Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Moose

My aunt has requested that I not refer to my granddaughter as "The Moose". But I can't help it. I've called her that since she was a baby. Her other grandmother started calling her "Maddy Moo" when she was just a few months old. (Which kind of made sense...she was a chubby little thing. Absolutely adorable!) Somehow, I managed to elongate that nickname into "Maddy Moose". And it's stuck. It's kind of funny when you see her answering to "Moose". She's way tall for her age and barely even casts a shadow because she's so skinny. I'm sure I'll stop calling her that when she's old enough for prom or when she leaves for college or at least by the time she gets married. Surely I will. Unless, of course, I'm like members of my own family. The ones who still call me Sissy to this day. Oh don't even act like Sissy's not as bad as Moose. Trust me when I tell you it is. Now that I'm 43, I've come to accept that nickname as being permanent. I've overcome the damage to my psyche that being called Sissy has caused over the years. I'm okay. Really. I am. And so is the Moose.


  1. Okay, so I guess you can call her moose if you so desire...hopefully her little psyche won't suffer,, I mean is one adorable kid!
    your Aunt

  2. I'm one who likes nicknames. I called my son "Coca Cola Kid" when he was little. I'm sure you can guess why. I still call our daughter, Bree, "B Bear", and she's 26! I think she likes it now.

    That's such a cute photo of "Moose".


  3. I know a cute little girl who used to crawl like a turtle so they started calling her Myrtle the turtle and now it is stuck at just MYRT. Isn't that awful?
    They call me Shabby :)

  4. hee! hee! hee! hee!

    loved reading this :>


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