Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Havin' fun with my photo programs...

A close-up of Kaleb's eyes - with a little extra blue coloring added in. I was playing around with one of the photo programs I downloaded -Jake's eyes are a little too dark to work using the same method.
I really wish they offered a photography class here at the local community college. I'm pretty sure I'd love it and it would probably save me hours of goofing off on the computer, trying to get different effects. But then what would I do with my spare time? lol

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  1. My brother's dog is a Siberian Huskey... I never had much to do with them but I am a convert! She is so good! But the point is; her eyes are like that in real life, without the photoshop messing. Freaky, eh?
    But your boy looks good (weird, but good)


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