Saturday, July 7, 2007

Do I Belong Here?

I have spent the last 2 or 3 days wandering around in "Blogland". I've been fascinated, impressed, intimidated, tickled and warmed. I think my favorite part has been looking at all the different pictures people have posted...of their children, their homes, their pets, their hobbies, their lives. I find myself wondering "why am I so interested in these strangers?" And what makes me think any of them would be interested in me? I think it's because some of their musings and their dreams and their realities so closely resemble my own. I'm amazed to know that there are people halfway across the world who share my interests. I'm flabbergasted to see that there are gardens way up in Canada that are gorgeous and lush (what do I know? I think Canada and I see snow, not greenery - and yes, I'm am mortified to admit to something that goofy). I've been so very impressed with the eloquence of some of these bloggers (especially my Aunt Sandi ) who has a way of making me see what she's actually talking about. I fell in love with these 3 blogs in particular,,, and They have some of the greatest pictures and thoughts I've seen and read. Actually, to tell you the truth, I fell in love with a lot of blogs while I've been surfing along here in Blogland and they are listed on the left side of my page. Check 'em out - they're really awesome.
In the middle of my warm and fuzzy feelings about how much I have in common with some of these people, that four letter word (you know the one, it's starts with an F) came to me. I'm talking about FEAR. Ugghh! I was struck with strong feelings of inadequacy - these people are happy, smart, creative, pulled together...who am I to think we have anything in common! For Pete's sake, I'm prone to fits of moodiness, I sometimes forget to think like a relatively intelligent person (see previous thoughts on "Canada and gardens" for proof of that), most of the "creative" things I do are things I've seen someone else do first and the last time I was "pulled together", it was because the drawstring on my pajama bottoms got caught on the drawer pull in the kitchen when I was getting a spoon for my cereal! And I don't think that's the kind of "pulled together " that counts. Well, geez. There went the fun I was having. I went from being amongst my peers to being a kid with her nose pressed up against the window pane - looking in on all the cool kids having a great time with each other (paranoid much?). And what's more, I think most of these people are skinny. Obviously, that means they have much more self control than I could ever possibly muster. I have nothing in common with these people. Nothing. And yet...I'm still strangely drawn to their blogs. Maybe I'm hoping some of their sparkle will rub off on me. Or maybe I'm a glutton for punishment. Or maybe...just maybe...I'm a dork whose worst trait is a strange and baffling need to over analyze every little thing going on around me. I guess it boils down to this...I like Blogland. I like catching a glimpse into the lives of others and I like hearing about the day to day thoughts these people have. Yeah, sometimes I guess I'll suffer my own thoughts of not measuring up to what others can say or do or be...but hey! I said, I like being here in Blogland so I think I'll just have to take a deep breath, relax, and let my happy self roam freely through all your blogs and keep my paranoid inadequate self in storage for awhile. I'm tired of dealing with her anyway!


  1. I love reading your blog!!! I have been visiting every day!! You have such fun thoughts and ideas-it's really original!! I showed my husband the shoe table and he liked it too! Can't believe I have found a man who would appreciate something that wacky!! And thank-you for the lovely mention about my blog-I'm so pleased you are enjoying it too!!
    Hope you are all having a lovely weekend over there!!

  2. Kari - this post made me laugh - you are funny!!

    And thanks for the link to my blog - I'm thrilled that you have enjoyed reading it! You are right - we must have been having mutual nice thoughts about each other yesterday! ;-)

  3. What a great post Kari! This is stuff meant for a magazine article ( I`m serious). You have talent girl! Hey...thanks for mentioning my blog :)
    I love pressing my face to the window and peeking in too.
    I think your blog is fantastic and it IS so amazing to be able to glimpse other peoples lives around the world.
    You definately belong here :) look like a younger Anne Margaret!
    pssssssssst....when I think of Canada, I think of snow too....too much of it! Yuk. It always seems like our longest season.


  4. Welcome home! I am enjoying your blog alot!
    You belong here with all of us!

  5. Kari

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your wonderful message.
    The blog does open the door to a wonderful community, and it is easy to meet people of like minds. I look forward to visitng the blogs you have linked to.

    Thank you.

  6. I have also imagined they are skinny!!! Its like when you listen to a radio DJ for years and in your mind he is a hunk...then you see him!!! ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! Well lets just say you don't feel the same about THAT radio station anymore LOL.Keep your chin up and blog your little heart out. You will find your niche and the folks who share your interests :)

  7. I understand totally~ I look at these really neat blogs and think what in the world am I going to write?
    I think you are doing a great job =D
    Thanks for linking us up

  8. Thanks for posting on my blog. Don't ever wonder about your place in blogland - it is secure! You are one funny lady!

    I had never seen your blog but had a lot of fun traveling around it tonight. I, too, love "Tea and Margaritas." I'll have to check out the others.


  9. Kari...just found your blogplace via comments on another blogplace and I can so totally relate to how you feel. I read and thought and wondered about giving anyone and everyone a glimpse into what rolls around in my head. I have already found kindred souls and I am loving' every freakin' minute of it! So glad I took the nice to meet you! Cassie


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