Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dad's Birthday Gift, Wendy's "Poof" Fairy and a Surprise for Maddy Moose (but don't tell her, Jodie! lol)

I finally finished the little scrapbook I was working on for my dad's birthday. I had done myself a "book of Dad" not too long ago, but I decided I would do one for him for his birthday, which is next week. Dad's not a sentimental kind of guy so I don't know what he'll think of this. I hope he likes it, though. He's so hard to choose gifts for. I think that's true of most dads, huh? Anyway, here's the cover (this book is only 6" x 6"): The next picture tells, on the left side, of 12 things my father taught me. The right side tells of twelve things my father never taught me. I used the same photo, but used a program that makes it look like a water-color painting. Then for the picture on the right, I reversed the image and changed it to black and white.These next pages show my dad's parents (on the left) and on the right is a picture of Dad with his brothers, individual pictures of his sisters and a single picture of me.
This next one shows, on the left, an action shot of Dad sliding into 3rd base. He used to play on a softball league out at Tinker Air Force Base. Those games were a lot of fun to watch. The right side shows Dad demonstrating his perfect bowling form! My parents were always in a bowling league when we were growing up. In fact, that bowling alley is where I got my first real job. First I was a waitress in the snack bar, but kept forgetting to give people silverware. Then they switched me to short order cook. I still can't believe they didn't just fire me and be done with it. lol I think it's because the owners liked my parents so much, they didn't have the heart to tell them their daughter was a dork!
The next page I did (below on the left) tells my dad about some of the things I feel certain I inherited from him. (most of which I'm sure he'll agree with!) The page on the right is a picture of Dad and his lovely wife, Wendy.
These next pages show Dad's kids on the left and Wendy's kids on the right. His and Hers.
And then "theirs" (below) - the left page is all the grandchildren that Dad and Wendy have, combined. I whited out the names because I don't know if their parents would want their names all over my blog. The page on the right is a note to Dad from me. I blocked out some of it because that part is particularly personal.
And here's the back cover, featuring my brand-spanking new stamp that I so love. I know you guys are wondering why I've started showing so much scrapbooking stuff lately, aren't you? Well, aren't you? You're interested enough to wonder, right? (Say yes. You know I need the validation. lol) Anyway, the answer is simple. It's the easiest way I know to show this stuff to my daughter-in-law, Jodie. Loading these pictures onto e-mail takes forever and a day. Unfortunately, it means I'm now boring you guys to tears, I'm sure, but bear with me. I at least tried to make the background of the pictures bright and happy so they'd look halfway interesting. :)
Moving on...has anybody else seen these "Poof" fairies? I love 'em. I found them at our local Hallmark store and they just crack me up. Wendy's birthday is a few days after Dad's so I got her a "Poof" fairy to celebrate. It says "Poof! You're 29!". LOL They have ones that say "Poof! The dishes are done!" and "Poof! The house is clean!" (I could really use one of those...). Here's what they look like, although the different phrases come in different colors. They're so ugly, they're cute.
This next picture is NOT FOR MADDY'S EYES, JODIE! Do NOT let Maddy see this! This is the new Build-a-Bear they came out with today. It's a Topaz bear. I had to get it for the Moose because Topaz is her birthstone (she's a November baby). This is the cutest little thing! I named her Daisy May. Shut up, you guys! I happen to like that name! Although I kind of wish now that I had named her Buttercup, 'cause that's what I think of when I look at her. Not that I've been playing with her or anything. ha! The trick will be for us to hold off giving this to Maddy before her birthday. It's hard to hang onto something that long. It's the reason I can't shop for Christmas gifts throughout the year...I always end up giving the gifts waaaaay before Christmas and then I have to buy more.
Okay - that's enough goofiness for now. It's almost midnight (Yikes!). Time for all little bear buying, fairy poofing, scrapbook making chicks to be in bed. Goodnight, ya'll!


  1. I like the Daisy May name...her nickname can be Buttercup, ok? I think Joe Frank will be very impressed with your work, I really do. Funny how dad's don't say anything good about you to your face, but brag all over the place when you're not around. Yep, they're all the same!
    Aunt Sandi
    how bout that ryan secrest...I hate him...if they don't have Michael Johns back next week I may have to kick the tv...but I'll kick the old one, not the plasma!

  2. Kari...
    Your dad is going to love his new scrapbook...even if he never says a word...he will love it! It is did a great job! OH!! and I love your stamp...I meant to comment about that the other day...I am so going to that site and ordering a few...for myself and gifts!!

    I am the same way with gifts...I try so hard to find things throughout the year that I know will be well received...but like you I have such a hard time waiting for the appropriate occasion to give them out. I guess I just get a little too excited about the gift and wanting to share it...I know I'm a dork!!

    BTW...Daisy May/Mae is cute...just add Buttercup to it and that can be her last name! You can call her anything you want!! I love the colors...I know all about the November Topaz babies...both of my children are November kids. My daughter decided that she wanted to be blue topaz...though...she didn't care for the golden topaz color, so she just changed her color to BLUE...yea, she's like that...independent and knows what she likes...hmmmm...I am an April gem is a diamond...yea I ain't changing nothin'...mama didn't raise any crazies!!

    Enjoy your weekend...


  3. Oh.My.Word! You're amazing! Your Dad's gonna be so touched with the gift for sure, just knowing you put your heart and so much thought into making it for him. Great job!

    Love Daisy May...very cute!


  4. Kari,thank you for sharing the tidbit about your Dad playing base ball at Tinker Air Force Base.
    That reminded about my Dad playing Basketball when he was in Japan I have a piccture of him going up on a jump shot. I think I post that on my site if I had a flat scanner.

  5. If your dad doesn't love that scrapbook, I won't believe it. That's amazing and I really do like to see all your efforts. It makes me think that it's possible that I might get cracking and do for my daughter and one for my son. I really need to get to work. How much computer time would I have to give up? Don't tell me; I hate to know the facts.

    That build a bear is so sweet!

  6. Hello Dah-ling! Always makes me happy to hear from you. And of course, I call Em in here and she reads your comments too. Cause, YES, you are her favorite blogger.

    First of all, I want to say I LOVE the fact that you and your daughter in law are close and you use your blog to show things to her. It makes me feel honored to have access to the things that you guys share. I APPROVE!!

    The bear is adorable. Sounds like it passes the hug test. I have GOT to hug a stuffed animal before I buy it. If it is stiff and hard, it stays in the store. But if it is soft and squishy (and cute of course) it can come home with me.

    OK. The big one. Your scrapbook album for your Dad. This has been my experience. My mom sounds like your dad - not openly emotional. Not very demonstrative. I made her an album of her surprise birthday party once. She didn't act all that jazzed about it when I gave it to her. Hurt my feeling a bit, but hey, that's my mom. My Dad mentioned to me several days later how many times she looked at it. At her home, without me around, she appreciated what I had done for her. But she never mentioned it to me. She just isn't capable of that some how.

    I say all of this to you because I think there is no way that your father can receive a gift like that and not be touched. YOU just may not know it at the time, though. Don't let it get to you if you don't get a certain kind of response. Some people just CAN'T.

    You should be proud of your book though. It was really good. Your Dad was a looker, wasn't he?

    Be blessed my friend. Can't wait to see what you make next!


  7. Posted a Meme about names. I thought you might be interested to know that your Star Wars name would be Hay-Ka. I know, all this time you thought that you were Princess Lea in disguise. I'm Tid-Je. I guess we have to take off our cinnamon bun wigs and talk funny like Jhar Jhar Binks.

    Be blessed.


  8. Hey there girlie!

    I love the album you made for your dad. I think he will too! You did an AWESOME job! The snazzy blue background you photographed it on is way too cool! You GO GIRL!

    I am really liking that stamp! I just may have to order one for myself.

    LOVE the poof fairies! TOO FUNNY!

    AWWWWW!!! The new bear is adorable! I am sure that Maddy will be thrilled when she gets it.

  9. I'd never heard of the poof fairies - cute!

    What a lovely, thoughtful gift for your Dad. That kind of gift is always my favorite.

  10. Your Book of Dad is FABULOUS! He's going to love it!

  11. You are so creative. I'm glad you share your scrapbooks with us! They are very inspiring. I'm inspired to send you all my pictures and have you put them in an album for me! Ha!

  12. I love love the scrapbook. You probably could start a business doing this for people, they are great. And I love the bear, my little Maddie would love one of these and I'm like you when I buy a present I just can't wait to give it. LOL

  13. Kari, the scrapbook is really awesome! You did a fantastic job!

  14. You are a natural!!!
    It is artful!!!
    Good for you!
    Have you ever considered trying collages? You will be good ;-)
    HUGS dear!!!!


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