Monday, July 23, 2007

Our sister and I had stockings like these when we were growing up. A friend of my mom's made them (I think). I remember how much I loved the sequins and the sparkle (I so love gaudy things, that's a fact). Those stockings from our childhood are long gone :( but I found the kits to make them for my kids. And my niece and nephew. And my step-daughter and step-son. And my granddaughter and grandson. And my daughter-in-law. I've sewn a lot of these stockings, come to think of it. I even did one for Randey and one for me (mine's the one that says "Sissy" - that's the nickname my sister cursed me with at birth). And after all these years, I still love all the sparkle!
Our nativity set. I got this years and years ago in Biloxi, Mississippi (The actual figures,not the creche). Originally, the figurines were white. One year, I got on one of those "let's paint some ornaments" kicks. The kids and I painted quite a few little pieces. I got a little carried away with the painting, though and ended up painting my nativity set, too. Note to self: orange paint simply does not work well on a Christmas object (see one of the wisemen).
My Irish Santa Randey got me in Destin, Florida and my "windblown" Santa Randey got for me somewhere up north during one of his many TDY's. The little "Santa in his office" lamp is from my sister.
Our Christmas village - spread out across the top of the bookshelves. My friend, Susan, gave me at least a dozen of the houses/buildings for the village. I dread putting it up every year because it takes sooooo long, but I love it when it's done.

Hope you enjoyed the Christmas tour! I'd love to hear your comments, but if all you're going to do is tell me I'm crazy, please keep in mind... that's old news! lol


  1. And your bookshelves, too!

  2. And I wanted to start decorating for Christmas on November 1st, but your Uncle Wallace always looks at me like I have two heads and I put it off til Thanksgiving (putting up the tree on the Wednesday before) because it's too much work to enjoy for just a short time! Love the pictures, also have a package I'm sending you (hopefully by Friday) that will make you want to start the decorations IMMEDIATELY
    love ya
    Aunt Sandi

  3. Well those hot flashes must have made you want to think about cold December! Loved seeing all the photos. You really do go all out, don't you? Love it! I too love to decorate for Christmas. And it will be here before we know it!

    BTW...I live in let me know if you'll be back so we can hook up.


  4. Oh I do LOVE Christmas! I really enjoy looking at other people's Christmas decorating so what a great idea to post your photos now.

    The stockings are fab...thought you didn't sew?????

  5. Yes lots of sparkle I love it too. I bet I have more pictures than you do. I'll send you some of them when I get home. I finally got a wi-fi that stays on long enough for me to write something. Having fun and Love Ya. Montgal40


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