Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Legend of the Christmas Spider

Have ya'll heard of the Legend of the Christmas Spider? I had not. Until yesterday afternoon, that is. That's when I opened a package from my friend Penny, that contained all of this: I love the set of nesting Santas. Aren't they great? Even greater was the little round white box (beautifully decorated, I might add) and the - dare I say it? - lovely spider ornament. Yes. Lovely. It really is. And the story that goes along with it explains the significance of a Christmas Spider.
By clicking on the above picture, I think you'll be able to read the legend yourself. If not, just google "Christmas Spider" and you'll be shocked at how many responses come up. As anybody who knows me can tell you, I am terrified of spiders. As in, I've been known to beat myself silly for thinking I had a spider on my chest and I will avoid an area of my house for weeks at a time if I've spotted a spider there and haven't seen its cold, dead, smushed corpse as proof that it won't eat me anytime in the near and/or distant future. But I'm going to make an exception with this spider. It's already hanging on my tree, right where it'll be every year from now on. Thank you, Penny. For introducing me to a new Christmas "legend" and for being kind enough to send me these gifts. I never did deserve you as a friend, but just like back in junior high - I'm grateful I know you!
In other news, the Christmas cards are done!! Woo-hoo! Yeah! Yippee! Etc., etc., etc.! lol I didn't think I would get it done, but I did. I so wanted to send out handmade cards this year. I don't know why I had such as urge...let's put it down to just one more of my many strange compulsions and leave it at that, shall we?The point is, I made cards, cards and more cards. If I can finish addressing the few I have left, they'll all be in the mail by tomorrow afternoon. And then it's on to wrapping packages and getting them under the tree.
Why is it that it's only the first week in December but I feel like I'm waaaaaay behind in everything already?
Merry Christmas!

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Today is our youngest son Jacob's birthday! He's 16 years old. I can't believe it - seems like just yesterday we were laughing at him for wearing his pull-ups on his head. Oh wait a minute, that was just yesterday. lol I kid, I kid...(now Jake's going to be ticked at me if he reads this!). Happy Birthday, Jacob. I love you, son.


  1. Hi Kari, we thought it time we said hello! Happy Birthday to Jacob!! Love your Santa cursor and your sense of humour, you are much like your Aunt Sandi :) Jenn and Jacqui

  2. Happy 16th Jacob...and don't feel bad about your mom telling us that story about the pull ups on your head...shoot she's told us a lot worse things you've done than that! know how she likes to share...and that's what we love about her.

    So Happy 16th...I hope you got that car I sent you...or did mom and dad get you a better one?

    Kari, you are ahead of me and I feel this terrible panic and a bit of frustration this year for some reason, also...and I have talked to several folks that are feeling the same you think it's b/c I've been visiting too much on blogs?? hmmmmm...interesting thought!


  3. Hi Kari!

    It`s been awhile since I`ve been visiting any blogs and to answer your e-mail is to get my address :)
    What beautiful cards you`ve made and Happy Birthday to your son!


  4. LOOOVe your Santa/Reindeer cursor design!
    Hahaha! You're just like my oldest daughter with your spider fears! She actually asked me to come over to her place once to come and squish a big spider that she found in her bathroom when her husband was at work!

  5. The big 16!! Happy Birthday Jacob!!!

    Seriously, I busted out laughing about the pullups on the head, because both of mine did that... totally! LOL And I got pics to prove it. Ahhhhh blackmail! teeeheeee.... ;)

  6. OMG, the Christmas Spider is BEAUTIFUL. I love that!!!!! Penny is mighty kind to give such a wonderful gift. I love the nesting santas. I almost got me some when I was in Alaska. We went into a Russian shop, and I ended up getting this cute little santa tree ornament.

    Looks like you did a great job with your cards. :) You are so brave to dive in and make so many. Most proud of you!!! :)

  7. Happy Birthday Jacob! Sweet Sixteen? What do you say for a boy who's 16? HooYah? K, HooYah Jake! I love the Christmas Spider legend...Penny is a good friend! Hey, did you know that you and Teresa (Living the Life) are like nearly neighbors? She lives in Arlington...I see a trip to Granbury in both your futures...wanna do lunch?

  8. You finally found a spider you can stand hehe that is so funyy. As I read this i thought of your crazy self beating you up in the store over NOTHING lol. You cracked me up. That is when I fell in love with you... i had found someone nutty as me. joking doll.

  9. Happy Birthday Jacob! And I love nesting stuff, what a great friend! And look at this
    I thought you would have fun with this. Someone sent it to me in an e-mail. I can't even pronounce my Grinch name.

  10. Kari... I don't think you ever sent me your address.Please do.

  11. Happy birthday to Jacob! Your story made me remember the time my oldest (14) came out of the bathroom wearing NOTHING but toilet paper, shaped as a sumo wrestler's outfit. HE was about 7 years old and stick skinny...he cracked us up. Gotta love those crazy boys!

    Great job on all your cards. I haven't even started thinking about cards yet. But, I am 95% finished with my shopping.

  12. Happy 16th Jacob! Now start really pushing for a car!

  13. I always wondered where tinsel came from! We used to load our tree with it as a kid and then had to carefully take it off in order to store it for the next year.

    Happy Birthday to Jacob! My 16 year old remains so for one more month - where does the time go?

  14. happy birthday to Jacob! Glad to see how organised you are

  15. OMG Kari---I can't believe this!!

    Today is MY son's birthday!!! 12-6-78 He turns 29 today!!!

    Can you believe another thing we have in common!!!!

    Happy birthday to Jacob.

  16. Happy Birthday Jacob!! I love the beautiful cards you have made!! The Santa and Reindeer crosior are awesome. Blessings to you. Mary

  17. Happy Birthday to, 16!

    Good for you about the cards. It's one thing I won't get around to this year. I'm frustrated about that, but have faced the fact I can't add one more thing to my to do list.

    The cards look beautiful.


  18. I've never heard of that, but now I'm curious and will have to google it!

    I'm so impressed by all the cards you made -they look awsome!

    Happy birthday to Jacob!

  19. You know I can only imagine your face when you pulled out that spider ornament!! Yes it is lovely but before you read the story you were a bit jumpy weren't you? LOL Makes me laugh thinging abut it. I hope that Jake had a good birthday I sent him a comment on myspace. I know you were glad to get those cards done, they look great! I am sorry the postage was so much on our package. It is just plain insane how much they charge. I too spent a pretty penny at the post office this year. It never fails.

  20. I had never heard of the Christmas Spider and like you I'm terrified of the real ones. But this is a lovely tradition and I wish I would have known about it years ago.

    Happy Birthday Jacob!! Driving soon are we??


  21. Happy birthday Jacob!

    Love the cards Kari AND the Christmas pointy thing (cursor or something I think it's called!)

  22. Ha Ha that is funny, I actually still have a picture of him and Kaleb with pullups on their heads!! Happy Birhtday FRED!!!

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jacob!! Wow! 16...this is huge. Huge for YOU and for your Mom and Dad. Now, take it from someone who used to be a 16 year old are one incredibly good lookin', great guy. A real catch. So no settlin' for just anyone.


  24. I can't wait to get one of your cards!!!


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