Friday, September 14, 2007

The Door, the Scarecrow, the Portulaca and the Guard Dogs

This is what my front door looked like last week. Kind of a snoozer, huh? Well, I like the wreath on the door, but the door itself? Ho-hum. You know what this door "says"? It says "Boring people live here. Step on in and catch up on your shut eye". (Impertinent door...its lucky I haven't had it replaced.) But replacing the door would have required effort and possibly power tools, neither of which I was in the mood for. So I painted it. Red. Check it out...
See? That is one good-lookin' door. I whistle at it everytime I see it. Well. I would whistle, if I knew how. But since I don't, I merely stand back and gaze upon it with admiration and love. This is one color choice I don't regret (which is almost a first for me - I almost always end up painting something 3 times before I decide I'm happy). The new door color inspired me so much, that I went ahead and put my scarecrow out in the front flower bed. (I think he looks a little lonely, but that's a topic for another post.)
While I was outside, I noticed the Portulaca was blooming like crazy. This amazed me, mainly because I rarely go out the front door anymore (yes, I leave the house, I just usually leave through the garage!) and had forgotten that we'd even put the Portulaca in that pot. It's a lovely sight - I think I'll look at it more often now that I know it's there.
After standing out front admiring the front door, the scarecrow and the Portulaca, I came back inside to the blissful cool of the A/C. Blu-boy immediately took up a post in front of the door. He kept growling low in his throat, something he does when he sees humans walking about anywhere within his field of vision. I checked, though. No humans anywhere. Still, he kept growling. Sydney the Wonder Dog decided to consult with him over this issue. I checked again. Nope, no one. Not a single soul in sight. This went on forever. Blu standing (or sitting) guard, growling deep, Sydney standing next to him, ready to proceed with uncontrolled barking at the first hint of human movement (or animal movement in Sydney's case - he can't stand for anyone or anything to be anywhere near his domain).
Magnificent looking guard dog(s), huh? Took me all day to realize that Blu was growling at the scarecrow. Yeah. The scarecrow. I guess to my dog's way of thinking, a strange human-like form is a strange human-like form. Boy...with these two on the job, I feel ....protected. Yeah, that's the word. Right? Of course it is. Protected. By my two sharp-eyed, ever-ready, scarecrow hatin' guard dogs.


  1. Love the red door.

    That scarecrow looks like he came from Wal-Mart (am I right?). I have the same one!

    Funny about the dogs. Had you watched the Wizard of Oz with them lately?

  2. I love the red door and it did make such a difference. The fall flowers look so good and you had better watch that scare crow. I love the guard dog standing watch and he has a while to get use to it. Have a good weekend...........Sharon K

  3. Now why can't I have a scarecrow too!!! I really like your scarecrow, he reminds me of the Wizard of Oz!! See, that's why I need to live in the States-you can get scarecrows to put in your garden!! I also MUCH prefer the red door, you know me I love a bit of colour!!! It's a fab red you picked, especially for Autumn (not saying that you will have to repaint your door for each of the seasons..but there's a thought lol!!!)
    Now Kari, I'm VERY intrigued by that rectangle in your garden above the fence-what is it? It's got a white border around it-whatever could it be (in the dog photo!)Even enlarging the photo didn't clear up that little mystery for me...

  4. Hi Kari...I love the red door and the scarecrow story!!

    I just read your comment at my blog and wanted to come by and tell you about an old John Denver song called, "Saturday Night in Toledo Ohio"...can't remember the words and maybe that's a good thing! Maybe I'll google them...another "old favorite" John Denver song is "Blow Up Your TV", it's a protest song. My eldest daughter had a huge "crush" on old JD, when she was in 5th grade! We took her to see him in concert at the, now demolished, St Louis Arena! She had lots of his music. That's why I am aware of these 2 rather obscure songs.


  5. Wow! I love that door color!
    Red door with attitude~ like Elizabeth Arden gettin' over her WASPy self~

    I can't whistle, either...and when I manage one, it's some pathetic off-key thing where I have to blow in, like a 5 year old who can't whistle, yet....

  6. Love the red door! Well, scarecrows are *supposed" to be scary aren't they? That's why the dogs were growling at him.

    You should try having a horse that is scared of cows - I don't know what he thinks they are going to do to him but he doesn't like them - even if they are black & white like him!

    On the other hoof we have a cat that isn't afraid of anything - she even sees the foxes off if they come into the garden!

  7. I painted my front door that color about a year ago and love it!!! It was hunter green and the red is just much better! Loved all the pics, so pretty. I need to start decorating for Fall. I love Fall!!!
    ¸.·´¸.·*¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·’ * Annie *

  8. I love your red door dear Kari! It matches your personality you little fire ball you!

    I LOVE the doggies...I did some posts awhile back about my dog and 2 kitties standing guard at the window. I love it when they do that...

    Kip drove himself mad over a scarecrow last year...I had to take him out and show him the dang thing and he was still says to strike that last word)...intrigued by the scarecrow! Yes, intrigued!


  9. I love it, I plan to paint my door red brillient of you to think of it...wowowowow

    FINALLY!!! I got to leave you a comment :) I dont know why its so hard to on your blog? It just doesnt like me :(
    Thank you so much Kari for stopping by my Blog and the wonderful little not you left me about my little girl starting Pre-K. I agree with you!

    Your door is fantastic! You have inspired me to stain mine red too!

  11. I love your red door. I would paint every door red if I could. It is supposed to be good luck isn't it? If it isn't maybe it will pick up where you sign left off and keep those door ringers away.

  12. I need to remember to NOT take a drink of something while reading your blog... you have made me spew all over the laptop.
    You crack me up!

  13. LOVE the red door--I have been playing with the idea of painting mine red, and now, by golly, I'm doing it. Right after I paint the back bedroom (have had the paint for over a year!!!).

    And LOVE the dogs!!! Blu is a chow, right?? Several years back, we raised a litter of chow pups--black, 8 of em! The mom & dad were black--Kong & Jade! I absolutely adored the chows.

    And what about Sydney--what is he?

    Thanks for all the smiles, Kari!

  14. Love, love, love the red door. What a difference!

    Just this afternoon I tried out my scarecrow on the front porch. By tried, I mean I just put it there for a few minutes to see if I liked it (and I did) but I put it back in the garage for now. It's still too darn hot for it to stay there. I think I'll put it out next Thursday for the luncheon, but it probably won't stay there until it gets alot cooler. It's still pretty darn hot here in Florida.

    Love the photo of the dogs. Too cute!


  15. I LOVE the RED door. I LOVE RED. I WANT TO MARRY RED! Well, actually, I'm already married, and I don't think polygamy is really acceptable, and besides, being RED, he's probably got a string of girls lined up anyway!

    I painted my front door red last year, and I blow kisses at it every time I pass by!

    I put out fall decor yesterday, and it was so much fun. My son and I sat on the porch in the dark last night, watching the orange candles flicker, and discussing the F.U.T.U.R.E. It was magical --- and a little chilly!

    I love it! I also loved the way Sydney supported Blu's guard dog duty, and was ever-ready to defend the abode at the first sign of threat! Gotta love those dogs!

    Have a COOL weekend!


  16. Dear Kari, A belated Happy Birthday! Looks like you did yourself proud! I love the red door. All houses should have red front doors. Sadly, I inherited a green door and am working up the courage to go red. Love the guard dogs, quite a duo. Bet it's the little guy that gets 'em! The little ones run around behimd you while you're watching the big guy. Again Happy Birthday. Stephanie

  17. Your dogs are so cute and I've always loved red doors, they just look so inviting. And your house looks so nice, at least you keep your plants alive. I'm good at killing mine. :-)

  18. love the door!!! cute post i am so glad you have the dogs to keep you safe:>

  19. Everyone is decorating but me :-(

    I am going to get jealous...
    Quick!!! To the stores to avoid at all costs jealousy, LOL


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