Saturday, June 28, 2008

Orange You Glad the World is a Colorful Place to Be?

Okay, okay, so that was pretty cheesy. But this is my first week to join in on the Brenda Photo Challenge (hosted this week by Joni) and, wouldn't you know it, this week's theme is the color ORANGE! When I first heard the theme, I groaned out loud. Orange? What can I take a picture of that's orange?? (I sometimes have issues with thinking outside the box. Obviously.) Then I saw what Jeanne posted and Joan gave me a little guidance by telling me the things she was going to photograph and I suddenly remembered; the world's a colorful place! I can find 3 orange things, no sweat! And I did. First, here's my orange Lantana that I planted in our backyard a few seasons ago. (Nothing like a hardy perennial, eh!)

I found this next image on my computer. This is a compilation of 2 pictures that I took while at the Mall of America last week. The compilation consists of the orange neon of the "Minnesot-ah!" sign (which in itself just cracks me up) and the bright orange of the Nickelodeon sign from the amusement park located in the center of the mall.
And last, but certainly not least, Tropical Twist Trident gum comes in a pretty, yummy looking orange package. I usually keep at least 2 packs of this stuff in my purse at all times.
So there. I've done it. I've participated in my very first Brenda Photo Challenge. And had a blast doing it. Can't wait to travel Blogland and see the pictures everyone else came up with. For any other Brenda Photo Challenge virgins out there, what are you waiting for? Grab that camera and join in! Thank you Joan and Jeanne for leading me into this with and by your examples. Now stop laughing about my gum fetish. Please.


  1. And well done too, little girl! I of course love the Lantana most of can't walk around here without tripping on a Lantana according to Uncle Wallace (who is busily trying to take the place over with cranberry bushes, plum trees and pomegranates! Lovely pictures, tho...
    Aunt Sandi

  2. Hi Kari,

    Great photos!! Okay I wouldn't know that was a Lantana, I had trouble with naming my daylilly for my photo. LOL I love the photo from the Mall of America and the gum package is great! I'm glad you decided to play.

  3. Awww Kari!! Great photos!!! Especially, the Gum!! I would not have thought about that one!!LOL..Great shots!! Sorry I didn't have you on my list!!! I'm adding you Right Now!!!hughugs

  4. Wonderful orange challenge photos!! I missed putting you on my sidebar list too but I'm heading over now to do that.

    Thank you for joining us in our photo fun!

  5. Great job, love all the pictures!! :)

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lantana shot! We used to have Lantana when we lived in California. SO PRETTY! I don't see it much where we live now. I am thinking maybe it doesn't do so well here or something. I am going to have to look it up and check it's zones.

    Nothing like a challenge to fire up those brain cells huh? LOL!

  7. Oh, I do love that Lantana. I wonder if it would grow up here. Great photos!

  8. great banner. great photos.
    That's my story and by golly I'm sticking to it. big Time hugs and God's love and blessings to your home from mine.

  9. Great shots! This sounds like a fun challenge. And I enjoyed your random-inbetween-vacation photos as well, how thoughtful to give us a glimpse into Fall :-)

  10. Wow Great photos. The flowers are gorgeous and the gum!! Too funny!

  11. love your photos! The lantana is my favorite shot, it's very clear and just boasts of the color orange! Glad you joined for the next photo challenge!


  12. WooHoo Kari! you did awesome girl! Love that Lantana, never seen one before and you captured it beautifully! The Mall of America shots are very cool and great thinking on the gum.

  13. Oh.My.Word! Girl, your photos are amazing! Do you have a new camera...or is it your new photography skills?

    Love your new header too.


  14. Great photos. I particularly love the lantana because it's a flower that was always around in most places that I've lived, and I miss it now that I'm back in the UK. I love the smell of the flowers.

  15. you did an amazing job with your photos....such vibrant color!!! wonderful! this was my first challenge also, and i have had a blast visiting everyone! i looove lantana....again...great job! :)

  16. Love the new picture of your family on your blog Clementine!!!

    Hey--don't even THINK you are putting too many vacation blogs up. That's the cheapest way I have of visiting 11 states in 12 days and I absolutely LOVE reading and seeing the pics!!!!!! More more!!!!

  17. Great pics Kari ! Love the candy shot. Did you eat your props too?
    I 'freaked out' at the thought of orange too...then like you i realised it was everywhere ! LOL

    This was so fun!

    Shannon :)

  18. Girl, I am with you on the gum thing.

    AND, I have missed you. Life is a wild wild ride right now, so I am going to take some time to read and get caught up with you.

    I REALLY have missed you.


  19. Knock, knock...
    who's there?
    orange who?
    Orange you glad I stopped by?

  20. I love Lantanas..They are like little jewels.
    Great photo..
    xoxo Nita

  21. My first visit here and didn't know your son is a TSgt, how neat!

    You know I retired from the AF cause you visited me and I thank you! This challenge was fun and you have some great shots! I scrolled down and you have quite a bit of orange from the trip of yours, LOL, especially the orange countertop in the funny bathroom!

    Great job and I enjoyed this!

  22. Nice! What a fun idea...glad that you're participating!

    Wait, lantana is a perennial? I have some in a hanging pot and had no idea what it it, though. Wonder if it's hardy in my zone...

  23. I love the lantana - though it is a weed here in Australia. We used to have a heap of it across the road inthe reserve but they have slowly ripped it all out and replaced it with native plants.

    I was a little late with my photos. Hope that you get a chance to visit.


  24. That's a beautiful bloom you captured on the Lantana.
    Mama Bear

  25. You did goood Lady! For pics of a kind of a tough color choice for the week. I'd forgotten about that color challenge. Good thing, hu?

    But trouble is, I'm challenged about adding those linky things to my blog entry. And you are supposed to do so. So, I put up one 'white' photo and never did any more. Oh welllll...



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