Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh yeah, it most certainly IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at our house!

This is what happened in our house Saturday morning... Randey, Jacob and Kaleb took charge of the Christmas decorating! As you all know, I pretty much wimped out this year. I just couldn't make myself unpack all the Christmas stuff. Figured it was too stressful and didn't want to take that stress out on the family. But, wonder of wonders, it seems Randey and the boys felt that seeing the Christmas glitter spread all over the house was worth them putting out an effort. A really big effort, as it turns out! They were all worn out by Saturday evening, but they'd gotten most of the stuff unpacked and put up. And here I thought they didn't even notice when the house was decked out every year. I guess they do notice and even better, they love it, too. Here's a few pictures of the "finished" product.

The tree. This is the prettiest tree we've ever had. I loved watching them decorate it and we all had some great laughs while they did it. Kaleb hasn't mastered the art of "spreading" similar looking ornaments all over the tree...he tended to want to cluster them together. Listening to Jake explaining to him how he's supposed to spread them out was priceless. Listening to Kaleb explain how he was creating a "Grinch Village" when he hung 3 Grinch-themed ornaments next to each other was even more priceless.
I guess it's kind of hard to see, but that's our "Christmas Town" there on top of the bookshelves. I wish I had a better place to put it, but I don't. Maybe one day, when we move into our 6000 square foot condo and have space for that grand piano I'll never learn to play, I'll set it up on top of that. (That strange noise is me laughing myself silly at that thought. lol)
Here's my Grinch. He has a microphone attachment so you can sing along with him. But Maddy's the only one who ever really liked doing that so the microphone didn't get unpacked this year. Okay, so actually, Randey likes singing along with him, too, but nobody wants to hear another rousing "Randey Rendition" of You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch so we kind of forgot to keep the mike out. (Love you, Honey!)
These are two of my favorite Santas. Both of them were gifts from Randey. The Irish Santa is from McGuire's Irish Pub in Destin. Randey bought it for me in October 2001, right before he deployed to the Middle East. The other one he bought on a trip to Utah. And the lamp was a gift from my sister, Sherri.
This is the dining room. I replaced the panels in that wallhanging with Christmas fabric. I'm loving the look of it, although I'm not really sure why.....

This is a picture of the dining room taken while standing in the kitchen. See that large "candy" garland hanging over the bar? The kids love that thing. I made it about 12 years ago out of Mylar paper and empty 2 ltr coke bottles. The poor thing is starting to look pretty ragged. Every year I say I'm going to replace it, but never seem to get around to it. Maybe this year. Ah who am I kidding? The thing's already hung up...guess I'd better aim for next year to replace it.
Guess I'm really diggin' the dining room because here's yet another picture of it. See the Santa there on the left? Blu-boy came running into the house and skidded to a stop when he spotted it. I guess he decided it wasn't a threat because he didn't eat it.
See this log? This is one of my absolute favorite Christmas things ever! Sherri bought it for me....I think back in 1999. It's called Yule Burner (get it? It's a take off of Yul Brynner.) Anyway, Yule is motion activated and if you walk by him, he says things like "I sleep like a log at Christmastime" and "Don't stop me now, I'm smoking" and "Hey friend, got a light?". I laugh every single time I hear him. I really don't know why, though. You'd think I'd be used to him by now, huh? But...come on, if you heard him, you'd laugh, too. He talks like he's a 1960's lounge singer in Vegas. Funny, funny stuff. Trust me.
A couple of the "Believe" signs by the front door. There's a big "BELIEVE" set up in the window above the front door (not pictured in this shot). I had it facing the room where you could read it from inside, but then I noticed that, with the lights on inside, the letters can be read from the outside so I turned it around. Now at night, when you look at our home, you see "BELIEVE" glowing in that window. Cool, huh? I'll take a picture next week when Randey's finished decorating the outside of the house. By the way, is it just me or does everyone think of Annie and Izzy when they see the word "believe" these days?
And last, but most certainly not least, check out this wonderful card we got from Jayme . She's so talented, isn't she? And since I'm still attempting to do homemade Christmas cards this year, I can't even begin to tell you how much I admire her abilities. She did Halloween cards and Thanksgiving cards. Makes me feel like a total slacker. lol But I'm glad we're on her card list because her cards are so very beautiful. Thank you, Jayme! We all love it!!
Okay so that's about it for today's post. We're heading up to OKC to spend Thanksgiving with my Dad and my stepmother, Wendy. Can't wait to drag her and Leah, my stepsister, out for a little Black Friday shopping! They don't really seem as excited about it as I am. (I don't get it. lol)
Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!
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  1. Wow Kari
    Thats all I can say. You are so organised. Love the tree. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Happy Thanksgiving from the UK

  2. Okay...I admit it...I still have pumpkins on my fireplace hearth! Now you've really made me want to get the Christmas stuff out, so that's the plan.

    I am a Christmas-aholic from way back...let's see...setting up 9 trees..does that make me crazy or just "really into Christmas"?? The Grinch is great...and I totally get Yule Burner!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving...all of you. ;)


  3. Okay Kari send the boys my way!!!! Im all tired and your home is beautiful! I love the Santas. We are about to get started on my kitchen.. well i am lol. No help here. Enjoy your beauty girl.You have to teach me your skills of fit throwing and getting things done =) Love you,Brenda

  4. Hey Sissy the house liiks great!!! We got our tree up too on Sat. Moly keeps taking ornaments and stashing piles of them in the corners. She particularly likes the icicles with glitter all over them!! Now all over her!! Oh yeah Black Friday!!! My favorite day of the year!! Haley is well seasoned in getting up at 2am to get her snow globe from Penny's and Molly started her collection last year. But now I am in a bigger town and the mall opens at midnight!!! Oh did I mention we get a direct deposit at the exact time!!!
    Love ya

  5. OMG....Beautiful! I can't decide what is my favorite thing because I love so many things!!!! Your Christmas tree is gorgeous and I had to giggle at the thought of a Grinch village. I can remember my brother telling me to spread the ornies out when I was a kid too but he wasn't near as nice as your kids are!!! THANKS for taking us on a holdiday home was such a special treat :o)

  6. I'm so glad that your husband and the boys got into the Christmas spirit and decorated the house for you. It looks great. The tree is beautiful! Do you think they'd like to come and do my house too?

    BTW - I love your bookcases and all the books!!!

  7. Anytime the family wants to take over like that, you just sit back and let them! They did an awesome job.

  8. how sweet that they came thru in the end for you! I'm sure they're lovin all the Holiday Decor as much as you! They really went over the top! It looks fabulous! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I TOLD YOU......I TOLD YOU......that they really do like the decorations! They just don't say anything about it until you decide NOT to do it.

    OK! You have me totally beat on the Christmas decorations! LOL Everything looks WONDERFUL! One of these days I will have as much as you do! Well, maybe I will. I am not sure I want to go through that much work. I already have a lot.

    Have a DELICIOUS Thanksgiving!

  10. I am not believing that you have your Christmas UP!
    I am just hoping to get through the next week, then I'll think about Christmas... You know~ tomorrow is another day!
    Y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Dear Kari, What terrific guys you have to do all that decorating! They did a wonderful job. I just love that big ole Grinch, and your Irish Santa! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. Hi Kari,

    Wow! It all looks great. How big is your Grinch? Does he scare you when you walk into the room soemtimes? LOL Just wanted to drop by and wish you and your family a Happy Thaksgiving!

  13. OH OH OH, it's Christmas after all...I thought you were going to go all grinchy on me and look at tree is a knockout. I love the candy thingy too...I may try to make one for the front porch. I want the Yule Log (Yul log?) Pack it up, send it on...maybe I can find one on E-Bay...when you get home, lets see what the guys did outside, k?
    love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  14. Beautiful!

    Happy thanksgiving to you and all of yours.... will say an extra special prayer for your whole family.

  15. I must admit I'm a teeny bit jealous that your house is already decorated for Christmas! Oh, how I can't wait to have mine up too. I want to be at the point where I can sit back and enjoy it all.

    I'll get started once we're back home and unpacked.

    Have a wonderful safe Thanksgiving!


  16. It's all so beautiful, especially the believe signs! I love them!!!
    Have a wonderful blessed Thanksgiving Kari!


  17. What a crew! Very impressive! Can they come to California?????


  18. I love, love, love it! The tree is great! Those boys they crack me up. Grinch village, lol.

  19. Your house looks great all decked out for Christmas! I can't believe your guys did it all. My guys 'might' help me drag boxes down if I get ticked off enough to specifically ask but that is about it. The middle one will go all out and do the outside of the house, but none of them seem intereted in doing the inside at all.
    You feel like a slacker because you are 'only' doing homemade cards for Christmas - heck, I'm not even sure I'm doing Chrismtas cards at all yet!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  20. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours

  21. Oh wow is all I can say! I have not even pulled out the boxes from the storage room and you are all DONE!! So I am envious! Can you come help me?? Oh wow. LOVE the music here!

    You are one of the bestdiddlibestest people I have ever known. I am so blessed by YOU!

    Happy Thanksgiving dear friend.

    Enjoy each moment of your Christmas season!


  22. I so love, love, LOVE all your Christmas decorations!! Everything looks fabulous but I have one come you got all that help and I have to decorate all by myself at my house???? Send the guys over, will ya? lol Your previous post about little Conner touched my heart so much...I lost a baby boy on Dec. 20th and he only lived 2 hours so that's why that post really touched me. May today and every day be blessed with simple, quiet moments of thanksgiving!! Happy Thanksgiving to my dear American friends from across the border:-) xoxo

  23. Oh, how I dread getting all of the boxes out of the attic but so LOVE my house decorated for Christmas! We'll start tomorrow and hopefully have it done before the end of the week.
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Many Blessings,
    Sandy :)

  24. Kari, I want to come to your festive house and drink eggnog with you (whatever that is lol)!Everything looks so festive and fun!! I LOVE your tree, how can you bear to take it down afterwards, and your Grinch!! I want to sing along with your Grinch too!! And how good is the garland that looks like big sweets!! I am now going to try and persuade Tom that we need to buy our tree tomorrow....

  25. Holy Moly your house looks awesome. Loving the candy garland in your dining room and your tree is gorgeous! We do our decorating tonight. Gotta "discuss" the tree with hubby.

  26. It all looks very Christmas-alicious! Those boys of yours did you proud & did it for you which makes it even more special!

  27. Very Christmasy! My favorite part is the tree, it's so pretty & to think that your boys did it! You showed them well. You;ve got some really cute things.
    Hugs, DebraK

  28. I love all of your decorations, Kari. And the fact that the men put it up - even better. I can guarantee mine would not have. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.


  29. It sure is looking like Christmas over at your place! how sweet that they decided to go ahead and do it themselves! Want to send them over to my place now? I don't have near half the stuff you have, but I just don't feel motivated to haul it out of the shed and decorate by myself right now!

  30. I can't believe you have all the decorations up. I leave it all until the week before, I hate the upheaval but I absolutely love Christmas. Love your tree!!!

  31. Wow, you guys are READY! We usually wait until after the birthdays are done,but I think things will be going up much earlier this year!

  32. You're house looks beautiful! I hope you have plenty of time to sit around and enjoy it.

  33. Christmas town! That's what you have, and it's absolutely wonderful!!!
    I think it is so sweet ans thoughtful of the men in your life to decorate the house for you. And they did such an amazing job!!! It just goes to show that sometimes our children really do appreciate the effort we make to make the holidays special.
    You obviously have a very special family...


  34. Oh Kari, you make me blush... ;) I'm so glad you all love my cards. I'm sorry it's taken so long to comment, as you know I was in Alaska...staying warm, compaired to Texas. What a hoot that was. It being warmer in Alaska than Texas. It finally started to snow the day before we left. And then we saw Moose going throught the neighborhood as we were heading back to the airport. Such great new memories to add to the memory bank.

    Your house looks AWESOME!!!!! I hope to have a great big collection of Christmas stuff one day. It's always been my wish to decorate my home the way you have.... inside and out. :)


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