Friday, October 12, 2007

Pumpkins Galore

These were some pretty pumpkins we saw at Central Market during my sister's visit. I love that bright orange color. Let me assure you that Central Market is pretty darn proud of their pumpkins and charge accordingly. In other words, we didn't buy any from them... mainly because I didn't feel like filling out all that pesky paperwork for a second mortgage on our home and I'm afraid that would have been necessary in order for me to afford them.... Check out these pumpkins. I couldn't decide if these were teenager pumpkins or menopausal ones. They looked like they were suffering from some severe skin issues so you can understand where my confusion came in, can't you?
And these are my new favorite (although, come to think of it, I'm not sure there's really an old favorite). Not that it matters, I suppose. At any rate, these beauties pictured here are called "Cotton Candy" pumpkins. Love that name! Just wish they weren't filled with gold (I'm assuming they were because that might explain what made them cost so freakin' much!).
And here's a lovely little topiary that I thought I might make. I even had all the (faux) pumpkins gathered when we went to Garden Ridge, but Garden Ridge sometimes has trouble marking their items with prices. And if it ain't marked, they can't help you (apparently). As is my norm when I experience bad customer service, such as employees who have absolutely no clue as to how they can obtain a price on an item they are selling, I put my items down and stomped out of the store. I've really got to stop doing that. The amazing thing is, bad customer service is a frequent occurrence at Garden Ridge and yet, I keep going back! I need therapy. I really, really do.
And this is something I did end up buying, although not at Garden Ridge, of course. I got the pumpkin at Wal-Mart, but I got the pumpkin's "Turkey" outfit in Granbury. How cute is this? I love how it looks - and I sure wish I could explain why. I just think he's funny with his feet kicked up like that! lol
Tomorrow I hope to post a couple of pictures of the pumpkins my boys are carving. I think Kaleb is carving a ghost and Jacob, because he likes to freak out his mama, is carving a spider. Cute kid, huh?

I want to thank everyone who has sent good wishes and prayers for my cousin, Joey, and his wife, Karen. Your thoughts are so very much appreciated.

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  1. I don't know, I actually had to have help getting up off the floor this time. You have to stop knocking me down...I love your turkey and am so glad the closest garden ridge is like 65 miles away. They put a Walmart Super Store in the county and it's still 29 miles away. Do I live in the sticks? I think that walmart and 29 miles pretty much answers the question...I need to rename my blog "once I get off this dirt road I'm going shopping". Love all the punkins, but love yours best!

  2. I always wonder what to do with all the pumpkins later. The only pumpkins I grow or buy are the boring pumpkin pie ones because I can at least freeze the meat to use for baking later. Otherwise I feel guilty just tossing them out after the season.

  3. Me again-Kari, you made me smile with your comment about the manky looking pumpkins!!! They do look severly jaundiced don't they!!!
    Your pumpkin is brilliant-is it a kit that you buy to put on your pumpkin? I have never seen anything like that before!!! If I ever visit your neck of the woods I'll have to check out all your shops lol!!!

  4. I so love that turkey !!!!!
    Hello Kari,I am home and slowly mending inside and out.
    I enjoyed every word and picture of your recent posts and I loved the pic of your family.
    I can remember some fantastic Christmases with every one sat around a tressel table covered with a sheet,and when the kids had eaten they would sit under the table and eat sweet things like mince pies.
    Thankyou for all your good wishes,I've missed not being near a computer.
    Hugs Kat x

  5. Oft times things that are not priced at GR are$.09 my neice works there at the hulen one, which i assume, is where you go, her name is Amanda ask for her and tell her i said to look her up she should be nice to you:>

  6. I love PUMPKINS!!!
    I'm praying for your cousin.

  7. Martha Stewart featured some pumpkins are her show this looked like it had some sort of spontanious combustion and was called a "warty pumpkin"...
    Even the plain ones are pricey here!
    I'm not overly fond of carving them so I usually pass in favor of pots of mums...

  8. Why, oh why, are pumpkins soooo expensive. It's amazing. I sure do love the turkey one though. I've never seen a kit to make a turkey pumpkins. I love it though. Very cute.

    I'm praying for Joey.


  9. I love that topiary. And agree with you, the customer service at Garden Ridge really is lacking. I can't remember the last time they were helpful.

  10. I love your turkey pumpkin! If you lived closer I could get you pumpkins, my hubby and his brothers are in the produce biz but
    getting him to bring them home is another story.

  11. Love the turkey, and I could squeeze your Kaleb! I would love to see the spider carving he does. I went to walmart today to pick up the makings of a huge spider web, with two egg sacs and lots of baby spider-hatchlings for our halloween-front-porch.

    But you can rejoice in one small consolation:

    That creepy spider from my last post has been bumped from the top of the page by my latest post.

    All for you, my friend. All for you.


  12. Oh how cute!! And that turkey is the coolest! I have a rusted tin one I got in St. Charles MO a few years ago. He is nice but YOURS...oh wow! Those feet!I needed a smile..: )

    I just sent a message to Karen through the hospital and please know you are all in my prayers. Joey is being prayed for by SO many!


  13. Love the turkey... don't you hate pumpkin snobs? I shop at an amish store where the prices seem even a bit too cheap... those fancy schmancy stores always make me mad but I go to get their great ideas.

  14. what a neat collection of pumpkins! and gotta love the turkey pumpkin :)


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