Thursday, March 6, 2008

Woo-Hoo! Better Late Than Never!

Guess what we got today? Yep. SNOW. BEAUTIFUL, GLORIOUS, BREATHTAKING SNOW! I am beyond excited! I've been begging the heavens for snow since November. Okay. So maybe since September. Whatever. The point is, the fantastic white stuff arrived today and I was happy to be here to welcome it. Can you see it slanting down? This was taken earlier in the afternoon.
This one was taken at about 1:30. The boys had just gotten home from school and Jake just had to walk on the sidewalk in the backyard. Before he stepped on it, it looked like frosted glass. After he stepped on it, it looked like a bunch of slush.
Click on this picture to enlarge and you can actually see Jake getting pelted by the snow and ice. (Punishment for ruining my pretty looking sidewalk!)
This was the view outside our front window at about 4:00.
No, people. This is not Sydney the Wonder Dog. It's a little deer statuette that we have out back in one of our flower beds. He looks cold, huh?
This is the flagstone patio we have in the back yard.
And here's the saga palm. I'm thinking maybe the saga isn't such a big fan of the snow. It's looking a little...frosty, eh?
And this is my favorite picture of all. This is one of the little lights that we have hanging on the perimeter of our back porch. The way the water melted and re-froze makes it look like a nipple. Sorry. But it does. Who says Mother Nature can't be funny sometimes?

Personal Note to Susan:
So tell me something, Susan...doesn't this look like the most wonderful place in the whole wide world to live??? Say yes. Then pack your bags and come live near your BFF. I've already got the coffee brewing for you. ha!


  1. I can not believe I am in California and it snows at home...It looks wonderful.I LOVE and MISS you see you soon...

  2. Snow in Texas?? WOW! I'm glad you got your wish:-).
    Have a great evening!

  3. How exciting! Love seeing all the photos. The "nipple" one is a hoot!

    Can I just say again...I'm sooo happy you're back!


  4. Oh sheesh! It was 82 degrees here today...but, wait...I think I might have seen some ice somewhere. Oh, was in my drink!!

    Lucky you...


  5. Oh I'm so jealous we havent anything but quick snow showers this year which have gone as fast as they arrived!! Keep warm and well

  6. I love a nice dusting of snow. The timing is perfect - you just put up the nice spring-y looking design on your blog and you post pictures of snow!

    I agree with Kat - I'm so glad you're back!

  7. HI Kari. I'm so glad to see you back! I love all your're very inspiring!
    Have a great day, DebraK

  8. Oh my I love the snow. We usually get ours in March! I am sort of hoping for none in a way since our plum trees are blooming...ratz...but your snowfall looks beautiful and I guess we love it so much because we don't have to contend with it for such lengths of time as our neighbors to the north and east, lol. So, did Susan get there yet? Maybe you should have offered cookies with that coffee!
    love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  9. I'm over here from Sandi's, wanted to come and say hello. Loving the snow pics, especially the nipple, I had looked at it before I read the text, but as soon as you said that I couldn't see anything else!!

  10. Great pictures..I love the snow,we haven't gotten much around here, so I enjoy looking at pictures of those who got it. Katie

  11. the best thing about this north Texas snow is that it comes for a day and then leaves. We don't get this long drawn out cold with accumulations of snow and ice.
    This is the most snow I've seen (for as long as I can remember, because i was born in the midwest) where I've lived. My daughter made an awesome little snowman. bigger than any snowman ever built with snowfall in the places where I've lived.

  12. Wow that is so messed up, getting snow in Texas. Enjoy it while you do sweetie I know you're pretty winter deprived down there.

  13. That snow is BEAUTIFUL!!! Our forecast is calling for some tonight or tomorrow. March weather is CRAZY!!

  14. So glad you got your wish. I know when we got ours a month ago I was like a child. Mom and dad are getting it now. They say we MIGHT hehe. I'll take a might.

  15. I love your back yard! Ours is so icky.... I can't wait to do something with it.

    Yeah for snow! Do you usually get snow in the winter down there or is this a rarity?

  16. Kari...

    It's amazing what living 45 minutes west of the metroplex can do...we got a dusting...but you guys got a little more than us. I hear the northern regions of Tejas were blessed with even more of the white flurries.

    Oh...and I guess by the looks of your back porch and looks to be a tid bit nippley When I saw that...I thought the same thing...and then read your post!! You're a hoot!


  17. Okay Kari,

    We have a blizzard warning out for Cincy today. It's been snowing all day and I just got an email saying there could be 8 -16 inches of the stuff. You can come here to visit me because I know you like it. LOL I'll post some photos if we really do get all of it. Have a good weekend!

  18. Only you would have a snow nipple! LOL

  19. Only you would have a light that's turned into a nipple! LOL I'm reallllly trying to get all excited for you having snow but after having snow for the last 4 months and still having tons of it, I'm SICK of it!!!! Ok, ok, I'll be lovely that you got snow finally! hehe Love ya! xoxo

  20. Gee, it looks really pretty in your world. Do they call it "poor man's fertilizer" when you have a snow so close to spring?

  21. Would you just look at that? The snow missed us this week. It snowed all around us, but we didn't get a flurry or a flake!


  22. We finally got a big snow here in Kentucky.....Smiles

  23. Look at you woman. Snow blogging! Me too, of course. You are right...I was blessed to have that little stinker out there playing and me snapping pics. Hey! It just popped up that you left me a comment - Great minds and all that jazz! Be blessed.

  24. I miss snow!!
    Since I moved to northern California from Colorado,all I get is rain.
    Thanks for sharing some o' the good stuff!

  25. If you feel like playing along, I have tagged you! A pretty easy book meme. Let me know if you play along. And if you are SO over meme's, I will understand and only pout for, I don't know, say a week?
    Come by the scene of the crime called 'My Blog' to get the details. Jen

  26. Dear Kari, I remember when we lived in California how exciting snow was. I was even pretty excited to see it come this winter but it has lost its luster- we need green here! Take care. Stephanie

  27. YOU CAN HAVE IT! Take all of it! I don't want no stinkin' snow! I am soooooooooo tired of it! LOL

    Glad you are enjoying it though! Nipples and all! ROFL

  28. So, your weather got a bit *nippy* outside didn't it??
    Did your sweet Wonder pooch love it??

    Kipper is getting grumpy about it all...he used to love it so, now he gets tired of it all after a day of it. This last one was NOT to his liking at all!


  29. Snow - can we have some here in Australia? It's 102 degrees here today!


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