Sunday, January 20, 2008

If I subscribe to this magazine, does it come with a years free airbrushing for ME, too?

See the picture on the left? I found it on the website for "O" (Oprah's magazine). It's from the November 2007 issue. See the picture on the right? It was taken at the premier of Denzel Washington's movie "The Debaters" during the first week of December 2007. Am I crazy or does Oprah look a little less svelte in the second shot, which was, in theory, taken around the same time, give or take a few months? I'm thinking either Oprah had one heck of a Thanksgiving dinner or somebody got a little too enthusiastic with the airbrushing for that magazine cover. If anyone were to wonder why women all over the world have such a bad self image, this just might be a clue. I wonder if any cover of any magazine (outside of National Geographic!) shows a "true" image of anybody. Somehow, I doubt it. I would dearly like to know why someone with a "nice, normal figure" has to be airbrushed into "perfection". What purpose does it serve? Besides to keep the diet industry rich. And my mirror covered.


  1. In the picture on the left, it looks like Oprah's face was put on somebody else's body.

    No wonder so many people - especially young impressionable girls - have such a problem with self-image.

  2. Can you hear me yelling AMEN SISTER!


  3. I think it even looks like her face was somewhat airbrushed. I don't know why they do this. I even heard Kelly Ripa talking that they have done this to her and that woman doesn't need any airbrushing. I guess it sells more magazines.

  4. I agree so much. She aslo looks so light in one picture.I don;t have my glasses on,but those boobs look know if we could all get boob jobs,tummy tucks and sprat painted we would be hot to trot=)
    Im just to poor for all that. And those spandex suits that mold you are to uncomfy to wear lol.

  5. She seems like one of the most REAL celebrities these days... I find myself having to remember that she can buy and sell countries- and magazines.

  6. I think Oprah has been, ahem, busted! I love the tunes. I have plundered your blog listening to Etta sing At Last. Over. And over. Fabulous...Jennifer

  7. I think it's very decietful. Like you said she has a normal average figure ~ why the need to FAKE it on the cover of her magazine?!

    Have a fabulous week.

    Sandy :)
    PS Love the new background to your blog - makes me wish it were 95 degrees outside and I was about to jump into a pool!

  8. ooh ooh, do me next! I'd love a little airbrushing...leave it to you to spot the difference! Are we still a bit miffed about a certain little brat? More of you to love, baby girl!
    and love ya I do
    Aunt Sandi

  9. I agree...I agree...I agree! I could not have said this better myself....the thing that gets me and I'm aware that some folks could be offended...but...Oprah is always talking about being the "best you you can be"...would that not include her (and yes I am aware of all the good things she does to help her be the best she can be) I'm just saying ...ummm...b/c I think if it did...she would be happy to show us the REAL her...w/o the airbrushing...after all she has the final say on what is put on her magazines cover...Right? Just sayin...I probably could at least FEEL like the "best me" if I could include a little "air brushing" on my pictures...How I would love to get hold of some recent pictures that were taken of me ...and delete a wrinkle or two, discard a bulge here and there...not to mention...give myself a mega-watt smile...I don't know...seems like Jennifer is correct in her "busted" assesment...just sayin~ Keep it REAL Oprah! Along with the rest of the celebrity world out there that seems to think women should have the body of a 12 year old boy...but the boobs of a lactating mom...but the face of a 18 year old! AND NOW...don't EVEN get me started on the "special" lighting these gals have to have on their shows or in their movies...WHAT! do these poor gals do when they don't have these special effects...WHY! they probably look just like ordinary old me and you's!

    Teresa <><

  10. What is Sandi yelping about? I already airbrushed her today. Are you like me appreciating the real Oprah on the right far more than whoever-she-is on the left? Gosh, that photo on the left creeps me out.

  11. Some days I feel like the only woman on the planet who doesn't like Oprah.


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