Wednesday, July 4, 2007

How about this bag? Pretty darn cute, huh? I found it today when we were out shopping. I decided that the fantastic red leather purse that my mom bought me while she was here, while fashionable to the max, simply was not large enough for good shopping in a crowded place. Between trying to shove my sunglasses down into a side pocket and looking for my debit card and ID and then trying to get my camera out and put it back in...I was getting aggravated with the whole thing. Just when I'd reached my limit, I saw this beauty. Actually, I saw a lot of these beauties - in a whole rainbow of colors. I chose this one because I liked these colors and I loved the bow. It's not the perfect bag for everyday (that honor still remains with the red leather baby), but it's wonderful for a day of junk shopping.

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