Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Someone Thinks I Got it ALL Wrong with Yesterday's Post

Hey guys, it's finally happened to me! I got a snarky comment (anonymous of course).

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Attending an NFL game: $260, Getting Shot at to De...": First off, all your girlies need to get your panties out of a wad. All I'm hearing is nothing but a bunch of class envy. A bunch of whining that really says "Boohoo, how come I'm not making that kind of money"Professioanal football isn't just a game, its a business. It's neccassary wether u like it or not. Look at all the jobs it creates from the players down to ticket takers.Second, when it comes to OU football, there seems to be a lot of misconceptions. OU football is 100% self funded. Not one red cent of one students tuition goes to OU football. So blaming high tuition cost, low professor salaries on football cost is totally bogus. Coaches salaries, players equipment, travel cost are all paid for with tv and bowl money. Matter of fact there are two of the newer buildings on campus that were built with the gracious donations of OU sports (combined). And the football program donated the funds for all the science equipment in one of the science buildings.So you all get your facts straight before getting on a whine fest.If you want to rant and rail about something, why not the conglomerate of the Oprah Winfrey. A person who does nothing but sell you crap and lies.Or how about that other mega-conglomerate of Martha Stewart. What a fraud.Get your priorities straight

This fella (and call me sexist, but from the tone I'm just assuming it's a man) seems to think I don't have MY priorities straight. Not only that, but it's okay for a state funded university to pay a football coach nearly $6 million dollars a year because, as this guy says "OU football is 100% self funded". Well great! That's makes all the difference. Except for one little, bitty, tiny ol' fact...college sports programs aren't in place merely as recruiting grounds for professional sports. They are supposed to help promote the school. That doesn't mean they have carte blanche to take advantage of the public or to become filthy rich off of the backs of students. And if they can contribute enough money to build 2 new buildings, just think what they could do if they weren't shelling out huge amounts of money to one individual to coach this non-championship winning team. (Which, by the way, proves that OU fans don't necessarily need championships in order to be fans of the school. I've been stupidly spending dollar after dollar on OU merchandise before and after the last championship). Or better yet, imagine how many more scholarships the university could grant to people born without great moves or silver spoons! But nice try, Anonymous. You almost made it sound so...I don't know, what's the word here...legitimate? As to the pro games. Sure it's a business. And it's a business that creates a lot of jobs other than those for the players. So what. Wal-Mart's a business, too. And their industry helps to create other jobs in a multitude of yet more industries. I'm willing to bet you wouldn't advocate paying those stockboys multi-million dollar annual salaries. Or even the store managers. Although I suppose if they entertained you enough you might consider it, huh? Also, I noticed that you failed to address the issue of military pay as it was presented in relation to the atrocious salaries I mentioned in my post. Not much to say there, eh? Can't come up with a snarky comment to demonstrate the reason for such a disparity? Of course you can't. Because there is no reason why we, the American public, see such nonsense and tolerate it with the whole "There's nothing we can do" attitude or even better, the "Professional sports is a business" attitude. I mean come on! I'm all for business being successful. However, professional sports is basically a service industry, the same as any other. And it's up to the customer to decide how much they're willing to pay for a service. I think if we stripped the stars from our eyes and viewed athletes as the entertainers they are and quit paying them as if they were working diligently to cure world hunger, we'd all be better off. One more thing, Anonymous...feel free to slam Oprah and Martha. Can't say as how I'm a fan of either, and to be honest, Oprah gets on my last damn nerve...using her influence to try and garner votes for a candidate (because yeah, Oprah's who I always look towards for my political advice!). If Oprah wanted to provide a service for her viewers, she would highlight all the candidates - pros and cons - and let her viewers decide for themselves. Lord knows she's got the platform to do that.
Now...it's 7:30 in the A.M. and I haven't even had my coffee yet so I'll close for now. Mr. Anonymous got my blood pumping early! Thanks so much for that, sir. Good to know you can provide a service yourself, even if you did manage to sound a bit like a condescending, chauvinistic ass with your "Oprah" and "Martha" references. Thinking that's all us women folk can clutter our sweet little heads with? Hmmm. I think it's safe to say, sir, that you judged poorly.
Peace Baby and See You on the Gridiron of Healthy Debate!

P.S. I'll be doing a post soon about the flagrant abuses of our entertainment dollars by Hollywood, too, Mr. Anonymous. Wonder if it will stir the same reaction in you as my sports one has done? (Just for the record, I'm going with "no".)


  1. If somebody wants to make a useful comment, they should at least put their name on it. Like I said before, I worte 2 seperate papers on both sides of pro-athlete compensation in college. I could go really go off on that topic even further. But "Anonymous" obviously has some fear or shame or he would have used a "real" name.
    I believe your point was that pro sports is a BUSINESS and, collectively, it is a billions of dollars industry. It is only this way because we choose to pay for the merchandise and tickets and products that sponsor such. We let them do that to us.

    And don't get me started on tax-funded stadiums and the like.

  2. How nice of Mr. A to share with you and your readers his viewpoint providing you with yet more fodder. Love it! What's with the "panties in a wad" comment if not meant to be sexist and demeaning? Don't even get me started with "girlies."

    See, that's the difference between you and me, Kari. I would have dispatched Mr. A to the compost heap, but you use it for good. Thanks!


    As for my "what If" post.. no one that I tagged even participated :(
    Thats ok,,, I guess they can be annoying...
    Have a wonderful day Kari

  4. Big mouth,no balls. How seriously does this guy think we take his opinion when he won't even sign his name to it?

  5. It still escapes me why people will not express their opinions without hiding behind their screen.
    Seriously, why go through the trouble, if you aint got nuffin nice to say.....

  6. It's what a bully does.... jabs at you when no one is looking...

  7. Remind me never to get on your bad side. LOL I like your attitude. Carry on!

  8. Um, from here on out, I want it on record, that everything that Kari says is GOLDEN and I NEVER EVER EVER disagree with her.

    HAH! You get 'em Kari. I am with everyone else that it was cowardly to voice such an offensive dissenting opinion and do it incognito. And OPRAH? What does she have to do with the price of tea in china? I am a "girlie" and I never watch her.

    Love you Kari girlie!


  9. Kari YOU ROCK!!! Working in the public education sector, I could go off for pages and pages on how important athletics are, and how trivial academics are!!! We pay coaches (loosing coaches) more than gifted & talented teachers. Why? REVENUE!!!! We build bigger stadiums, bigger gyms, better fields with all the bells and whistles, and our libraries suck!! No Athlete Left Behind!!! Now that's the REAL program being taken seriously in public ed!!!

    Whew, now my blood is pumpin!!! Anonymous, come on. Sounds like a "spy" for athletic advocates!!! ha ha ha

    Or a super jock--the kind that keeps their kids in sports from age 6 months on, pays for limos for little league players to ride to games in, travels all over this great land to play in 3rd grade super bowls, buys letter jackets & rings for 5th graders--yes, friends this is happening in small town America!!

    O my Kari, it's a good thing I don't have an opinion on this!!!

  10. Condescending ass...oh yeah. She is back baby. Why is it that all those who think they have it all figured out never leave a name. I wonder why...cowards. Freakin' cowards.
    I love ya Kari...you are absolutely one of the best and I missed you SO much!!
    You should have your own column. Yup. You write better than 99% of those who do.

    You preach it...you are right and hit that nerve with Mr. Ass. Otherwise he would have left it alone. Hit that tender nerve didn't ya?

    You GO girl...I am so proud of you!!!


  11. Lord he'p me,I love a good rant!
    ..and your rant about the money grubbing sports industry was spot on.
    You know,from time to time,I've held a slightly different view from the blog author.
    So,I sign in with my name,and lay out the reasons behind my thinking.
    Constructive dialogue always ensues!
    Anonymous is a coward.He,(and I agree,it seems like a he),only wants to jam his opinion down our throats,without having to account for for himself...What a putz.

  12. Now if Anonymous would just produce the sporting balls (like baseballs, basketballs, footballs, soccer balls for the love of God, where does it end with the ballgames?) to say who he is, we'd all stand up and applaude his guts (and balls) and vote for a pay raise...oh, not for him, for the teachers who instruct a lot of these pinheads who are only there because they've got the moves...!hugs, your not terribly anonymous Aunt Sandi oh, and go tigers (Clemson)

  13. OK..OK...I was out yesterday and was not able to respond to Mr. A....now this is a quote from his response....

    "Professioanal football isn't just a game, its a business. It's neccassary wether u like it or not."
    **( this was cut and pasted right out of his comment text)*** not my spelling...just sayin!

    Ummmm...think about it...necessary...NECESSARY...no sir I don't believe football or any sport IS NECESSARY....a privlege...YES...FUN...heck yea...a good way to build character...usually...teaches teamwork...hopefully...BUT NECESSARY...no sir I don't think it is...I do think it is a luxury, a privlege, a choice for some...that we have here in the good ole USofA...a fun thing...a comradery thing..sure...but NECESSARY...no sir it IS NOT necessary or at least not when you consider what is...education...medical care...police protection...military personel...mothers...fathers...food...water...shelter...THOSE are necessary...and a privlege to boot...but of course it does depend on your preception of NECESSARY...while having an education to further ones life and the lives of their family and to learn to be a concerned, loving and contributing force in our society...I think education is necessary...medical care...necessary...especially if you are...say..."SICK"...police protection...well sadly it IS necessary...b/c we have proven as humans we cannot be trusted to police ourselves! Food...well...yes to survive it is...same w/water and some form of shelter...Military...again...Necessary to remain the Land of the FREE....but sports...no sir...I don't believe that they are necessary to further the freedoms of our world...I do think they are fun, that they DO usually teach teamwork and loyalty...also good for your physical well-being...a great escape for your mind...all those great things we are allowed to do...b/c we are a free country...protected by men and women every single day...that never ask from us more than respect for them and what they endure every day...and just a miniscule amount of money to provide for their families (and w/the amounts they recieve...there can't be too much providing) a small salary they earn...all the while putting their lives in harms way...w/o thinking twice about doing it! Yes...sir...sports are great...I loved that both my children...my husband and my nephews all have and will continue to play sports...but no sir...I never for one minute will ever agree that they are necessary...maybe necessary to the owners, players, media moguls, advertisers, college alumnis to pad their ever expanding wallets...you know necessary to continue their lifestyle and the finer things in life that they have become accustom to...but necessary for a world to survive, come together as a whole, care for one another...be the country we fought so hard to protect for all thse many, many years...ummmm I don't think so!! Football, baseball, hockey, nascar...nothing can even come close to being necessary where those are concerned...but I do believe b/c we are a free country it is a luxury, a freedom...a choice...one I hope is never taken away from us...b/c if it is...we will no longer be the country that was founded by our for-fathers. The country that I for one thank the Lord that I was lucky enough to be born into...a country were many strive, die, dream and desire to live...a country that allows you your opinion...and me mine...So you see sir...Mr. A. we are a very privledged society... we are very fortunate... we are fortunate that we can choose things such as college and professional sports...lucky for those who have the ability to "cash" in on these fantasies...do I agree that they are overpaid...HELL YES...I do...Do I wish that our world wasn't so upside down in our value system...again...HELL YES...but as you said...it is a business...but it is also a business I have the freedom of watching and paying for OR choosing not to fall into that every expanding money pit...my choice...my money....my decision...AND THANK GOD FOR THAT!!

    By the way...I will agree to disagree with you on your opinions...and feel free to do the same with me....but let me just tell you one thing...Mr.A. don't assume too much about the "girlies" out here in blog land or anywhere for that matter...don't assume b/c we are women that we idolize anyone...including Oprah...Martha...or any of those other gal conglomerates...
    b/c you see...not all of us get our panties in a wad....and assuming we all do...well...you know what they say about those who assume!! Offensive...sir...yes you were...allowed your opinion...why YES.. and me mine...so when your jock strap becomes unbunched (hopefully, that wasn't too offensive!)...feel free to go and watch...spend every last penny you have on a sporting event...watch it on tv...till your eyeballs cross...b/c you see Mr. A. this is your choice...but I sincerly hope for your sake and your families it isn't a necessary thing! And while you are doing that...I'm going to run over to the local soccer fields and catch one of my nephews soccer games...some real atheletes in action...for zero dollars...AND I will enjoy every last minute of it!!


  14. I agree with you Kari, it was a man and a coward one at that. Girl, you sure can spell it out. He had no idea who he was messing with. LOL

  15. G'day, Kari, all the way from Australia ....

    Sandi told me to check out your blog and I've enjoyed my first visit.

    I'm a former sportswriter, so I've enjoyed your point of view.

  16. Kari, you make me laugh out loud! What an idiot thinking that his point of view would be taken seriously when he doesn't even sign it! I would hate to get on your bad side, but love some healthy debate!!

  17. Hi Kari!
    Don't have much to say, but I wanted to say hello! and Happy Thursday! and blessings... and well... that's all :)

  18. Mr. A (and that's not for anonymous) had no idea when he left his cowardly little comment!

    I think everthing else has been said already.

    You GO Girlies!

  19. Kari he is not worth a moment of your lovely day sweets!
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  20. ouch! B@@@@@@ him!
    Anyway, the interesting bit...
    I have thought about your email and will be doing a post on my 'bag' of goodies soon...just finding the time is the hard bit!

    Carol x

  21. Hey Kari! This is Jennifer's daughter. I love the pointer thingy. It is so cute! I'm glad your back and blogging again. the background is cute to!!


  22. Good to see you answer this "man", Kari. I'm not sure if we can call him a "man", since he didn't even have the ..... to sign his name.

    Also, my mama didn't raise no "girlie"...

  23. Kari,

    Man is great to have you back and blogging.


  24. Anonymous = No balls...and I ain't talking footballs either.

    America's priorities are so out of whack it is insane...what are the lyrics of that song..."We think we've risen to the top of a mountian, when we are really at the bottom of the barrel!"


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