Saturday, December 1, 2007

San Antonio Road Trip

I took a quick trip down to San Antonio the other day to visit with my sister, Sherri. She was there on business and it seemed like a good opportunity to spend a little time with her. The hotel we stayed in was a short walk down from the Riverwalk, which is where I spent most of Thursday. I think I managed to get some shin splints from walking so much! lol The Riverwalk area was very, very pretty and if you're ever there, I recommend walking it around 9:30 a.m. Not much is open before 10:00 (except Starbucks and a couple of places that serve breakfast), but it's wonderfully peaceful and quiet.
They have this lovely tree sitting out right in front of the entrance to the Riverwalk Mall.
And this is a view taken from one of the walkways spanning the water. Beautiful, isn't it? I want to go back with Randey. Sitting with Randey, sipping a latte while looking over the Riverwalk, sometime before all the hustle and bustle of the day begins, sounds like paradise to me. Anybody else know of any wonderfully peaceful and beautiful places to spend a few days with your dearly beloved? I think it's high time that Randey and I had a getaway all to ourselves with nothing better to do than relax. We've been saying that for years but haven't done anything about making it happen. Now's the time, though! Any recommendations?
Merry Christmas!

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Edited to Add: Please do not recommend anything that requires FLYING! I can't do it. I just can't. I hyperventilate at the thought. I did fly to Pensacola when Conner was born, but that was an emergency and I had to get to Nick (and Jodie, of course!) as soon as possible. Flying for pleasure is just not an option for me. I used to love flying. Until I became a mother and realized that mortality is an actuality. (You know how crazy you can get when you first become a mom...things you never paid attention to before become glaringly obvious for some reason!). Anyway, maybe when Kaleb and Jacob are completely grown and out of the house and no longer dependant upon us for their entire way of life, I'll fly somewhere with Randey (not only am I afraid of flying, I'm also convinced that if Randey and I flew together now, our 2 youngest children would be orphans because the plane would crash. Yes. I know I'm mental. Knowing it doesn't help change it, however). So let's stick with locations easily accessible by ROAD, please. lol


  1. that's where you want to go...I look at those pictures that Jodie posts ( and I can see you and Randey walking hand in hand on the beach...and of course there will be Kara to welcome and Maddie Moose to hug...yeah, I can see it...won't be posting til tonight...after effects of medicine should be gone by then, expect a picture of the tree!

  2. Looks beautiful Kari, I think we may go to San Antonio late Spring and go to Seaworld... I would love to go back to Disney! So much fun.

  3. I think that's a great idea! You and Randey could visit so many wonderful places together! And I love the Christmas tree in your photo!
    Also just popped by to apologise for being such a terrible, terrible blogger of late but I've explained all on my blog about why I'm going to take a short break from blogging (my poor sister has just had surgery on her lung so we're all helping out). I feel so awful for getting so behind on everything and hope I haven't unintentionally hurt anyone's feelings. Have a lovely December-your house looks so wonderful and I'll try to visit as often as I can! xxxxx

  4. So that's what the Rivercenter Mall looks like at Christmas. ;)

    Ummmm, I'd say you two should go to Kerrville during May. I believe Memorial Day Weekend, they have a GREAT craft show there. And the area is just my most favorite place ever. have you been?? I suggest staying at the Inn Of The Hills hotel.

  5. Hi Kari,

    I was in San Antonio years ago and thought it was great. A place where you can drive to from Texas, hmmmm I'll have to think about that. I love B & B's for getaways, go to and pull up some of the inns around you. But if you pick one, make sure you have a room with your own private bath. Most do but there are some that have shared. Have a great weekend!

  6. What a beautiful place The Riverwalk area is...I so love places like that, especially when they're all decorated for Christmas. Gorgeous!! I won't fly either so if I can't DRIVE to a place, forget it! lol xox

  7. this is me, sticking my tongue out at you. big chicken, I still say OKINAWA...stop being a pessimist. Now, go get that passport.

  8. San Antonio holds a special place in my heart...especially the Riverwalk...1st it is where my dad proposed to my mother many, many years ago...AND it is where Clay and I went for part of our honeymoon...we stayed at the historical LeMansion' was great!

    There are lots of great places to go in Texas...I have a folder here and would love to share with you a couple of my favs...just email me if you're interested...I have tons!


  9. I loved it when we were there.The only thing is rian graduated in august and I liked to have died from the heat.

  10. The Riverwalk is on our list of places to go. Your photos are beautiful! We're early morning walkers, so I know we would enjoy!

    Have you been to Santa Fe? That's another place we have on our list. Our friends recommend it, highly!


  11. I have a similar paranoia to flying! I loved flying to the Caribbean because we were all on the plane so if it went down we would perish together.

    I'm back from my vacation from Bloggyland!

    Love your new blog look and your house - Oh. My. Stars! It's like.... I have no words to describe it - but the utility company in your area must love you!

  12. I love the riverwalk; my best friend got married there and it was such a pretty setting. She still lives in San Antonio and it's time I paid her a visit LOL

  13. San Antonio is a great city, it is easy to get to, the food and margaritas are good. Sounds like you need to farm out the kiddos (to Aunt Sandi?) and go back!

    Bill is not a flyer either~ and I miss him when I'm gone =D


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