Friday, December 28, 2007

The Reality of "After Christmas"

This is how I feel. I would say it's how I look, too, but let's face it...this cat actually looks much more fit than I do at this point. Our Christmas was wonderful and one of these days (SOON), I hope to catch my breath enough to actually blog about it! Hope all of you had the best Christmas ever!!!!


  1. Too funny! I'm missing ya! Hurry back to blogging.


  2. I'm so glad yours was nice too yes Bass hall was awesome and on your play list I see Dream Weaver-- i chose that as the theme song for my Senior Prom way back in 1977 wow am i old:>

  3. Hi Kari, great to hear your Christmas was wonderful, so soon and it's over!! Suppose you wouldn't care for a helping of S'mores? lol!! Love the Harry Potter music, Jacqui's fave! Happy New Year to you and your Mob! Jenn and Jacqui

  4. Im just glad to hear you are alive. I thought Santa took you back with him. I wish he would have me and then id have a reason to lay in bed snuggle.Drink cocoa and eat cookies and stay fat. hehe
    don't work that way.
    Miss you,

  5. LOL! I feel like that too!
    You crack me up Kari.
    Our date time is sort of limited because I have to be home to get izzy something to eat and put her in bed. BUT, we did take a spin around Walmart woo hoo! I got deli meat sliced and matt got rope! It was very very romantic!
    You need a new siggy!

  6. Yeah! Kari is still among the living---should I say "survivors"!!

    Glad to see you still have enough wits about you to think of us blogger friends!! ha ha

    If that cat is your double, I'd say you did pretty good!!! I've eaten so much my armpits are bulging & my underwear is getting too tight!!!


  7. You are so funny. LOL Happy New Year!

  8. Yup, I hear ya and I second that emotion! LOL!

    Thank you, Kari, for stopping by with a word of encouragement. I know that you understand too well just how important those words are.

    Can't wait for your description of Christmas!

  9. Trouble wants to know when you had time to take his picture, but no time to blog????


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