    Love ya

  8. I have a very narrow range that I am comfortable in. It doesn't include that nasty heat OR snow (except for the three days a year we sometimes get)

    I'd be happier with a little SUN though. 50 degrees and rainy is getting old in June!

  9. -chuckle- Well, I don't need snow. But my fav season is Autumn. Full fruitfulness of the growing season ~ but with crisper temps. :-))))


  10. Between the humidity we're having here and the hot flashes...I mean power surges...hehe....I'm wishing for snow too! Ugh! I could never live in the tropics, I'd melt for sure! lol xoxo

  11. I'm with you sister! Melting away here and gonna get worse today and tomorrow. Hate the heat!

  12. LOL You know I like the summer Kari! It does feel more like August around here than June.


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