Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Saga of the Sago

The first picture of our little sago palm was taken in the middle of May. Randey had transplanted the poor thing last fall - his mom and step-dad were digging it up and getting rid of it. It was a real beauty in their yard, but just didn't fit in with their new garden plans. So Randey rescued it from certain death. But after our winter, we were wondering if he'd actually rescued it at all. It wasn't looking good. But come May, we noticed some new growth. Woo-hoo! Randey cut the dead stuff off and we waited to see what would happen. And just look! I took the second picture about 30 minutes ago (yes, the sun is shining and I raced outside with my camera to catch some of it!). The sago has pulled thru nicely, I would say. Randey babies it along and I do my part (my part being that I don't touch it, talk to it or water it - the less I mess with it, the better off it seems to be).

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