Friday, March 28, 2008

Destination: Unknown...But I'm Thinking on It

I'm thinking of taking a vacation. Yeah. Me. Mrs. Stay-at-Home. I've been thinking on this quite a bit because, well...why not? I'm certainly old enough. I'm pretty sure we can afford it. And I think it'd be good for me. I just can't decide where to go. Any suggestions? I'm not into camping (and wouldn't want to camp alone even if I were), I don't have a passport and I. DO. NOT. FLY. I know, I know. I'm limiting myself just a tad bit, huh? I just want to go and do something fun. It seems like people are always having fun and I'm always sitting at home waiting for....well, hell. I don't know what I'm waiting for. So what brought this on? Well, Randey and the boys are going to Montana the first week in June. This started out as Randey flying up there for a few days to see his dad, whom he hasn't seen in about 8 years. Then one of his brothers decided to go, too. Then another one decided to go and suddenly, Randey's little 3 days trip has turned into an 8-days-at-a-fishing-camp "He-Man Woman Hater's Club" trip (as they so jokingly call it!) for Randey, his 2 brothers, one nephew and my 2 youngest sons. I've been fussing about this trip lately, much to my shame. Then I realized why I'm so ticked about it. I'm jealous. Randey and I have never taken a vacation together. The closest we came was back in March of 1997 when we took a weekend trip to Destin from Gulfport, Mississippi where we were living at the time. And the only reason we got to take that trip was because we agreed to listen to a sales pitch from one of the time-share condo places in Destin. We did spend that week or so alone in San Antonio back in 2003. 'Course, Randey was in the hospital and I stayed in temporary quarters on Lackland Air Force Base. (They were running tests on him, to figure out why his legs kept going numb.) Not exactly anyone's idea of a fun-filled vacation, huh? So anyway...I've been listening to the plans for this trip to Montana go from 3 days to visit an elderly parent to 8 days of fun, fishing and fellowship and I've been pissed off to no end when I think of all the fun he's having just planning this trip while he and I have never planned a trip of our own. The kicker is that I know this will be a wonderful time for all of them. Great fun. Traveling in an RV all the way up to Montana, then spending all that time in cabins next to some fishing hole (or wherever it is that one would find fish in Montana), laughing, talking, experiencing togetherness and all that comes with it. I know it will be fun. I know it will be a memory that Randey and the boys will cherish always. So why can't I stop feeling....I don't petty about it. God help me, I feel like I'm slowly becoming the Invisible Woman. Every member of my household is going on vacation together and I'm going to be left sitting here dog watching. There's no way to say this except just to say it. I'm jealous. I feel left out. Randey did invite me to come along, but much fun could I have on a "He-Man Woman Hater's Club" trip and besides, I don't fish. Eeeww. He and I have talked about taking a trip to New England in the fall. That'd be nice. But in the meantime...I want to go somewhere. I want to feel like I'm a part of life. I want to experience something besides this house, this town, this existence. But now I've got a problem. Where to go? Where can I go for about a week that won't bankrupt us (I'm so notoriously cheap...I can't even think of "vacation" without thinking of "cost". ha!). Where can I go that will offer sightseeing, relaxation, shopping, etc. and where I will feel safe on my own? Any suggestions? Joan, you're a travel must have some ideas? Help me out here. Where's a good place for me to go? Believe me, guys, this is not a rhetorical question! I'm really asking for advice and guidance. Does anybody out there have any suggestions???? Any and all insights will be appreciated. I've got my suitcase picked out and am ready to fill help me decide what to pack!


  1. I loved Florida!
    Amanda has that gogo album cover on her wall!

  2. Hi Kari...

    I came by way of Kat. I am smiling with your thought explosions here. I do hope that something "cheap" makes it's way to you quick so that you and your suitcases can live it up! {{SMILE}}

    IN THE MEANTIME, I've posted on a THANK-YOU LETTER PROJECT that you might be interested in. 100 Thank You Letters are being compiled for a book. I thought you might be interested.

    Hugs, KJ

  3. Perfect that you figured out exactly what you were feeling. So many times we don't.

    And I'm so happy that you're going to plan a vacation for yourself. Let them take the dog with them!

    I know that you'll let us know...hopefully, after you've returned home as you don't need to leave a trail of breadcrumbs to your holiday destination.

    If you want a New England trip in June... ;>

  4. Ooh, vacationing is one of my FAVORITE things in the world so I say...YEs, you MUST plan a trip!!! (Gary and I go away somewhere every anniversary and it is SO GOOD for our marriage!)

    Let's see, some places that wouldn't be too far of a drive for you...

    You could definitely do Florida or the Alabama Gulf Coast (we have one of the most gorgeous lines of beaches down here!!!)

    Go up to Colorado (gorgeous!!)

    Head on back down to San Antonio (that is actually my FAVE place to visit; and very romantic for couples!)

    Also romantic is Savannah, Georgia (you can do the whole Savannah and then the Georgia coast together)

    Head on up to Nashville or Chattanooga, or the Gatlinburg (beautiful in the Smokies)

    Do the Natchez Trace or Vicksburg, in Mississippi (they have some great bed and breakfasts!!)

    Or how about a cruise? You can go on a 3 or 4-nighter and I bet there are some that leave out of Galveston or Corpus C. (I'm trying to talk Gary into one for us!)

    There are SO many great places to go!!

  5. So where in Montana are they going? I'd invite you to come and stay with me while they are fishing, but I'm afraid you would be bored to tears here.

    How about a Texas vacation? Have you gone to visit the Alamo yet? Any historic sites in Dallas or Houstin that would be worth a visit. There is also NASA and Galvaston. Now I'm wishing I could take a trip with you! There's an idea! Got any girl friends you can take on the trip with you?

  6. Dear Kari, take it from me...Big Cedar Lodge, south of Branson. Heaven!! Not far from you, either. We've stayed in the Falls Lodge and in a cabin. The cabins have a kitchen a deck, overlooking the water. You can rent a boat, just for fun...they even have a vintage Chris Craft! WOW. The lodge is fabulous too. It won't break the bank. Stay a couple or three days. See a show in Branson and just veg out in one of the most beautiful areas of the US. Of course, I love it, being a Hillbilly girl who grew up in them thar hills. We enjoy Big Cedar, every time we visit. As a matter of fact, it's just about time for another trip!

    And a bonus, you know....there is a Brighton store on the new Landing in Branson...;-)...


  7. Come visit me. Seriously. Think about it. You could become a "B" Club member.


  8. Hey, go visit Teresa (Livin' the Life) take her along and locate all the estate sales (auctions) you can load up on...UPS back home what's too much to put in a suitcase...hell, take the car, what's gas? Only money...I think this is a great idea!!!
    love ya
    Aunt Sandi
    I'm hearin' Dinah Shore sing "see the USA in your Chevrolet" even as I type!

  9. Hey, you and Teresa meet up and go see Kat...pick me up and I'll go with, lol
    me again
    Aunt Sandi

  10. Sandi may be on to I don't have a Cheverolet...and I can't sing like Dinah Shore...but my sweet little Expedition loves a good road trip!!

    Now...for somewhat local activities...I suggest heading to Fredricksburg...Bourne....Gruene...all those fabulous hill country havens... could stop by Hummingbird Farms...visit with Deb at her gorgeous Lavender Farm...soak up some local over to Luckenbach??? and basically just see the sights in one of the most gorgeous places on God's Green Earth...

    Oh...and Kat's invitatons sounds heavenly, too...she lives in a gorgeous area of the world as well...gotta love the beach at that time of year...well, the beach is awesome any time of the year...actually! Sounds like you have some decisions to make...girly!


  11. I totally scanned and I WILL come back and read your post, OK?!!

    You need to get yourself over and wish Emily a Happy Birthday! The fate of the Happiness of her Birthday in Blogland depends on YOU! Yes, you Kari of the Cool Pointer thingy!

    Seriously, she would love to hear it from YOU, I know!


    Might I recommend Alabama? Aside from cars on blocks and Dryers on front porches, we offer the ***Mile long yard Sale. OOOHHH! AAAHHH! I think it starts in Gadsden which is a stone's throw from where I live. It is in August and if you still have the hankering to travel, Head to ALABAMA! I will treat you to lunch! Now THAT is worth driving 12 to 14 miles for!

    Happy Weekend, and I'll be back to READ, pinkie promise.


  12. I'm new here. I don't even know where you are, so I can't make an intelligent suggestion. What I can do is support everyone else in saying "do it!" I'll look forward to reading about your upcoming adventure. Just imagine all the fun you can have!


  13. Hi Kari! this is Emily. I wanted to rig the drawing for you but my mom doesn't let me have any fun! You would have enjoyed those M&Ms though! Lol!


  14. GrannySkywalker aka Kari,what a great nickname.I saw you on Dustbunnyhostage site and just had to come on over for a visit.this is how I meet so many interesting people. Hugs and blessings to you and all of your family.

  15. Hey, while you're in Alabama heading over to FLorida, just remember that South Carolina is just a hop skip and a jump away and we can load you up with tomatoes and blueberries and apples to take home...I have two guest rooms and you'll only have to knock the odd cat or two off the bed...and besides that your Uncle Wallace would love to see you and explain HIS side of things...he claims that I overstate his stubborn, we'd have loads of fun...
    Aunt Sandi

  16. Savannah, GA And Charleston, SC. Both beautiful, easy to get to, close to each other and very different from each other. Peaceful, can be as busy or as relaxed as you choose to be.

    Of course the N. GA mountains..Blue Ridge area are just beautiful, too. Hard to pick...and of course, I'm all for that Florida visit!!


  17. well from here in India I have no idea which place I should suggest for a week's vacation. But all my best wishes are with you for a happy vacation !

    You have a beautiful website. It is different from your previous one. Can you give me tips to make one?

  18. Well, you know I'm going to say Galveston or San Antonio. They have Moody Gardens at Galvestion and it's gorgeous! :)

    I've tagged you.

  19. Okay Kari, no pressure here. LOL Well, I would head for the beach. I know there are some good ones on the Texas coast. And there are a few cruise lines that have ships that go out of Galveston. Last I looked no passport were needed when you cruised in and out of the US, it will change but it was still this way as of last month. Or I would go to a spa and get manicures, pedicures and massages. Now that would be fun. Or and I think this is the best idea of all, come to Cincy and visit me. We could go to Reds games and stalked Johnny Bench. I think he still lives here somewhere. Just kidding Johnny......but I would love to have you visit. How far are you from Fla. to drive? Because where Kat lives looks gorgeous and what about Gulf Shores, I always thought that looked nice too. Whatever you do, I think it's a great idea to get away and I agree with you on the camping bit. Did that growing up alot, no more.

  20. The "boys" trip sounds really awesome (but I think I would be a little jealous, too, LOL!) You should definately take a trip. I don't have any specific destination for you since you would be driving. But, you can hardly go wrong with a beach and/or a spa. Actually, one of my favorite trips ever was to Williamsburg, Virginia. I learned SO much about our country's history and thought it was such a fun experience. Keep us posted on your plans. I think I would be positively giddy if I ever had the chance to take a trip on my own. Maybe someday...

  21. Hey I will try to write you back soon, just wanted to let you know I posted some new pics on my blog. Nick is in Alaska now so hopefully he will call you soon.

  22. Aww Kari I do understand. I like you would be alittle afraid to make that first move to know how and what to do. Sure wished you lived closer to me.Hope what ever you decide makes you happy.

  23. You already have some wonderful suggestions! I would love to have you body ever seems to want to come here and there is lots to do!
    Antiquing and history and sports and theater...
    You would be welcome you know.

    I wish I could get some more interest going for the Blog weekend...after an initial response, things died down. Maybe I need to re-post this idea soon.

    I just hope you have fun and do something sweet for yourself.

    I would love to hear from you sometime...I have missed that.


  24. the thought of going away alone is fabulous! I envy you, really! Can't wait to hear about the destination!

  25. You could come to Salt Lake City and see me!!!!! Grandpa is pretty excited about the trip. I think Bobby and my dad and little Mick are going too. Anyways there is a lot of shopping here and I have an extgra bedroom for you and I miss you!!!! Love ya

  26. Did I mention all the Scrapbooking here?? I am pretty sure it all started here and I need someone with your expertise to help me!!!

  27. Hey there!

    I think I would feel the same way if they were all planning a trip together and I was staying home. I like your idea of going on a trip too!

    You have some great suggestions already, but I would like to add Sedona to the pot. I was there last year, and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


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