Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Brighton Products...Closer Than You Could Ever Imagine! (Trust Me!)

Does anybody remember my post from 9 or 10 days ago about Brighton perfumes? I had first heard about them from Annie when she had gotten Laugh (her favorite Brighton scent) for her birthday. I was intrigued so I started looking around for these perfumes (there's 4 scents; Live, Love, Laugh and Dream). I checked every store I went to. Nope, no Brighton perfumes. And then, one day while I was shopping in Granbury, I saw the sign. No, not like a sign from above. I mean, it was pretty cool, but not that cool! What I saw was a Brighton sign. I was so excited. At last! The ever illusive Brighton perfumes were within my grasp! I really felt like I was the luckiest woman in the world - here I'd searched high and low and there it was - in a little bitty town miles from home. Wow - talk about having the Luck of the Irish, eh? Well, as it turns out...perhaps my luck wasn't really as...earth shattering as I believed it to be and maybe, just maybe Brighton wasn't as difficult to locate as I had originally thought. You see, last week I took a little trip to a local mall. I've been to this mall quite a few times over the last 2 years. In fact, I had just been there a few weeks ago, when Nick and Jodie were visiting. Apparently, however, I don't actually open my eyes when I'm traipsing through the mall. If I did, I would have known that this was located there: Yep. An entire Brighton store. Right there. At the mall I frequent most. Although, in my defense, I will say that "frequent" is a relative term. It may be the mall I go to the most, but that's not to say I actually go to malls a whole heck of a lot. Still. The store has been there all along. I know because I went in and asked. Yeah - they've been there for about 6 years. Who knew? So, while I was still reeling from the knowledge that I am a big, fat, huge, blind dork, I was in enough control of my emotions to stifle my sobs of disbelief and take advantage of the fact that I was actually standing in a store that sold all things Brighton! And here's the best part! Brighton, being the savvy company that they are, has a lovely little thing you can fill out called a Wish List. Not only can you fill it out, the wonderful Brighton personnel will even call anyone and everyone you want them to, to remind them of those special little dates in your life...like your birthday, your anniversary, your dog's birthday...you get the idea. How's that for service? Well, you can imagine how over the moon I was at this, right? Even so, just to show you what a rock I am, I held off listing people like my mom, my father, my kids, my sister, the mailman, the guy who goes door to door selling Omaha beef steaks here in our neighborhood, etc., etc., etc., on my "to call" list and just put down Randey's name. And cell phone number. And work number. Oh and his e-mail address. Both work and personal. Don't want to leave anything to chance, now do I? And then I spent a little time writing down the names of some Brighton products that I'm fairly certain will enrich my life immeasurably. Oh okay. Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. But they'll make me pretty flippin' happy, that's for sure! A Brighton store right around here. My goodness. Will wonders never cease?


  1. Haha! I'm still laughing about the comments you left on my blog, then I read your latest post and started chortling again!! That shop looks gorgeous, how funny that you never noticed it before! Your cruise over to the U.K. is a good idea, I'm so scared of flying, that's the only way I'd ever make it over to the States! Need a lottery win first though! If ever you do make it to the U.K. in future years we'll have to meet up-bet loads of U.K. bloggers will want to meet you!! Maybe you could interview us for your book lol!!

  2. I have a friend who is obsessed with all things Brighton, so when my MIL bought some Brighton earrings and a purse, I surprised her by asking "is that a Brighton?"
    I am so not a brand follower, so she was floored.

  3. LOL! I love it!!
    I'm gonna have to go check out all the Brighton stuff at the store in town that I know sells it!!! (The Omaha steak guy cracked me up!)

  4. Kari,

    Your so funny. I love Brighton stuff. My kids give me a gift certificate from there for my birthday each year. The funny thing is I've never gotten a purse from them and I think they are known for their purses. I always buy jewelry and sunglasses and after I lost weight I bought a Brighton belt, first one in ten years. Anyway, I did the name game.
    I hope you get lots of Brighton stuff!!

  5. Ever notice that until you know it exists, you can't see it? Sort of like not seeing the forest for the trees? I thought I was the only one who had this problem, but now maybe, not so much...hah!

  6. *Gasp* Brighton has perfume??? Be still my heart!!!! Now I'm wondering if we have a store in our mall that I possibly didn't know about either!??!!?!Hmmmmmm....... Okay I'm off to do an internet search!!!!! I must have me some!!!!

  7. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *breathe* hahahahahahahahahahaha *breathe* hahahahahahahahahahaha

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  9. I love Brighton stuff and didn't know they had stores in malls now. I cannot remember the last time I went to the mall. Gonna call today though and see if there is a B store there.
    Have a great day.
    Sandy :)
    PS Hope you won't mind me adding your link to my blog. :)

  10. Hi Kari...I had no idea Brighton has fragrance! WOW! I'm going to tell my friend about this!

    I love Brighton. My last purchase was over a year ago. Nifty sunglasses. I think it's time for another "buying trip", don't you? We'll be meeting the above mentioned friend and her husband in a couple of weeks, at the new Branson Landing...yes, I'm almost positive there is a Brighton store there!!


  11. I love Brighton. I only have 2 things so far and one I got 5 years ago. BUT, it is the sweetest little shoulder bag with the coolest clasp I have ever seen. I get comments on it all the time.

    I am betting the perfume is to die for, if I take a whiff, I will try not to actually die. I mean, I am far too young to really be 6 feet under. I am but a child, a mere babe with hot flashes.


    You and your Omaha Steak guy...you silly girl you...

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