Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hope You Have a Spooktacular Halloween

Our little family had a quick pumpkin carving extravaganza yesterday. Well. Maybe not such an extravaganza, per se, but we did go into a little carving frenzy. Randey did the ghost pumpkin on the left, Jacob did the vampire preparing to bite the woman's neck, I did the witch and Kaleb did the skull face. I've come to the conclusion that I don't really care for carving pumpkins. It wasn't as fun as I'd envisioned. Randey and the boys, however, loved doing it. So what's that mean? It means they're totally and completely in charge of any and all future pumpkin carving for this particular branch of the family tree. Sorry guys, but count me out! This one below is the pumpkin Kaleb carved a couple of weeks ago, as practice. Jacob did one too, but his sort of fell apart. Mainly because he cut where he shouldn't have. You know, to tell the truth, I don't think pumpkin carving is really Jake's forte' either. His first one fell apart and his second one...well, look closely at the picture above. He actually carved the pattern sideways...that's why his pumpkin is laying on its side. Funny, huh?
I had meant to post some of these next pictures a few at a time in the week leading up to Halloween, but circumstances prevented me from doing that. This is Desiree' dressed as a bride. A pretty unhappy bride, judging by the look on her face. Jake and Kaleb were dressed as a pair of dice. This is probably my favorite costume of theirs. They were so flippin' cute.
This is Nick and Des back in 1987. Nick was such a good big brother when Des was born. So sweet. He was obviously dressed as a convict and Des was dressed as a ghost. She didn't like that costume, either.
Here's Des as some sort of witch. Strange. She seemed to love that costume. The boys were ninjas and they really thought they were cool.
Okay so this was not a banner year for costumes. We sort of went with what we had for the boys. They were still pretty darn cute, though.

Here's Des dressed as a cheerleader. She was so adorable that year. You've never seen a kid happier with their costume than she was with that one. The boys were indians and they so loved their feather headdresses.
Here's Des dressed as a giant baby. I think she was in 6th or 7th grade that year and, if I remember correctly, she was going to a Halloween party at a friend's house. Jacob was a bloody waiter (a costume he truly thought was fantastic) and Kaleb was a bloodied Nascar driver.
This is Des with one of the Hutchinson girls back in 1988. The Hutchinson's lived down the road from Aunt Ginger and Uncle Mike and they babysat Des and Nick quite a bit. Great people. This is Kaleb as a mummy. Not my greatest idea for a costume, I must admit. I think I should have thought a little more about how to keep the wrapping on because the more Kaleb walked, the more his wrapping trailed behind him. Good thing he was wearing something under all that stuff, I'll tell you that. He might've had to "streak" home otherwise.
And finally, here's Jacob as Quasimodo, the Hunchback. He was such a cutie that night, too. Heck, what am I saying? I seem to think all my kids were cute every Halloween! lol
I hope all of you have a fun and safe Halloween. We'll be sitting on our front walkway this evening, passing out the candy and sipping hot cocoa...pretending we're shivering from fright and cold. (Which may be a stretch since it's supposed to get all the way up to 81 today!). Happy Halloween All!

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  1. 81 degrees! Girl - you better wear that scarf! You don't want to catch a cold! :-)

    It'll be chilly here. It'll reach a whopping 45 degrees.

  2. Happy Halloween Kari. Hope you are OK

  3. Enjoy this Hallowe'en Kari!

    Cute kiddos, you have there!


  4. Ah Kari, inspite of everything that has been going on with you lately, it's glad to have you back!
    These memories are the neatest.
    You are so lucky to have so many nice memories.

  5. Happy Halloween!

    That was fun seeing all the photos.

    Halloween Hugs To You!

  6. Cute buncha young'uns ya got there! Hmmmm...81 degrees?? Where do you think you are, Florida?? Happy Halloween dearie...

  7. Great pics of your kiddies! Have fun with your hot chocolate and candy. Hey it might cool down to 65 when the sun goes down. LOL Oh yea,Happy Halloween!

  8. What cute pictures!!!

    love the pumpkins.

  9. Happy Halloween Kari!

    I love the photos. Each one is cuter than the other. It's gonna be chilly here tonight for T-o-T. Maybe 45/46 degrees. Save me some cocoa.


  10. Actually I liked all their costumes and Des just looked terribly sad at the thought of getting hitched, didn't she? I see where Randey gets the Indian Head Dress love from...or vice versa! Glad you're home, I've missed you. Love Ya
    Aunt Sandi

  11. Loved all the pictures. Have a Happy Halloween Mary

  12. What cute costumes! I like the dice (di?) best.
    They grow up too fast.

  13. Trix or Treats Miz Kari!

    So glad to see you back!

    I hope you have a great evening!

  14. I love seeing th years as they grow. Sweet pictures. Happy halloween.

  15. Super photos Kari - they must bring back lots of memories. How are you doing these days?

    I'm feeling all grown up as my firstborn turned 18 today!

  16. Nice memories--I hope you will go to the first of last week and get the award i gave you:>

  17. Okay - I was just getting over the shock that Thanksgiving is just 3 weeks away - and I go and pull up your blog to find out that there are only 57 more days until Christmas! Crimey girl...are you trying to scare the bee-gee-bies out of me??

  18. You all did a fine job on those pumpkins. I know how hard it can be.


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